Chi Healing for Peter’s Burning Foot

Chi Healing for Peter’s Burning Foot


Peter, who is in his 80’s, came in the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung school with a foot that felt like it was on fire and was in constant pain. This was the result of a bacterial infection that once started in his foot 3 years ago and is healed completely, only not the heat and burning in the right foot.


Peter and his wife Gloria have been dedicated to heal Peter for the last 3 years going from specialist to specialist, taking several different pills which made Peter not feel better at all and even worst at times.


Peter has done some swimming which he feels positive about, but being at the end of what they felt they could do, Gloria found the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung School and we started with a Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung two to one session.


Peter has been a highly skilled academic and engineer and has never done anything like Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung. It was a big leap for him, but his drive to heal himself brought him tremendous receptivity towards the teachings.


After the first session a chi healing was proposed to focus the energy on his right foot. Peter was open to receive the chi healing so we did. Below Peter’s experience of what happened in this healing:


Before the chi healing my foot felt like it was on fire which severely hampered any walking at all and I was feeling in pain a lot.


I was made and feel very welcomed at the school, everything was ready and i felt very strange indeed. I had never experienced a healing before. Once settled I felt warm and i fell asleep intermittently. I heard the healing sounds from the helpers in the end.


Afterwards I felt the room etc. appeared brown, I felt safe. My feet were painless! I was offered help but had no difficulty walking back to the car. I felt happy!


After months of feeling my burning feet i had casually mentioned the burning of the feet to my doctor, who had heard about this and gave me a prescription for it. This did not change anything, but the CHI HEALING DID, IMMEDIATELY!


2 weeks later there is no further burning in the feet since.


Peter is a happy man now and feels he can let go 3 years of suffering and running after ‘specialists’. He is in his 80’s and has a big drive to keep learning the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung tools to balance himself and bring more chi to where he needs it.


Peter and Gloria are two of my most receptive students who are so eager to get the best and have felt the amazing healing benefits of chi healing.

With Smiling Chi,




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