Below you can read the feedback and highlights from all FTT 2016 students who have just finished the ‘April Intensive’ study month: 


Feedback From Liza:

I want to thank the whole FTT group; Vincent, Robin, Tim, Nick, Linda, Aisling, Helen, Sabine, Andy and Sam for making this April intensive the super special month it was. You have all been mirroring so many parts of myself, helped me to face those, to help me to grow, but most of all to help me to grow trust. Thank you Christine for being part of our group, for always being supportive, loving, caring, honest, transparent, light, full of humour and courage. And thank you master Choy, for giving everything you have to us every day, every minute, seeing the light in me and all of us, helping us to get the best out of ourselves, without fear, being the living example of living as a lightbeing. There is a lot to give thanks for, words do not get even close, but I keep thanking every moment again when I realize how privileged I am with the lifestyle I am living right now. I will do my best to summarize what the April Intensive has brought me, in all aspects or Rainbow Tai Chi; in all the colours of the Rainbow!

With loving Chi,




Colour of love, passion, courage. All of these I have been building this past month. As the heart comes first, we have been working a lot with our heart. In the Tao of colour science, in which we got the chance to actually nourish our heart by touching it with all the qualities I felt my heart needed. I feel very grateful for feeling that my heart is actually able to feel more and more what other people are feeling, which is not separate from what I feel and by just letting those feelings come up I have felt so much relieve happening of tension in my heart.


What comes up first is the big crying session outside, where I was connecting directly with Nick who helped me to feel this needy inner self, wanting to be seen, where I have rejected her so many times, not able to fully let her express which made it constantly coming back. When she was seen by the unconditional loving presence of Nick, but also of the sun effortlessly loving us, I felt a big release of tears. Also on this same day I have grown courage by letting myself fall into the arms of the FTT group. I literally felt as if I was ready to surrender myself to the earth, a strange feeling of fully trusting the earth, not even thinking about other human beings, and also no fear in that moment of surrendering. Just before this the beautiful music of Peter Kater and Nicola (…) made me connect with a spiritual side in me it seems, feeling touched on a deeper level that I can’t understand but I felt as if being ‘called’.


I feel I have been growing my passion in different ways. Being more aware of that I am passionate about cooking and the piano for example, I seem to be more grateful for those treasures as well. Also seeing other people like Helen and Sabine being so loving towards many things like flowers, food, other people, helps me to connect more to a loving passionate feeling inside. I start to feel more and more love for many things like for the plant that has been growing in my room the last month, for the baby potimarron plants, for Ella’s bread, and many more things.


Learning to love people has been a big lesson for me this past month. I never realized so clearly how fearful I am for people, how I tend to pull myself back and separating myself from a group, and how this fear of receiving love is so deep in many many people. For me it is this neediness inside me that used to trigger a hardness, sense of separation, but by nourishing myself with unconditional love from inside I have softened and learned to truly enjoy the presence of other people so much more! Also I feel the love for me to Robin has grown as I feel less dependant on his love.


The assignment to share our love with 20 other ‘loved ones’ was also amazing. It seems to have strengthened the bond between me and some of these people, I feel overall more free to share the love I feel for people with them and so many people have told me how it has touched them. Also again thanking love for being loving has been an amazing tool to strengthen this loving energy inside even more when I have felt it.



Orange, the colour of joy and vitality, has been constantly there during the laughter in the classes, but also has been growing a lot in myself. When starting my first FTT I still remember being so serious, taking basically everything personally, and even when laughing being aware of myself laughing and holding myself back in it without realizing that at first! Step by step I start to realize that there is a possible joke in every situation, which makes everything easier to ‘handle’. I have loved and enjoyed the mix of tears and laughter, on the most emotional moments being able to laugh about a funny sound coming from someone crying and laughing at the same time, or a well timed sound of a cow mooing during letting go in the forest, and so many more of these moments.


During this month I have been challenged to not only feel more light and joyous, but also share it with other people in singing to random people in the Tesco supermarket, sharing our appreciations of the cashiers, the Tesco products, the atmosphere, dropping a love bomb instead of a fear bomb. Being able to look other people in the eyes, smile at them, see the joy in them. Even in people that are close to me I was nervous to share my joy with them in singing on the phone to both of my parents. But letting joy lead instead of fear felt so freeing. Incredible how many tiny moments on a day I am being led by fear instead of the joy that I feel; suppressing it constantly, but many people love joy and those who don’t I pay less and less attention to.


The joy and vitality I felt while running blindfolded, guided by Sam, on bare feet, was amazing. Even when I felt the stinging nettles touching my feet it made me giggle, without seeing it and associating it with something ‘bad’ it actually felt quite funny. But the feeling of running and letting go, trusting my feet and trusting Sam, was the most amazing part. I heard other people laughing, pure joyous laughs, childlike laughs, which made me smile even more.


And then the joy of the Chi healing sharing evening. As others also have been sharing I literally had sore jaws of laughing. Seeing Vincent jumping up and down as a kidney, Andy shifting from sensitive to rock kid in his song with Nick, Helen and Robin spreading the energetic joy in their earth song, Nick laughing with his lungs, and so much more that just added all to this super joyous healing feeling; I could feel my whole body being happy, in and out, all my organs felt listened to and finally got the attention and love they deserve for so long!




The colour of wisdom, humility to (un)learn, daily practice. Unlearning before learning, humbling my ego to unlearn. A big lesson of unlearning for me this month was and is still about unlearning to live out of fear. The lessons about fear have made me very aware of how fear sneaks in on basically every moment that I feel insecure, which happens a lot, and feeds me with more thoughts of unworthiness. This happens a lot when feeling insecure whether I progress, fear comes in to compare myself with others emotionally, judge my ways to practice, but also in asking questions in class. Being aware of that this is opposite of following the voice of light has changed my way of perceiving; it seems to be clearer what comes from who and so what voice to follow, which is in my perception about making wise decisions.


Fear seeing fear brings love, but it does not want to be seen. When going into seeing fear I felt connected to a new part of me, an angry part, that when seeing it as it was, seemed to be fear of not being loved (again!), of separating herself, loneliness. So all about unlearning to follow the voice of fear and seeing fear for what it is.


Today I have felt inspired to keep up even more my daily practice. The mirror of Helen feeling like ‘running away’ when being in a negative state helped me a lot to understand that it always helps to say the affirmation ‘let this negative bring me to positive and creative healing solutions right now’ even when not feeling it. I also feel inspired to be more aware of doing my daily practice with the whole inner family!



Colour of harmony and prosperity. I have felt a new level of connecting to nature this month. Realizing that we are not separate from the five elements of nature, that every element has it’s own spirit which we can communicate with, clears a new way of being with nature. For me a few moments where very special; planting the potimarron and tomato plants into the polytunnel was very special, feeling the motherly feeling coming up and realizing mother earth knows how to grow, including us as human beings! Learning about the stages of growing, which helps me to trust that I will grow naturally, even without trying consciously, that mother earth will always do her best to help me to grow.


Connecting to the death leaves in the polytunnel while being blindfolded was very special; seeing the old me as a child who tries so hard to be good, to be smart, to give the right answer, to not make mistakes. Also connecting to the tree directly with the blindfold on was super intense. As a surprise I suddenly felt extremely touched by the tree touching me, as if she was loving me like a true lover, the softness of the touch, I felt truly loved in a unique way, as a unique being. When I can let go of my perception of a tree, I can actually open up to the love that the tree is giving!


Also sleeping in the valley was a new way of connecting to nature for me, to the harmony in nature. Amazing to feel the natural effortless way of working together of the stream of water, the trees, the wind, the birds, the stillness, the animals (although they seemed to stay away from us that night).



Colour of peace and clarity. Peace is something that I feel has been growing in me a lot this month. Starting with slowing down by sitting with the plant for an hour, which seems to be a long time but when truly letting go of thoughts and just being with this stillness, it felt so super peaceful! Feeling how the plant feels constantly, this immense peace and patience, is a beautiful feeling. Also the peace that I felt present in the valley was very inspiring. Again, when letting go of thoughts, of worries, all connected to fear, and sinking down into my center by literally focussing on my physical belly center, I managed to keep coming back to this peaceful basis that is always present. It is super soothing and comforting to realize that this peace is always present inside myself if I open up to listen to it, to trust it.


I feel that this peace inside me naturally brings me to communicating more clearly. The final sharing showed me this, as I felt quite peaceful during the preparations, and also when deciding to share, it seemed to awaken a self-confidence in me, a clarity in transferring the poem and small song to everyone, as I heard other people when they shared how it was.


In the context of fear facing fear we learned how peace introduces us to love. So if people believe they are looking for love, they are actually looking for peace within themselves. Without peace it is not possible to feel love, and this is also what I experience within myself. Even if Robin shows how much he loves me by giving me a hug or kiss, when I feel restless or negative, I cannot feel his love! I feel that during this month I have learned to become better friends with peace by being with the nothingness, the stillness more, which I feel very grateful for.



Unity in diversity, tao of leadership. What comes up first for me in the colour of indigo is the colour of the night sky in the night in the valley, with the stars shining in the sky; all unique and together. The star that seemed to show herself to me when waking up showed me that I am truly unique and a lightbeing, that I am special, that I am small yet can reach so much. Also by seeing all the other FTT people step by step transforming into what seems more unique lightbeings, everyone with his and her own skill, talent, character, it comes back in everything; in the way of creating a song, a drawing, etcetera. It is impossible to escape from this. What also helped me a lot in this was the small group tutorial session, where I got cornered by Helen to see that I still hold onto an external goal or purpose, that I still not fully trust to let go and surrender. By realizing that I feel less attached to this external goal and during this month feel more trust that I will grow my uniqueness more and more, feel more patient with myself.



Colour of forgiveness and healing. Yes the chi healing day. My first experience with giving a chi healing to a person outside of the FTT group, individually. How everybody visiting the school was truly opening up to receive the healing, to trust the chi, to trust us as chi healers. Just before this healing we worked a lot with self-forgiveness. Although we did a mental assignment of writing down 100 times ‘I forgive you Liza for all the mistakes you’ve made. I love and accept you as you are’, I felt this changed something in me, softened my attitude, and it has become like mantra now. When I feel hard towards myself now I immediately think about this mantra and forgive myself, without hesitation, without conditions, which is a beautiful gift to give myself. To hold grudge is so unnatural but happens for so many people, causing illnesses without people realizing it. I feel grateful for having learnt this skill and want to keep ‘polishing’ it, also linking this more and more to the water spirit, feeling for example when taking a shower that it is like a stream of forgiveness pouring over me.


Practicing near the river, the zhineng chi kung all parts, feel very happy to have learnt all of them and want to start practicing this myself. With this healing energy that mostly people in China use to heal from serious illnesses like cancer, and the father of Vincent also helped to heal him, we can help people in such a direct, physical way. I start to feel more and more trust in this healing energy within myself, as I start to experience more chi physically and more unconditional love in me, which feels closely linked.


Feedback From Sam:

Hello Master Choy,

Wow, it has been an amazing month ! Time did become timeless.
I also learned to flow more with time and to make the most of time as my
enthusiasm for being myself and connecting to the light grew stronger every

 I am now more here right now ! I am feeling much more in this space. Fresh
in fact ! Emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. To have a
greater awareness of my HBMS ( heart body mind spirit) levels on a daily
basis is a great way to stay tuned up.

 Physically, I’m much more grounded and in my body, and am even more aware
of any physical weaknesses from not being in my centre. I love excersizing
with the chi.

 Mentally, I had become lazy, and did not bother to use my left brain. This
was a huge imbalance for me. I was so into being heart centred, that I had
long forgotten the importance of the clarity of    using the left brain. To
be expressive to my full potential, even with poetry, creating and healing,
I have learnt that the presence of the left brain is still important to be a
balanced person to allow maximum energy to flow.

 Emotionally, I am a very heart centred person, but my heart was not happy.
After this intensive my heart is now singing, and I am singing for the first
time in my life in front of other people, and it’s starting to feel amazing.
I have broken through barriers that have held me back my whole life. I am
now able to discover more of myself, and be fully myself again. I had not
realised how desperately lacking in confidence I was.

I am now laughing more and my eyes are sparkling again, and I have met
really beautiful people who are willing to be rainbow warriors for a chance
to change the world to be a more positive, beautiful, peaceful happy place,
of love and smiles and balance. To see the commitment of fellow students to
work on themselves, for healing of the world, to see them being taught to
humble themselves to the earth, made me see what a beautiful school this is.
To be taught to love more, to thank the chi, to love the chi in everything,
and to be accepting, humbling and non judging in a loving nourishing place,
with such an amazing, knowing, multi dimensional teacher, who you can trust
knows what is best for you, is very very special and hard to come by.

 I hadn’t realised that I had lost the humour in my life. I feel I now can
have some fun again. So my heart has benefited immensely, as I am coming
home to me.

Spiritually, I am now more connected to the light. I am feeling much
stronger now I have answers and solutions to problems that were too
depressing and dismal. Feeling more armed to take on the world, with even
more gentleness, forgiveness, peace, love and light.

The teachings here go way past any expectations, and I received amazing
results that I would not have imagined could have happened. The teachings
here are transformational and enlightening, balancing and real. Beyond
shamanism and magic, there is no better goal than to become one with nature,
and to be at peace with yourself, for not just yourself, but for the whole
of everything. And also to realise how infinite the lessons are, and that
they will go on and on through lifetimes, and that there are always more
lessons to learn, is expansive and refreshing. Hence some students repeat
courses over and over.
As a child, I was always fascinated by the stars, and always wondered what
would happen when you know everything, what would there be left to learn,
what would be the point I wondered. Here we learn what the point is ! Single
pointed healing energy from the Galaxy is available for us to work with. To
enrich and fulfil our lives.

This course has highlighted me, where I am, and what I need. It has shown me
my imbalances and what I have to work on. It has given me everything I have

 I, personally have needed to increase human chi levels, due to lack of
family trust, and to balance inner selves that have been very rebellious and
self destructive. To also accept my own feelings, and to forgive myself and
everyone in my life. I have needed to feel accepted, to be able to trust
again, to be able to be loved again. To love myself and to be me again. To
get into balance for creative energy to flow. For me to be able to function
effectively again, and to find my right path, and trust again in my life and
to live once again in light. But this time more consciously, and in a
balanced way, and armed with the right tools ! My heart is now full of
gratitude and positive energy to be able to help external situations. I have
also learned to listen more to myself, and to look after my own inner
battery, and the importance of Rainbow Tai Chi.

 The April intensive was intuitively run, and the teacher, students and the
elements flowed together naturally, adjusting and adapting accordingly. No
one ever knew what was going to happen next. Sudden issues of a student
coming up would change the direction for the benefit of all, and new
unexpected things could be learnt. At times I saw it as a school of wizardry
a bit like in a Terry Pratchett book, and there was always room for

 We started by tuning into a plant, this slowed me down, connected me to my
light being, and filled me with gratitude. Poetry then flowed. For me it was
a big step to gain trust of a large group, to share poetry, and to learn to
communicate without fear and judging. Pain from my inner traumatised child
was released. This had been a huge block holding me back my whole life.
Learning to be accepted, to surrender, was huge. The whole group was growing
together. We were growing stronger, allowing the chi to empower us and
making us realise that we can make it. As we accepted the death of our past,
we let go to grow something new. Growing from the roots first, we had to
humble ourselves like the plants and trees, and grow down before we could
grow up.

 We concentrated on our inner sun and being in our centre for more energy to
flow, to be able to express truthfully where we are, on all levels. To be
able to share this allowed us to go deeper each time, allowing us to express
more of ourselves, and to be able to then trust and grow our inner family.
 We are constantly being encouraged to be with nature, to be ourselves and
return to source. To experience pure energy, to work with Earth, heavenly
and human energies. Also to tune into not only our light beings, but the
light beings in all of nature.

 The teacher training aspects were very deep. I can see how you have to be
very strong and centred to get to the point. Especially with all the
mirroring going on which I wasn’t even aware of before. The group tutorials
were very revealing too. Everyone wants the truth and to get rid of any
bullshit, all students are so focused, it’s very inspiring.

 I especially loved the combination of tai chi and chi Kung excersizes.
These were so powerful.
 I loved excersizes with the chi, physical excersize alone is too boring for
me, so I found this very inspiring. And also to be aware and thank the chi

 A blindfolded walk in the countryside, was more heavenly than I can
explain. Bringing us so at one with the earth, this was awesome. This also
brought more awareness to my physical imbalances, my left foot was so much
more confident than my right. I also had immense pain on my left foot from
stones and nettles which took at least a day to go, reminding me of how
rough my journey has been.

 Chi service was really amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed all the chi service I
have done, and was always amazed at how much energy I had afterwards.
Especially when painting with all the colours of the rainbow, I had such a
huge surge of energy after this, that I will always remember ! I have learnt
to have full faith in rainbow beings.

 Falling of a table in the garden to be caught by the whole group, was an
amazingly powerful experience for me. Acceptance was a huge thing for me to
be able to grow. I felt I had surrendered to the universe. A pure emotion
flowed through me that made me feel like a baby. It was very deep, I didn’t
recognise the sound of my laughter and crying, the emotion came from deep in
my centre and sounded like a baby to me. I was in a very different energy
space for a few hours after this.

The whole course is aimed at getting us to connect to our light beings, and
to find our purpose. So we all have a lot of healing to do, and a lot of
shit to compost.

 To Learn about fear was very helpful, to understand that fear can fall in
love. The liberation of fear was also a huge lesson for me. I was so fearful
of even reading my poems to start with. Singing in the group went to another
layer of fear for me. I felt like dying. It was unbearable , but very soon
after, I felt that I had been touched by the universe. I discovered a hidden
part of me, that I am now excited to grow.

I loved the Tao of colour science. My inner child was very contented here.
The whole concept is beautiful .

Being on the course was like being in another world, of peace and love.

 Thank you so so much for everyone’s love ,support , understanding and
commitment, for healing and living in peace and light again.

Thank you Master Choy, for being interested in helping me to grow and find
myself again.

With loving grateful chi,



Feedback From Andy:

My April intensive experience was like jumping into the unknown, not knowing what was going to happen or what I wouldlearn about – I no longer have these feelings. This has been the best money I have ever spent, not just on getting to know me, but in my entire life! To explain why this is I will break down how the ‘Fundamental Taoist Training’ or FTT for short, has helped me find the real Andy. Master Choy’s goal is to get oneself back to who or she is in the fastest time possible, applying the ancient Taoist wisdom dating as far back as 8,000 years and a plethora of other priceless skills and knowledge he has collated from all around the world including; America, India, China, France, Scotland and England. Combining all these precious gifts into the ‘Rainbow Tai Chi School’, and into a system that anyone can use given the humbleness to learn. Starting with the ‘Fifteen Fundamentals’ is a combination of ‘tools’ taken from the 37 step Yang form and Chi Kung exercises. Each tool has a particular application but at the same time connects to the complete picture of the studies and school ethos, based on the best way to help someone is to help them to help themselves heal. I feel I have embodied all of the wisdom learned so far on this course, with the result of it feels like turning back the clock on my life taking me back to how I should be and how nature intended me to be. My life has changed beyond all what I thought was possible in only a short space of time. As all of life’s questions are answered, I am beginning to unlearn all of the bad habits picked up from society, on my journey to a healthy, balanced individual who can give to others the precious wisdom what I have received here at he Rainbow Tai Chi School. Thank you so much Master Choy!!!!

Some highlights of my April intensive are below.



What a lesson here! I have seen the truth about the beauty of death, not just an empty end, but the opportunity for a new beginning. Everything will come to an end but it need not be a thing to fear. Accepting this ending is to accept a new fresh start, a new seed can be given the chance to grow into something amazing. I always wanted to cling on to the things I liked or loved even though their time had come to pass. Death to me was a total ending – why should this have to happen? Well, nature has shown us the lesson of death gives way to life, completing a new cycle of refreshing the old. To look at life in this way is a totally new experience and one, which when accepted, will change your perception on life into seeing death as a beautiful gift to behold.



I discovered what fear is! ‘Why does fear fear itself ?’ and ‘Why does fear need love too ?’ Learning about how fear comes, where from, and why, are question which I never really new they could be answered! This month has shown me I can accept fear, even though I did not want to in the past, I can now use fear as a catalyst for change and growth, to better myself. All this is possible to anyone given the right knowledge and teacher such as Master Choy. After living in fear all my life I can see how it is so destructive if given the upper hand to take over, when it does it grows bigger and bigger strangling me till I can not do anything about it. This month I have been able to over come a lot of fears with the support of everyone on the FTT course. Even to a point I have faced some long forgotten memories which are still painful. I have sang in front of a crowd, even singing in a supermarket! as part of my training to grow. Growing down needs to happen before growing up up to be able to express oneself.



The art of forgiveness ore self forgiveness is another vital lesson which I have never learned about. I feel that accepting who I am has been a big contributor in how my development has progressed. Simple in theory yet so very hard to face sometimes as fact. Many moments during April have brought up the lesson for me to forgive myself for who I am or what I may have done. Master Choy says one of the process’s of growing is to be able to accept who you really are giving the analogy of ‘ does a tree look at itself and think how bad it looks?!’ Obviously not is the answer. It shows we need to learn to let go of the image we and others have created about ourselves. I have found this to very powerful indeed to face this, we repeated the affirmation ‘ Andy, I forgive you for all the mistakes you have made in your life and I love and accept how you are feeling right now’ This has planted a seed of change in me to grow more forgiving to me and others.



I learnt to trust others more here, connecting to the ‘human’ chi is one of the essential factors in being balanced along with ‘earth’ and ‘heavenly’ chi. Many factors in my life have led me to distrust others, the main one being I never felt like anyone else was on my ‘wave length’ so would not understand me. Many times this belief has been smashed, connecting to other fellow students, I found that they to feel as I did and they have reacted the same as me. So by having two people with the same image not understanding each other they will never truly connect. As the month has progressed I have learnt to trust others with my feelings and emotions, and I have been surprised as to how easy it is to be able to let someone into your heart.



To be balanced, is to be aware of how to manage myself on an heart,body,mind,spirit (H.B.M.S) level. I have seen how we can be over developed in some ways like the heart for example, bringing the need to grow the other areas. Master Choy has taught me the need to identify where I am at any time and how to cognise which areas to focus on. My heart for example was closed from so much emotional pain afraid to open it in case I receive more. I have been able to re-connect to my heart again, even finding out how amazing and important it is in the process of healing oneself, the heart is the first port of call on someone’s journey to self growth. This environment has given me the space to open up again finding the courage to express some deep pains. The connection to the body came in many different exercises such as practice and running blind folded with another student. During this month, I have connected to my body in many different ways from fun to scary, or peaceful to spiritual. Every time was like nothing else I have experienced in or outside the school, but each time a new lesson was present to learn. The mind got a good working out learning so many amazing secrets of happiness and success. I found the lessons multi faceted in the range of emotions presented. Every lesson has humour, love, compassion and serious messages, a perfect blend to learn with.The spirit balance brought up insights into my own development, how to grow, but also in the secrets of the masters who have passed down through millennia this immensely powerful knowledge



I have detailed just a few areas that have been the most profound for me this intensive month. There are too many subjects to go into that we have learned about, yet even then we only have dipped a toe into the vast ocean of knowledge Master Choy has. No lessons are the same, each on can be accessed to students on any level from beginner to advanced. All students have the space and support to learn and grow in a protected environment here, Master Choy likens us to seeds that need all the care and love to enable them to succeed. I have found the answers to every question from my whole life and more here at his school.  


Master Choy, Thank You for an amazing month I won’t forget!

My deepest respect and love, Andy


Feedback From Linda:

  1. HBMS education

In the April intensive I learned how important it is to grow in a balanced way. Something which we did not learn in school or grew up with, I feel also how important it is to help the world to grow in a balanced way.


Personal HBMS
Thanks to the tutorials and HBMS report of others, I also tuned in to my own HBMS (Heart, Body, Mind, Spirit) development, to see which parts of me need more attention and growth.

I see I have grown the past month on all 4 of the aspects and would like to give some personal examples.



I learnt to soften and connect more with my heart through forgiveness. Writing down 100 times “I forgive you Linda for all the mistakes you made in your life. I love you and accept you as you are”, seemed to be mental in first place. But it helped me to soften, to connect to my feelings and to embrace how I feel. Even when I feel the most extreme worst feelings, they are part of me and I can forgive myself for feeling like that. I worked for example with a deep rooted inner negative self, which I did not saw in first place.


Also I learnt how I sometimes still was holding on to past experiences and emotions. Believing that they are still alive and present, but in reality there are already death. Seeing this, helped me to connect in a more fresh and direct way with how I really feel, instead of how I “think” I feel.



This month I have grown my relationship with my body, through the practice of the inner sun. To connect to my belly (called Tan Tien, the center and sea of chi), I can connect directly with the chi energy in my body. Something which I did not practice this way before. I see I have grown my trust in this connection, I can feel the energy present in my palms and belly while practicing the inner sun exercise nowadays.


The colour science of the heart and the poems for the organs helped me to connect to my body in a more cognitive and direct way. I learnt to be receptive, grateful and humble towards my body, as I took it mostly for granted.



This month helped me to deepen my understanding of the RTC tools, exercises and teachings. Learning about the dimensions, but also about the outer is reflecting the inner and how important stillness and peacefulness is. All lessons the mind wanted to grasp and digest, but at the same time I let them absorb into me and trust they will be present at times I need to learn and grow this.


I feel inspired to slow down the mind even more and cultivate more peacefulness and stillness.



This month I made steps towards the “Humanizing of my light being”. I see how the spiritual beliefs of the light being are in actual reality also down to earth when I humanize my light being. It was helpful to “recognize” her through giving thanks for all the moments when she was present this month, for example during my comedy skit, while sharing with my father about the lesson of forgiveness and during the chi healing I gave.

I feel I have grown my relationship with my light being and I am more willing to trust and surrender.


Also this month helped me to connect with my organs and the 5 elements of nature. To learn and perceive that every organ and element of nature is an actual being. And that is only the beginning of this connection which I am looking forward to grow more.


Examples HBMS

I would like to give two examples of how I worked “in action” with the Heart, Body, Mind, Spirit education during this month April.  


Blindfold walk

During the blindfold walk outside on barefoot, I had no other choice than surrender my fear of not being able to depend on my eyes (surrender the HEART). I learned to trust my other senses. Learned to trust on what I heard and what I felt. To trust the feet, breathe from the feet and walk from the center (trusting the BODY). I experienced how it feels to connect with nature directly, rather than connecting from the mind (letting go the MIND). To feel supported by mother earth and felt the spirit of the tree present while sitting down underneath her (connecting with the SPIRIT).



This month I have been meditating with my plant, which we received in the beginning of the month. I was sitting down with her in stillness(being instead of doing with the BODY). Slowing down my mind and being empty and still (MIND surrendered). I connected with the stillness and was receptive towards the plant, open to receive the lessons she wanted to teach me (opening the HEART). She learned me about acceptance, to embrace the negatives in me, as part of the flowers were dying. I wanted to take off those flowers and move on, like in my daily life going for the next peek, the next “high”, as was mirrored in the flower. But while staying with the death flowers I could see those parts in me, dying, death, rotten and I could be with it, could accept it and embrace it. This was an example of one of the lessons my plant taught me, as I saw her as a real being (connecting to plant’s SPIRIT).



  1. Inner family

Besides the growth in my HBMS, I also see I have deepen the way how I work with my inner mother, father and child. This inner family is an important aspect within the study of the Rainbow Tai Chi school. I would like to share two examples of how I worked with the inner family during the April intensive.


Growing talents

This month I learned to tune in to my talents, connecting to my inner family. I see I have grown more courage and strength (inner father) towards what I would like to share, like a comedy skit, singing or music. All creative expressions of the inner child, while she is very enthusiast about this all. But my inner child is also very shy and insecure about expressing this, as she does not have enough confidence, based on experiences from the past. With the support of the FTT group, the teachings of Master Choy and the inner mother’s love I feel I have made steps of trust this months to grow this seed in me and I feel very grateful for that!


Night in the valley

I feel very grateful for the opportunity to sleep one night in the valley. To face fear and to bring the lessons of fear from the class into reality.


I was in the valley and it became slightly darker while I was practicing my exercises. Suddenly I felt how I was a bit afraid for the darkness and unknown. I felt this feeling inside me, which was an expression of my inner child. I brought in my inner father, who helped me to connect to inner strength and courage. I encouraged myself that I have the strength and guts to be alone in the valley and felt more safe. I held myself, with one hand on my belly and the other hand on my heart. I accepted my feelings and it was ok to feel how I felt. My inner mother said “I love you Linda and accept how you are feeling right now”.  I felt more balanced within me and there were no fears to hold on to. I was ready for the night!


  1. 7 Rainbow energies

The HBMS education is connected to the 7 Rainbow qualities and energies. In our study we touch on different subjects, connected to those Rainbow colours. As an example I share about the Chi healing day and how those 7 energies were present during the day.


Chi healing day

During the chi healing day we connected with the different energies of the Rainbow. We started off with an introduction about Rainbow Tai Chi and Chi healing, were Master Choy shared with clarity (a quality of the blue energy) about the difference between our approach and other centres/schools. We learned the affirmation: “Let all negatives bring us to positives and creative healing solutions, right now!”.

Then we practiced the first fundamental exercise letting go, this connected us to the yellow energy of wisdom and the RTC exercises. While being outside, we learned how the first fundamental exercise of letting go is connected to nature, as we were standing in front of the compost bin. Being with nature is a way to connect to the green energy.

The compost bin showed us how mother nature is letting go and use all the negatives to transform into positives, as we learned in the affirmation earlier.


Later we gave physical Chi healing sessions for the people who visited the Chi healing day. This was connected to the violet energy of healing.


In the evening there was a sharing night with lots of laughter and joy, which connects to the orange energy. Everybody had prepared something to share. I prepared together with Vincent a comedy skit about the kidneys. It took some courage, but we felt the passion and love to share this message with everybody. We felt our courage, love and passion connecting to the red energy.


It was amazing to see how dynamic and close the group was during this day together. Different people made this day happen, together. This is connected to the indigo colour of the Rainbow, unity in diversity.


Thank you Master Choy, thank you Christine and thank you everybody from the FTT group for this AMAZING month full of laughter, tears, joy, wisdom, healing, love, harmony and peace!


With loving grateful chi,



Feedback From Tim:


Click here < to see a full document written by Tim with feedback and highlights from the FTT April Intensive 2016!


Feedback From Robin:


Heart, Body, Mind and Spirit


In the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung School and Chi Self-Healing Fountain Centre we not only DO the physical Tai Chi and Chi Kung movements. Besides doing the movements on the physical level (body), we also work on the emotional level (heart), the mental level (mind) and the spiritual level (spirit).


The development and healing on these levels starts always with the emotional first, then the physical, mental and spiritual: Heart, Body, Mind and Spirit (HBMS). As a student on the FTT one of my goals is to balance these four levels equally. Important for me is to see how my HBMS is at the moment and how my HBMS has been developed in this FTT April Intensive:



Emotionally at certain moments I can be fearful of being exposed, being judged on what I do. “It is safe to stay in the back ground”, because then there is no one who can judge me. There is still a fear of being judged by others sometimes although I feel the last years have been very helpful in transforming this fear and being with it.


Especially this April intensive there I have found more courage in me to step up and be seen. I see that this fearful self is in fact a self who is in need of love, who just wants to be loved and fears not receiving love. This results in a block of creative expression in the past, afraid of getting out of the cave and stepping up to show who I am, say what I want to say, do what I want to do without the judge inside. I do See this part who is hard on me, who wants to do thing right, do things good, also out of fear of not doing it good, not being good enough.. A connection to unworthiness..


Besides the emotional work that is still there to be developed I have grown to be so much more loving, heart centered person, connected to my own heart and in tune with other people’s hearts. This has grown again this April Intensive even more where my heart has been opening up more and more to give and receive the love around us.



Looking at my body I feel very positive and healthy. I feel I look healthy and others feed this back to me, I am consistent in my practice, am in tune with my body and feel relaxed in my body. I feel vital and ready for almost anything where I need help from my body with.


I feel I have good coordination in my body, I am sensitive inside my body e.g. I feel when food is not good for me: my body tells me with physical signs which I have come to get in tune with more and more the past years…


When tuning into the energy, the chi, I feel so much energy flowing through my body, physical sensations, goosebumps, release through yawning, burping. I can be very peaceful in my body and also very active. I know I can be very expressive with my arms and body movements when telling a story which triggers my enthusiasm.



I have a strong mind, active thinker, can overthink. Can talk after consideration, the diplomatic part in me, knowing what to say after thought.


I have a strong yang/masculine/father aspect in me. Well organized, well structured, quiet well disciplined, I can be controlling in my life and am very clear in talking, explaining and also asking for clarity is what I feel. I have a strong focus, and am quite an intelligent person.



I feel a lot of energy/chi and more and more trust the light being in me. This light being is the true self in me, the original me, pure light not yet contaminated by the layers of condition or our society. The light being is timeless, part of the whole, part of the source or creator or as some call it god. It connects to our center 2 inches below our belly button called the ‘Tan Tien’ in the Taoist philosophy. Tan Tien is also called the ‘Sea of Chi’. It is where a sea of energy is, and is inside us, reachable by us.

I have encountered and experienced effortless flow in situations where the mind was completely in stress before, scared of the wu chi/the unknown.. My light came through there, helped me, and was me, miraculously. This strengthened my trust in the light being inside me.


Feeling the chi pondering through me in certain moments, feeling also a difference in energies and how the energies stream (e.g. up or down, around me, earth, heavenly or when Master Choy sends out the chi).


I do want to keep developing my spiritual side and I feel there is so much more to explore. Looking back 2.5 years I see the improvement in feeling the energies, my light being and trusting my own light being. Looking at all the moments in this April intensive where my lightness came through, I see how close my light is with me and how wonderful it is to keep trusting this true being in me!



Earth, Human and Heavenly Chi


In the school we constantly work with 3 different types of energy: the earth chi, the human chi and the heavenly chi. The Chi as Master Choy calls it is also called life force, prana or vital force by other philosophies. Without energy there would be no live in our bodies. So the chi and especially these three different energies are all needed in our lives and also in this case there needs to be a balance. Master Choy strives to teach us lessons and bring us into situation and movements that can grow the balance of these energies so we can be the most balanced person possible feeding ourselves with these 3 different energies.


The earth chi is a grounding energy, it connects us with the earth which gives us energy to root ourselves in this world. Two feet on the ground, steady as a tree, being able to withstand the forces that push us around every day.. e.g. a stressed boss at work, a bully colleague or a fearful parent projecting all kinds of fears on us.. With the fundamental Tai Chi Chi Kung exercises we are being teached to ground ourselves constantly to receive this earth chi.  


The human chi is the energy we give and receive from human interaction. Positive and qualitative human interaction gives us energy and as a human species we need this energy as much as we need the heavenly and earth chi..


The heavenly chi is also known as the cosmic energy or spiritual energy. This energy descents down upon us and is connected to our spirit, our soul inside. It connects our core being with the whole universe and give us the feeling of oneness with al there is. Certain Chi Kungs and Fundamental Tai Chi exercises enable us to tune into the heavenly chi and help us with receiving this form of energy.


Yin, Yang, Tao


A third very important aspect of the FTT course and focus in the April Intensive are the ancient natural laws and principles of yin, yang and Tao. Yin stands (amongst other aspects) for the feminine, receptive, soft, negative, flowing aspect. Yang stands (amongst other aspects) for the masculine, assertive, hard, positive, direct aspect. The Tao is connected to the oneness, fullness, the creative, child aspect.


Yin and Yang are opposites and balancing these opposites inside us like opposite emotions is something we work on in the FTT course. The underlying principle of yin, yang and Tao and also the concept of wu chi (the nothingness, unknown, emptiness, void) is another cornerstone of our FTT course which embodies so much more than the last few sentences I wrote about it.


We constantly come back to these natural laws as Taoism, which is the overarching philosophy of Tai Chi and Chi Kung, is also called: ‘the way of nature’. And that is what we constantly do: going back to nature, back to the greatest teacher of all teachers. The one who is doing it effortless, efficient, effective.. The least effort way is what we strive for in practicing Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung.


As Taoism is called the way of nature, Tai Chi is free translated in: ‘the river of chi’. So that is what we tune into.. a river of energy, flowing with it, being IN it, being the river of chi that flows naturally around us constantly. Like the scientists now discovered that the empty space around us is not empty but is filled with energy, that energy is what we tune into.


Living our lives connected to nature, learning from nature and humbling to nature, slowing ourselves down to tune into the lessons nature has to teach us.


Everything I ever wanted to learn in live comes back in this course, everything that I asked myself comes back to the principles and laws of nature Master Choy teaches. Because it is based on nature and nature is as it is… Nature shows her principles and laws consistent, they are like the core structure of everything and that’s why everything I ever wondered is answered because here in this school we learn the principles of the universe and nature itself. Since we are nature, since we exist, we either flow with the laws of nature or don’t. If we do, we live a life effortless, if we don’t it takes effort and consumes our energy.



The Rainbow Colors

Last but not least a big aspect of the FTT course is about the rainbow colors, hence the name: ‘Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung’. The 7 rainbow colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet are embodying certain qualities which we learn to embody ourselves through Master Choy’s FTT Course so we can be a human being that embodies all these qualities and strives to be the fullest, most complete, most balanced person possible!


The colors are like school subject: instead of math and geography we learn about healing, prosperity, leadership, love, kindness and so much more which I will explain in a second. So I’ve written the colors below and the qualities that are connected to the colors. Below the colors and qualities I explain, with examples, how this FTT April Intensive has brought me life lessons, insights, revelations through some of the highlights of the Intensive month.


Red: love, passion, courage

A big highlight during the Intensive was the assignment of spreading ‘love bombs’ of positive and loving energy in stores and with friends. We received the assignment to go into a random store and sing appreciations and spread a loving message. It took also the quality of courage to step up and start singing. I felt confident when diving in except for some small excitement and minor fears I dived in with Liza in a big supermarket and started singing out loud spreading the love in stead of hate. People smiled, where amazed and listened to our singing. I even got a ‘I love you toooo’ back from one of the cashiers. I felt truly loving while singing and was totally in the moment without a fearful observer coming in.


Love, passion and courage is very much connected to the heart and the healing of the heart and emotions from the heart is a very important aspect of growth and learning in the FTT and this April intensive. We all live with a lot of fears, some real, most are psychological. In this April we have been studying the nature of fear and the art of seeing fear for what it is. Seeing the infinite manifestations of fear in different forms and selves inside us. At the root of it all, there is fear. I have gained tremendous insights how my heart is blocked by these fears inside me and the lessons about fear which was spread over 3 days! It was one of the most inspirational class series I have ever had from Master Choy. Given from my opinion that every class is unbelievable inspirational, this one was amazing! Besides the understanding, Master Choy took us through the feeling and tuned us into the fear in us, to experience the ‘seeing of fear’ inside us. Seeing something for what it truly is, liberates us with the truth of seeing. At one point in class I tuned in to the extent that I saw my fear and from this moment an instant release of emotion came up from deep within, an emotional release that was uncontrollable, needed to come out.. This moment felt so healing and clearing. I can still remember the feeling which was like nothing I had ever felt.. it felt truly liberating of another block that was inside me preventing me from being in my heart full of courage, passion and love.


Another aspect of development of love, passion and courage I feel in connection with my partner Liza. After this month I feel we have taken yet another step in our relationship as I am growing more and more in my heart and am developing the qualities of love and passion, I am more able to share this with Liza. Before we could be quite mental with some moments of heart.. we could not fully connect, or when I was in my heart and Liza not, we still did not completely flow.. now we are so much more in our hearts and feeling the love and passion between us, so our relationship is becoming more passionate and loving every day thanks to the FTT course and this April intensive too!


Another beautiful highlight during this the Intensive was the breakdown of Tim where Nick’s emotions were a catalyst for this to happen. As we share some same lessons I felt in my heart how Nick was feeling when he shared what he felt. I felt so much love for Nick and wanting to share with him that I truly understood how he felt.. It was a struggle for Nick to reach this deep emotion inside and as Nick was sticking with my eyes I explained from my heart what I felt. The mirror of Nick brought up these emotions inside and the release of my emotions and story triggered the same emotion in Tim and Tim started crying out loud, releasing all these feelings which were connected to fear of doing things wrong, fear of not being seen, fear of not being loved, fear of not being able to receive love.. All connected to our lives and families when we were young.. An amazing highlight of emotional release and healing!


Another highlight for me was the expression of my poem I wrote on day 3 I belief.. I felt it was time for me to take the courage and passion to send out my poem, give it to people, connect with people, go out there instead of staying in my cave and hide because of the fear people might judge me. A big lesson for me and it felt amazing to do this, taking the stage and go for it.


Singing with Helen, making music together was a big highlight of my April Intensive. Me and Helen connect deeply in some way which I do not even understand on a conscious level. We have lessons together and share deep love for each other. She also has mirrored aspects of my outer mother which, in the past have triggered reactions and fears inside me. As I am working with and healing my inner mother (the Yin aspect in me) I have found acceptance, forgiveness and love for my outer mother which is mirrored inside and also in reaction towards woman who portrait aspects of my outer mother. With Helen I had these lessons too (amongst several other women throughout my life) and our connection, love and acceptance has grown so much. Especially this Intensive when Helen invited me to do a music piece together. I decided to dive in and we flowed amazing.. it was so effortless and wonderful to flow with Helen and she brought up the passion in me, the courage to go for it. She came with wonderful improvements and creative solutions for my song. She loved the song too and our performance was one big party! I feel so much love for Helen now and I truly feel this April intensive has improved and strengthened our amazing band even more!


The Tao of color science where we focused on the healing of our heart through adding colors filled with the qualities and emotions inside us to help strengthen and heal the heart felt amazing. I had done a color science of my heart last year already and this year I added more to my heart. I noticed how alive it became and how much more passion and excitement this color science session had brought in. I saw a big change looking back one year.


Orange: Joy and Vitality

The color of Joy and Vitality is another big focus of my FTT study and I feel I have been growing these qualities over the last years and also a lot in this April Intensive. I feel more light throughout the day where before I could be a lot in a state of duality, now I am so much more light during the day which expresses in Joyful interaction with fellow students, jokes in between classes and more lightness from me during classes.


I also feel a shift this Intensive because of being less fearful to show myself I can be more my true self full of joy and lightness. The fear of what other people would think about me blocked me in the past of expressing who I truly am.


Another aspect of the orange color is the creativity inside us. This month I have been teaching myself to play the guitar with the help of an online course and with tips from fellow students. I have taken the step to learn this and express myself creatively through my voice (which I have found last year) in combination with the guitar. On the last day of the April Intensive I was able to accompany my own written song with the guitar. This was a big highlight for me although there are still lots of improvements in playing off course.


Another creative expression and big highlight was singing while Liza was playing the piano. Master Choy invited me to sing together with Liza from the wu chi (from the unknown/nothingness). I had no lines to sing, just to flow together.. We flowed amazing! And people fed this back to us as well.. I tuned into her effortlessly and a song came up. In combination with the feedback from others that our voices compliment so well and the feedback to dance on Liza’s sharing song, I feel that there is so much to discover for me and Liza in performing together, flowing together.. We flow so well in everything we do and the feedback from different students and Master Choy strengthens my belief in us as a couple and also us as expressing creatively.


Yellow: Wisdom, Humbleness, Kindness

Humbleness to learn and especially to unlearn is a big topic in the FTT and this April Intensive, letting go images of what we think something is. Not labelling something because of conditioning or what we learned it is, but seeing life as it is, seeing the world in a direct way and letting go more and more layers of conditioning. Humbling ourselves to let go our layers of dirt we have accumulated by society, friends, our parents, and our culture. Going past the cultural and societies beliefs and come back to a world or energy, a world or qualities, a world of light. Humbleness is big subject in the study. Without humbleness learn and to unlearn the ego is holding on to old beliefs and is not willing to unlearn these beliefs.


A big lesson during the April intensive is the lesson of trust, trusting our inner light, trusting our true self, the being of light we are in pure essence. The being that is there without all these layers, labels and conceptions. The lesson to trust that the light inside us will guide us to where we need go and how we should be. Learn to see the signs, learn to trust this inner voice who is there to help us become who we need to become and guide us towards our purpose. A beautiful lesson and highlight at the end of this April intensive! The steps of trust connected to this lesson felt also like a great gift, seeing how nature teaches us to trust, how natures wisdom is showing us the way if we only slow down.


Another aspect of wisdom is connected to being with and doing the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung exercises. We learned already and improved this April Intensive our understanding and the application of the 8 fundamental Rainbow Tai Chi exercises and the 7 Rainbow Chi Kung exercises. These 15 fundamentals are the tools and support we learn to help us grow, transform, be happy, energized, joyous and light! These tools are the structure, backbone and fundament of our development! Improving these exercises and also tuning into teaching these exercises was a big highlight in itself!


Green: Prosperity and Harmony

The color of Prosperity and Harmony is connected to all the lessons we do in nature, in the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung School Garden. So many lessons Master Choy teaches us are connected to nature and the art of nature as I shared how the Tao is the way of nature, what is a better way to teach people than to go directly to nature and the lessons nature has to teach us!


So all the lessons in the garden the lessons received from chi service (grounding ourselves with physical work in the garden, serving the energy, humbling to the energy around us) are all highlights for me. I love being in the garden and slowing down to see what each task, each tools tells me, teaches me  lesson about me. We slow down so much that we see in every task or tool the lesson of yin, yang and Tao.


For example the planting of potimarrons in the polytunnel: there is a negative which is the slugs and snails who try to eat the little potimarron plant and there is a positive which is the growth of the potimarron rising up to become a beautiful plant full of fruits. So there is a negative force (the yin) and a positive force (the yang). By bringing these two together and balancing out these forces we come to a third creative solution (the Tao). In this case Master Choy showed us to protect the plant with a fence and salt on this fence so the slugs and snails could not reach the potimarron. The potimarron can grow and the snails and slugs need to find a different form of food and won’t hinder the potimarrons growth.


The valley experience was another big highlight where we slept a night in the valley all by ourselves. Being with the forest valley and the animals that are there during the night felt like an amazing experience to be in nature, feeling the oneness with nature, letting go the cold of the night, some fears if there are any. A true nature experience and helped me to ground myself in nature’s energy.


Another amazing highlight of this month was the blindfold experience where Master Choy partnered me up with Helen and took us on a tour around the garden to tune into nature without sight, feeling nature as it is, direct, cognitive instead of recognitive. Humbling down to Mother Nature and grounding myself and breathing in the chi from the earth. Feeling the energy literally flowing through me. While we were going through this Master Choy guided us with inspirational words to guide us back to Mother Nature. I was in tears 3 times during this session, so deeply grateful and humbled by the loving embrace of Mother Nature. Felt special to do this with Helen and felt so much love for her while going through this session. It felt like a beautiful connection with her and happy to have her as my partner in this.


Blue: Peace, Clarity, Transparency, Honesty

A class which inspired me a lot was the group tutorials afternoon where we talked in groups to find out more about our HBMS and to let fellow students mirror to me what I am sharing and perhaps mirror me or corner me to let me see the inner lessons I am not seeing. It felt for me connecting to clarity and transparency, telling my fellow students how I was and what I felt about my HBMS. It felt vulnerable to express how I am in full transparency and honesty but also good to grow to be as honest and transparent as can be. Only from this state I can truly learn to grow.


Another lesson on clarity was the lesson about the origins of Taoism and Tai Chi and Chi Kungs and how flowed all into the time we live now. The lesson was very mental and structural, clear but gave us a wonderful summery where this ancient wisdom which has been on this earth for 8000 years, is coming from. It felt so inspiring to be able to practice this art of living in perfect flow with nature! It is who and how I want to be, how I want to grow myself and come back to the purest me, the one who is one with nature itself!


The meditations during the Intensive and the heartbeat listening exercise is tuning us into the stillness, like the pauses and stillness between a heart beating. By tuning into the stillness we create a still mind free of mental clutter and random or even negative thoughts, and a still mind is a peaceful mind. The plant meditation we did with our plant tuned me into a blissful peace and from there on into a beautiful feeling of oneness with the qualities that was inside the plant and me. The stillness and peace is a very important and necessary step to go to the fullness (Tao) so I feel very grateful for this meditation and all the tune in moments where we meditate on the pauses > stillness > peace.


The roof experience as I would like to call it was a moment where I was on top of the house painting the chimney of the house and had to balance on the pointed roof. The tiles are old stone tiles and the mind had a lot of situations where there could be psychological fear created. Off course as we learned also in this April intensive: it is good to have a small homeopathic dose of fear which is useful in this live, but the abundant physiological created fears inside our minds is something that is unnecessary. So the roof experience helped me to feel the fears I created in my mind, fear of not being able to come back because ‘the step up to the roof was a big one and the way back is always more difficult’ or the fear of every step on the tiles could be leading to a tile slipping and me falling of the roof.. All these thoughts are little fearful mental clutter which we have on a daily basis. Seeing fear for what it is transformed this into more peace of mind and a clear mind is a useful mind in these circumstances.


We also tuned into the art of clear communication and speaking out loud, projecting our voice in poem and when speaking or sharing. For some students this lesson is more applicable than others but I feel Master Choy is always striving to help us what we need, so the moments where he helps us put more oomph in a poem or asks us to speak up, speak louder are moments of great learning!


 Indigo: Selfless Service, Tao of Leadership, Unity in diversity

A beautiful lesson connected to the Indigo color was the lesson about: “What is the Purpose?”. A question that can be asked when we are doing something and not be distracted from the goal and the why. Throwing in all kinds of qualities like joy and love is amazing when we can do this, but if the purpose of me being here is to be clear and transparent then it is not the purpose to have fun and spread love. So different qualities serve different goals and being aware what my purpose is in any moment is a powerful tool to keep the focus of what is important. Amazing lesson!


I feel more confidence since this April intensive, more open, more confident to share and to share what I feel, what I feel is best from a grounded balanced way without being fearful of what other people think or feel. I am holding in less and am able to show myself..


I felt happy taking initiative to clear up the house hall and ask Master Choy to scrape old layers of paint, re plaster the walls and paint them all over. I felt in the lead of this project and very organically people flowed in and asked me if I needed help. When the receptivity was there I told them what needed to be done and helped them in succeeding in the task. I notice a lot of people ask me question in these moments and I feel my leadership quality being trained here, taking initiative, being assertive and clear in what I want and how I feel it is best for the purpose we are doing this. I feel also very grateful for all the project we can take on. I learn so much from this FTT and from living in the school, working with all kinds of tools, doing all kinds of tasks helps me in growing these handy skills for my future, for when I will build my own house or have to fix things. Also this is helping me to become a fully equipped man.


On top all of this, Master Choy teaches us to take the lead of our own lives, be a leader for our own outer but also inner world. The inner world that is filled with countless selves, emotions, feelings, thoughts. We learn to let the true self in us, the light being, lead our inner world and from the inner world comes the outer world.


Violet: Healing and Forgiveness

The color of Healing and Forgiveness is connected to the Zhineng Chi Kung we practice in the school. I felt very inspired to do the zhineng and the healing exercises that come with the zhineng. The zhineng connects us to the spiritual/cosmic/healing energy while maintaining a rooted connection to the earth chi and an open heart full of fire, enthusiasm and love. It is a very powerful chi kung and an honor to be teached. Also the tree squats to ground us to the earth so the healing, spiritual energy can flow through us without setting us off balance is something that inspires me deeply!


We learned how to heal people with the chi energy, using several different movements to listen to the pain in someone’s body or being and extract this negative and replace it with the zhineng chi (heavenly/cosmic chi). Like the scientist discovered we are all made of vibrating energy when we slow down and zoom into the quantum physical level. On this level scientist see that there is no real mass, the perceived mass is made from vibrating energy. In chi healing we restore the body to its original blue print, the original energy how a body at ease should be. A body in dis-ease will be healed through these ancient techniques which Master Choy has learned in the Zhineng Chi Kung Hospital in China where people were healed from all sorts of dis-ease helped by the chi healing practices without medicine. It is an honor to be learned these techniques.


In the chi healing day Master Choy organized for people who were in need of healing I felt this energy also flowing through me powerful waves. Also the qualities of forgiveness, love, peace were strongly present. The chi healing day was an amazing day and big highlight of this April Intensive!


Before the healing day Master Choy tuned us into self-forgiveness for all the mistakes we made in our lives. We had to write it down 100 times to soak our mind into a self-forgiving state of consciousness, making us ready to be with the healing day and radiate the quality of forgiveness, protect us with the quality of forgiveness. Very profound and a realization that some things only later make sense, a good lesson to flow and execute an assignment with speed or response.


The sharing at the end of the day was phenomenal! Everybody gave their best, putting in 100% and delivering a beautiful performance. Besides the laughter, tears and moments of awe, the songs, poems and skits where all connected to the 5 elements and the 5 primary organs which are the focus of the Taoist practices Master Choy teaches us.


We work a lot on healing our internal organs with certain exercises and sounds. The Sharing on the chi healing day was a direct message to all the organs and elements present in the people who attended the day and I felt brought healing to everybody there! People loved it! Nobody wanted to leave, there was a buzz and so positive atmosphere.. and amazing day and big big highlight of the month!