How to know thyself true self Re-cognitively or Cognitively through the heart, body, mind, spirit education?

The best gift that Education can give to you is YOU. When you have discovered who you really are, Education in its truest sense, “Educere” means to achieve the goal of unfolding the wisdom, the happiness within you and sharing this inner fountain of wisdom and joy with the world. It took me 17 years in school to discover that I cannot achieve it through Re-cognitive Education. I call it the “Arnold Schwarzenegger”  mental/physical unbalanced muscular development and schooling that has created the Image Maker who have made ideals, mirages and illusions in the dessert of our inner hungry world.

Contrary to what a lot of people may believe that Cognitive learning has to do with “thinking”, it is not. Re-cognitive learning is about recognising, for example, you can find your way around town because you recognize the shops and streets. So, you have a memory and perhaps an emotion connected to that memory. That is mechanical knowledge you can build on and expand and develop. Can you imagine how many jobs, relationships, personal events, books, movies and pictures you have   accumulated over a life time? Put together your whole local library and all the movies together and all that is just a fraction of the mechanical information and experiences we have gathered about the world we recognise.


But what is Cognitive learning?

Cognitive learning is about direct perception, according to one of the earliest Western Educators – Immanuel Kant. Many writers of psychological therapies and philosophies and education subjects are incorrect when they define “Cognitive” has to do with “Thinking”. All thinking is related to memory and memory is mechanical Re-cognitive learning. “Cognitive” is used to describe, for example, an artist looking directly at a tree and is not looking at a picture, a photo or memory he or she had of the tree. He wants to go beyond the thought of the tree. He feels this “oneness” with the tree and then, only he paints from this state of oneness.

So, can you use Re-cognitive Learning to “Know Thyself” as Aristotle defined education to be? You have a passport photo that is already outdated, which the passport office squint his eyes to try to match my face into the photo, I honestly no longer look like the passport, he seem to have a better recognition of my face than even me!! You can have a past experience of someone you know, and you say you love this person, actually, you love the   experience of that person. Do you want to know Love directly/cognitively? To know thyself directly, you need to let go of all past associations and SEE directly, eg. have you seen a few days old baby look at you? I believe we still have this ability to see ourselves, to see the world as it is.  In Rainbow Tai Chi, you discover the world as a River of Limitless Energy flowing into the Tan Tien Sea of blissful chi!!


To know your heart, body, mind, spirit directly

Have you sat down to truly feel your heart-beats AND FEEL WHO YOU ARE? And in your daily life, to experience how your body moves, with all its aches, pains, pleasures and highs and lows?  Have you recently slowed down to look at you in front of a mirror from stillness, non judging point of view?

When you look into the mirror, usually, the judging cynical self is passing comments on you being too fat, too old, too ugly, the eyes…, the nose, the ears… oh dear!! Or just tidy the hair, take care of the skin, put on some cosmetics, ok, let us go to work!! So, beyond “skin deep”, who are you?

Even when the inner judge have seemingly quieten down…. you will still see some changes happen on your face and you may suddenly catch glimpses of past lives on your face…. also re-cognitive, even if initially, they may seem unknown to you.


When all the images have disappeared, you will see a mist or clouds. Then, a shimmering…. and then, you may after practising many years truly know thyself as a radiant being beyond the thinker.

It is here the real fluidic “spiritual” experiences begin. With electrifying Tai Chi movements, the real you begins to awaken. Infinite joy pulsates in the real you. Everything in your life feels “NEW”.

It is like when I was standing in front of 500 people trying to make a joke to make them laugh in a Comedy Club for the first time, I learned to trust my heart, body, mind and spirit and let go of everything I am holding on about myrself,  really let go, and allow the “ego do die” and suddenly, I was able to relax and tell a  funny story and people laugh, the Manager of the Club wants to pay me to come back. And I hear myself saying to him, “No, thank you!” That is what happened for me when I found the Real Choyous me!!

It is usually people around you who remind you of who you really are. The Real You is upside down!! What do I mean? When I was young, my friends who know my Christian name is Peter Chin, started calling me CHITA-PIN!! And later, when living in Findhorn Scotland, I embraced my household name again called CHOY, and friends there started calling me CHOYOUS ONE, CHIPS-A-HOY!! And recently, my student Helen found a picture of a chocolat ‘Chips Ahoy’ bar and send it to me! EN-CHOY!!

Every student learning at the Rainbow Tai Chi School of Heart Body Mind Spirit Education practises Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Exercises and Principles and discover his true self. And then, we encourage him to express it through his own unique talents and skills and live a happy lifestyle. The Heart Body Mind Spirit Education system is based on the book that I wrote 30 over years ago, called, “15 Ways to a Happier You”.

Lely flowers

This is a picture of the school’s valley of lily pond. When we meet for Summer School, sometimes, we all go down together as a group or someone goes down by herself or himself to this pond and sit there being with the flowers.

To cognize or know directly the flower, your mind need to understand that it cannot use its “re-cognitive” aspect. The Re-cognitive aspect of our daily lives are useful as a mechanical source of information, reaction and behaviour adjusted to meet the daily demands, like the postman needs to recognize the address to deliver the letters.

When you feel the flowering of your heart’s radiant warmth through heart beat listening, you are not “practising” heart beat listening, you can learn to FEEL DIRECTLY without the use of memory something that is utterly alive, fresh, new and of immense love. This can only happen when you look without the presence of the Thinker.

Is it possible to let go the thinker completely and BE in the flower? You are communicating with the flower without words through seeing and feeling. The flower is in you the communicator. Then, communion takes place. There is a melting into chi energy. Many people who know you might remark how youthful you look, your cheeks become as rosy pink as the flowers and you look so light and radiant.

Like learning to memorise in School when you were young, the Re-cognitive faculty was developed and perhaps OVER-developed and so, today, the Cognitive or Direct faculty also needs to be developed. You need to UN-LEARN the re-cognitive aspect in order to allow the unknown cognitive faculty to wake up.

Then, the true flowering of action in your daily life comes directly from intelligence without the tainting of fears, insecurities and worries of the past.

How do you practise this in relationship to your daily life, in terms of sensing your innate purpose of life, or dealing with a certain dangerous situation requiring you to immediately understand the solution with complete trust in the wisdom of that moment?


Cognitive Aspect of ‘Homework’ at the Rainbow Tai Chi School

Homework by Fiona Howard

Homework as a way to work yourself home to you with peace,love, truth and joy

Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung homework is a way to get to know yourself better.

Sometimes there is resistance to the idea of doing homework which relates back to the old homework from school which was like a jail sentence when I really wanted to be outside after school in nature.

Perhaps ‘assignment’ would be a better word to use? However the two words ‘home’ and ‘work’ both have special significance. Work does not initially seem to be something you want to do, but rather something you have to do. Home is somewhere where we (hopefully) feel safe and relaxed and nourished.

Sometimes written Tai Chi homework can still be challenging. I don’t often feel peaceful about doing it initially. Then over the month I find the questions are like seeds inside myself and something grows and can often keep growing long after the homework is sent in.

The resistance to written homework is another opportunity to let go of the ego which is the biggest obstacle to being home. So written homework provides yet another chance for us students to let go into the inner world which opens up when the ego lets go and humbles itself.

Then peace reveals itself, love unfolds and truth and finally joy – especially when you hit the send button and it has dissolved into the ether on its way to Master Choy.

So homework is also about the chance to grow yourself, to learn about yourself in a peaceful and loving way. To find the joy and freedom in truth and so to feel happier and more secure in your inner world.
The work is the work of an inner gardener – sometimes gardening can be quite arduous but then some months later you get to taste the goodness of freshly picked food. It’s so nourishing.!