Peter Chin Kean Choy

Rainbow T’ai-Chi Chi Kung has been developed by Peter Chin Kean Choy, founder and chief instructor of the Rainbow T’ai-Chi-Chi Kung school and chi self-healing centre. Master Choy studied T’ai-Chi Chi Kung with grandmaster Huang Sheng Shyang of Malaysia. Master Choy also learned the application of T’ai-Chi Chi Kung with his father, Chin Ket Leong, who was a Chinese herbal doctor and martial arts master. He was given the title of Master Choy by grandmaster Chen of Chen village in China after training with him in the original Tai Chi ancient art of iron ball Tai Chi .

He learned the Taoist sciences with Mantak Chia in Thailand and the Option process at the Option Institute, Massachussetts, USA. Choy also spent time with Jiddu Krishnamurti and U G Krishnamurti in India, finding a unique, heart-centred way of applying his T’ai-Chi Chi Kung to daily life. He has trained with Dr T K Shih of the Chi Healing Centre, USA and Dr Pang of the Zhineng Chi Kung Centre in China.

He combined his experience of T’ai-Chi Chi Kung with other Taoist exercises to develop the Rainbow T’ai-Chi Chi Kung practice and philosophy. He has led weekly classes and workshops on T’ai Chi Chi Kung and the Taoist arts for more than 40 years. Choy is also the founder of the Trilogue/thanking process and the aqua tai chi practices.


Master Choy’s Mission

“I have come not for the young or old. I have come to awaken the ancient beings within my people. There are those who have been sleeping for thousands of years and now is the ripe time for the awakening of the masters within you. This is initiation of the ancient ones. The Masters of Light shall walk upon this earth again. I have come not for the few or the many, just the ones who need to be near me to find their inner spark alight. So much lightness of their feet await them, the calling of their hearts shall hear my heart beat song, their ears shall hear the silent ones beckoning them to fountains of healing joy, laughter is the signature sound for us to come together and the voyage home to the source is simple and natural. I am here to bring home my brothers and sisters of light back to their health, smiles, plenitude, peace and wisdom. “


How does Aisling King, student at the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung School, feel about Master Choy?


What is Rainbow Tai Chi and what do you mean to me:

In a word, to me you bring light.

You are the light of love, unconditionally accepting us all where we are and giving and giving, never counting the cost.

You are filled with compassion for all you meet as you spread Choyousness to happilize entire universes.For the light of love in your eyes, thank you.

You are the light of hope, So many are blind and lost, following unbalanced, ungrounded leaders with empty hearts who mislead and deceive. Is it any wonder that the world is filled with despair and so many are cynical, believing that there is no way out.

But you have shown us the real thing. Every cell in my being rings out when you share because I can feel the truth of what you say.

I can categorically say that without you and Rainbow Tai Chi, my life would be completely different as I was very definitely on a path away from my light. You have given me the gift of hope. Thank you

You are the light of joy. You reconnect us all with our true beings of light and the incontrovertible truth that we are born to be happy, it is our birthright which you help us to reclaim.

You shine a light on all the crap that gets in the way of my seeing the truth with your trusty crap detector. You lead the way to Mother Nature opening our hearts, bodies, minds and spirits to her infinite lessons for humanity

Like the decomposing vegetation and shit on the compost heap, you helped me to face my own negatives, to restore them to their rightful place, alchemically transforming my inner world to allow the light of joy to come in.

For the bubbling inner fountain of joy you bring us to, Thank you.

You are Light as in lightness, of being, effortless effort, fluid and flowing, embodying the power in softness and showing us another way to be.

For transforming my ideas and thinking and ways of being, Thank you

You are the light of understanding. As a veteran of western education system, I was steeped in what I thought was learning.

But now I see the more I “learnt” the more confused I was really becoming, moving further and further away from who I really am and leaving me with really no clue as to what my purpose is.

You are helping me to slow down more and more as I have so much unlearning to do. I am eternally grateful to have found you and Rainbow Tai Chi and your teaching that will not only help me but everyone around me and everyone I meet.

For your wisdom, for your loving patience as you teach us and for your eloquent, entertaining and illuminating classes, Thank you

You are the light of peace. You bring us to stillness.

In a noisy, fast and furious world, you have created an oasis of peace, not just in the beautiful setting of the school but you have also shown us how to find our own inner peace.

In the movements of the fundamentals, chi kung and the form and also in the harmonious relationship you help us find in our inner families, you bring me to a peace like I have never known.

In a world, where so many are in darkness and there is a famine of peace. I know you will bring true nourishment.

“I am love, you are love, all is love” Truly. For bringing these words to the world, Thank you

You are the light of fun. What is so special is that even when there are tears, you bring laughter. How many times I have been amazed at this! How you can transform and transmute the heaviness and seriousness. So many times I have felt such a carefree, joyous and wonderfully uplifting happiness as we share laughter.

You connect us in a special way to our light beings. You have encouraged us all to release, explore and share our hidden talents.

Learning to share my singing has been life changing for me and something which would have been incomprehensible only a few years ago. I feel like there was a whole world I had shut myself off from, but you gave me the key to open the door and set myself free.

I am in awe of the amazing talents of all my wonderful FTT classmates and for your patient and expert nurturing of these, Thank you

You are the light of healing. Like most of humanity, I have placed the power of healing in the hands of others and really had no idea of the power of chi and definitely no idea of my own part in healing myself and others.

What you have shared about the healing power of zhineng chi and the relationship you have developed with chi is truly amazing. It is so humbling, I am constantly in awe of what has happened for not only those you received healing but also those who give.

In so many ways, I have received healing from you on a heart, body, mind and spirit level and you have empowered me to heal myself. For being such a generous light for the world, to bring healing to the world, Thank you

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

These are just words and really come nowhere near to expressing the depth of my feeling and my gratitude. These are just a few of the things that you mean to me but I have to get this to you now or else I will explode!!!

I really don’t know how I can ever repay you but I know that I must share what I am learning with the world and I only hope that I am worthy of the very fortunate opportunity I have to be learning with you.

Aisling King