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Normally, I would have started this section with a HELLO or Hi or Oi or ….. alright mate? On the phone, you can be sure to detect something suspicious when someone says, “HOW R YOU?” However, let us say the person really mean it, in this case, would she/he ready to hear the answer, I wonder? Here is how I would respond, “I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU ASKED. PLEASE LET ME TELL YOU HOW I AM. I’ve just had a sneeze before picking up the phone and just travelled 100 miles per hour in a few seconds of sneezing. Right now, I am taking care of 206 bones in my body, moving in perfect harmony as I am speaking to you right now? Not to mention 300,000 million of my compatriot capillaries flowing in my lungs breathing as I am listening to your heavy breathing on the phone? I was also doing some exercises before you rang and just finished jogging 60,000 miles in those sensuous tantalising red blood cells one complete home run in my body. As a side line, I also just completed manufacturing 10 million new SPERM CELLS and still standing and supervising 500,000 amazing workers on my feet, although they are called sweat glands I would rather called them my Sweetie Glands!

And by the way, I feel really great and prosperous and sexy to beat right now, so, HOW ARE YOU? (SILENCE from the telesales person. And then, a soft click of the phone being put down?)! Ok, back to the serious stuff! SO, THANK YOU FOR VISITING! Read More

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Why is the School called the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung School? What is the school all about? What can I learn here and based on what principles, laws of nature and qualities am I being teached in this education system? Find the answer to these questions.


The Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung School provides a unique approach to getting YOU back to YOU. Based on the qualities of the colours of the rainbow, combined with teachings based on Yin, Yang and Tao, AND tuning into the Heart, Body, Mind and Spirit, this school teaches on all important facets of life. See our courses.


Besides courses we now and then hold an event. Is it a HBMS festival opened by the Mayor, a healthy pizza night or a musical sharing around the campfire? You never know! Keep an eye on our events and join the upside down energy of the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung School!

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