Amazing Chi Self Healing Story of Monica

Amazing Chi Self Healing Story of Monica


I am writing this article as I really want to share a very unique, healing & transformative experience I have had this year.

I genuinely want to give people a glimpse of how chi self-healing is possible, it is real, it works!!


In February of this year, I was given a diagnosis of pre cancerous cells in the endometrium of my Uterus, (the inner lining of my womb). This was following months of very heavy continuous bleeding, also with very random episodes where I would just bleed very heavily, spontaneously, leaving me weak & even requiring me to change my clothes, such was the amount of bleeding. When I was given this diagnosis over the phone by the consultant Gynaecologist, he said that I needed a hysterectomy ASAP & was referring me to a Gynaecological Oncologist for the surgery.

As he spoke I was filled with dread, I just felt shocked, rigid with fear. “Would I live to see my children grow into adulthood? would I ever see my grandchildren? How did I let this happen?

“What have I done wrong?”

It’s  funny now, I remember all of the niggling irritations & so called problems in my life just faded into nothingness, irrelevant, now that  I was faced with this diagnosis. The fact that our donkeys were braying through out the night & keeping our neighbours awake, didn’t concern me anymore, that sorted that……


As it happened the Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist was on holidays & I couldn’t get an appointment to see him for over 2 weeks. I started to panic with this time frame, scared as to when would I then have the surgery? Surely I couldn’t wait that long, I really felt I couldn’t wait to get this “threat” removed from my body. It consumed me.


I have for several years now been a student at the Rainbow Tai Chi school in Devon,

I am a qualified Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung (RTCCK) teacher & Chi healer. Having spoken to my RTC Master, Master Choy, he offered me the opportunity to attend the school for a 2-week chi self-healing retreat, whilst I was waiting on my doctor’s appointment. He suggested that it would support & even help prepare me for the surgery, this I also felt to be true.

So for 2 weeks under Master Choy’s guidance I followed a personalised chi self-healing plan. At the school, the philosophy is that healing is required on all Heart, Body, Mind, Spirit (HBMS)levels & that is how I addressed my chi self-healing.

Christine, Master Choy’s wife was an integral part of the retreat also, supporting me primarily with my diet, Preparing healing organic green juices, smoothies & raw food recipes. The food felt & tasted so alive, everything I ate & drank was chi energised. I also was given a variety of healing herbal teas, tea bags hand made by Christine, I might add! In addition I restarted using natural progesterone cream, which I had used in the past.



My retreat was planned that at every opportunity I was building my chi energy resources, this was facilitated in so many ways.

Sufficient to say at this stage the experience of my chi self-healing retreat has been a turning point in my life. Firstly To feel the enormous commitment to me

& my healing from Master Choy & Christine was immeasurable.  I was guided, encouraged, taught, supported & nurtured through out my time.

Being at the Rainbow Tai Chi school at any time is a very special experience, but at this time it became a healing haven, a self-contained world where all my needs were met.

My only focus was on my own chi healing. The environment of the school is unique, it has a very special supportive energy, which has been cultivated & grown over the years. Whether I was in the house, garden, the wooded valley, the school hall, I felt I was being nurtured & supported.

There were many times when I just felt so lost, afraid, overwhelmed, anxious, really really missing my husband & children, I felt really lonely, was I going to get out of this time of my life, alive? Then at the same time, I was feeling so blessed, so so fortunate to have this opportunity to engage & practice chi self-healing, with people who really knew what they were doing, “they know their onions”, they “walk the talk” & I was very glad to follow. Working with the opposites in ourselves is one of the foundation stones in RTC teaching. Accepting that they are there, like the scared, fearful, anxious part but also the very hopeful, positive, knowing part, not denying or burying anything, it just pops up again anyway & will have grown legs! For me the one thing that I felt, deep in my gut was that I was in the right place at the right time. I trusted Master Choy emphatically & was willing to surrender my old beliefs around illness, cancer, the power of self-healing & indeed all of my training & experience as a nurse.

This was essential, a very important component of the process, to unlearn & to be humble to learn & engage in all of the new. This is a tough call & not something that came easy. Early on there were times when I said to myself ” Monica would you ever get your ass home, be with your family & stick with what you know, this pre cancerous stuff is a serious business”

But amidst the tears & the loneliness & I have to say honestly desperation at times, a quiet , secure, confident light voice, that felt so sure & lovingly familiar would echo , “well done Monica, just one step at a time, one exercise at a time, one hour, one day at a time” & that’s what I did. I am so glad I listened to the latter.



Just to fill you in on who Master Choy is, he is a Malaysian Chinese man, would you believe married to an Irish woman? Christine, an amazing, strong, unconditionally loving woman, totally dedicated to her own chi self-healing also. Christine was an enormous inspiration for me, as she has been so focused on healing her diabetes which she has had since a young adult, with very erratic blood sugar levels. She now has her blood sugars totally balanced with diet & RTC practice, no insulin, no medication. Her medical personnel support in awe of her present health status.

Master Choy has been practising & teaching Tai Chi for over 40 years, having studied with seven Grand Masters, from around the world. The Rainbow Tai Chi School teachings are unique, as they incorporate all of his life learning & experience of exercises, principles, techniques & skill. He truly learned with the best & without a doubt gives his very best, 100%. During his travels, Master Choy trained with a Chinese man, Doctor Pang. This guy was both trained in Traditional Chinese & Western Medicine. Doctor Pang established a medicine-less hospital in China, treating thousands of people with severe illness & terminal disease, not getting cured from Orthodox medicine.

The results were astounding & Master Choy worked there, participating & witnessing these results.

Every person seeking chi healing is respected as a student (rather than a patient) who are taught very specific healing exercises & techniques, including Zhineng Chi Kung. They were required to practice many hours per day, every day.

This was a very focused & tough regime, but what choice had they got? Not a lot…..Also Chi healing from Chi healers was an essential component of the healing programme at the hospital.

Master Choy was also trained in Chi Healing with Dr T K Shih, founder of Chinese Healing Centre in Massachusetts, USA. His love of herbal healing comes from having discovered a passion for using Nature’s gifts of roots, leaves and flowers, from his father Chin Ket Leong who was a Herbal Healer.



So during my own chi self healing retreat at the schooI, I would meet with Master Choy, often twice a day. I was guided to practice a variety of RTC exercises, the 15 fundamental Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung & Rainbow Tai Chi Form exercises, all of these addressing the many aspects of my healing, on all HBMS levels. Zhineng Chi Kung was & is an essential tool in my healing collection. It is awesome, really filling my body with chi healing energy, just building & building. The more I practiced, the more I felt it in my body. It got to the stage as the intensity of the energy grew, my body would just vibrate automatically. The vibration of my body, in time having to adjust to this different intensity of energy coming into it. To accelerate my healing even further, almost daily I received chi healing from my fellow RTC students. Now you might say “what is this chi? this energy? & how can it help?

The chi is known by many names, in many countries, it is known as “Prana”, “Mana”, “the vital force” what ever we call it, it is the life force that grows us, the flowers, the vegetables, trees, everything…..

And no it isn’t something in “our mind”, as well as all of the ancient practices being based on the presence of chi, modern science has also proven its existence. Just to say at this stage I was practising between 4 & 5 hours per day. It takes that, the focus, courage, perseverance & commitment to the process.

In addition to all I have mentioned Master Choy also gave me very specific chi energising exercises for my uterus so that I was directly communicating with the cells of my uterus. This became a very special, intimate, loving, accepting experience. I just came to know, love & appreciate my uterus for every abnormal, tired, worn cell in her. It was like getting to know a new person/being inside me. Here the uterus that was there all my life, “doing its job”, through puberty, monthly cycles & having babies of course, “the baby cave” as my daughter calls it.

So what now at 55 years of age? Its use is finished, most of us would say? Yes?

No! Again you can take my word for this, as it is difficult to understand, or more importantly FEEL, but I discovered a whole new relationship with my Uterus & would in fact say now, I actually didn’t really “know it” all of these 55 years.

Ok ” is she on drugs or drunk?” Talking about an old tired womb like this?

With the beauty of these exercises & the most awesome experience of colour science drawing, which involved drawing my womb in a very specific, chi energised way, this relationship just came alive.

Yes, I most certainly do have a very strong need & desire to hold onto & build my relationship with my uterus, my creative centre, on so many levels. The more I got to know her, the more my creativity grew & difficult as it is to explain, new life has come into me.

I did compose a song, the words are below, it is a pity you can’t hear the melody, it is beautiful, even if I do say so myself!


Getting to know you……


A ray of hope came filtering through

Soft whispers echo, “I care for you “

The touch of healing, the sound of hope

Restoring loving light

To the damaged, worn, distorted.

Arousing inner knowing, beckoning healing voices

Return dear precious loved one, return to the source.



Getting to know you, in a new & special way

Getting to know you, listening to what you want to say.

Caressing every precious cell,

Reminding you, who you are

Awakening tired sleeping cells

Seeing your inner star


There is a way for you to heal yourself

Love, forgiveness & understanding

Let go the judge, release all guilt

Let go the blame, surrender shame

I am love, all is love and

So much love I feel in there




Dot by dot you come alive

Glorious beings of loving light

Joyful smiles reaching from the page

Rainbow colours weaving, healing vibrations

Rivers of life, flooding through our being

Rejoice in abundance

Our joyful chi filled fountain




I hope you enjoyed that!


Following the initial 2 week retreat, I saw the Gynaecological Oncologist. He was now saying that my histology had now been reviewed by 2 specialists & that I was now downgraded to ” abnormal cells”. He again reinforced the advice that I needed a hysterectomy, that with such extensive bleeding & the cell changes, I would have a poor quality of life.


I am not foolish & was very aware of the risks & prognosis given. I shared with the Doctor the process I was going through & respectfully requested if I could possibly “have a stay of execution ” & suggested that he repeats all the investigations 2 months later, as I was planning on continuing with my intense chi self-healing programme. He agreed, which was wonderful & a date was organised in early June for a repeat hysteroscopy (looking inside the womb) & a D&C (taking the womb lining samples for histology).



To continue with my story, I returned to the RTC school for the month of April, continuing with all of my RTC exercises & techniques, also maintaining my healthy eating regime of live, raw foods. What was wonderful was that my bleeding symptoms were also subsiding, very reassuring physical healing signs. But the healing was happening in every aspect of my being. My husband & children really reflecting back to me the changes that they could see, not just related to my pre cancer cell story.


In June I had all of the repeat investigations & met with the Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist 2 weeks later. His feedback at this stage, to be honest, was what I expected. Not only had all of the cells sampled returned to normal, but the tissue samples were of a surprisingly good quality for “a woman of my age”, apparently. So no hysterectomy required………..I still get excited & proud I might add when I say these words.

He also stated that at this stage my “tissue for histology” had been examined by 4 experts. Because of my past symptoms of prolonged bleeding & the earlier histology results, the Consultant recommended that we keep a watchful eye, he has arranged that I have all investigations repeated again in November, to confirm that all cells are “normal”. I am happy with this, as I say I am not foolish & to continue to observe my healing process from inside out is good for me!


Ok, so it is now early August & what is enormously satisfying, is that my quality of life has improved so much. For many years I have had Chronic Fatigue, as the years have gone on, I have been losing more ground, physically, tailoring my life to expend minimal energy, because a lot of the time my reserves were very low. In tandem with these physical symptoms, intermittent depression & anxiety were all features of my life. In recent months my physical energy has been gradually improving, my stamina growing. I can muck out a stable now, not a very pleasurable activity you may possibly say, but when you really want to be a part of something, even if it is shovelling s**t,  & you can’t, then it is a real achievement when the choice is now available to you… I feel so much happier, brighter & the swinging of depression & anxiety has subsided.



The steady slow improvement is so encouraging exciting & reassuring. My family are amazed & indeed happier I feel. A mother is such a Hub of the family wheel, impacting every aspect of family life, keeping it moving, on track, directing, its s big job! Suddenly I feel the world of possibilities is opening up for me again & my family. I believe my own dreams & goals can be aimed for & achieved. This has been a summer of so much blossoming, indeed frenzied blossoming in our house & opening into to a very fruitful & abundant Autumn for myself, my husband Gerard & our 4 children Eva, 29, Andrew 28, Tara 17 & Bridget 13.


I feel what I, Gerard & my children have learned & experienced over these past 6 months has been invaluable. My children particularly have seen what is possible & know that the tools are there, available for them to learn more about & use, it’s their choice.

It really doesn’t come much better than this, that’s solid gold inheritance, with no tax!


I am very very grateful


Loving grateful chi





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