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Every year, students of Master Choy from all over the world apply to be trained in long-term intensives. These are held usually in Naturally chi energising environments...

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1st September 2017
2 Years


Master Choy
Master of Tai Chi and Founder of Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung


Creek Farm, Pitley Hill, Ashburton, Newton Abbot, TQ13 7JY   View map


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Every year, students of Master Choy from all over the world apply to be trained in long-term intensives. These are held usually in Naturally chi energising environments…

ROCKY-VALLEY rainbow tai chi chi kung ftt
FTT Group at Rocky Valley





Discover Your Inner Chi Energising Fountain of Health and Rejuvenation

The FTT LBI course trains the student to use Tai Chi Chi Kung as a mirror for self development.  By mastering the 15 rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung exercises and principles, you firstly achieve a total sense of peace, loving acceptance and clarity in your HBMS (heart,body,mind,spirit) and then, with skill and sensitivity, share the wisdom of your experience with humanity and the world.  By joining this course, you are also helping yourself and humanity to find new root self empowering beliefs and take the next initiation to go on into higher dimensions of enlightened living and a healthier lifestyle.



Humbleness to learn.

Motivation to start and complete the FTT/LBI training including regular daily homework and weekly reports.

Using Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung tools excite and inspire you to wake up and practice every day!



  1. General practice, benefits, philosophy and HBMS dducation system of the 15 Rainbow TCCK and ZCK exercises and principles as based on the ‘15 Ways to a happier you’ book.
  2. The therapeutic value of Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung and Zhineng Chi Kung – as a relaxing, health optimising and self healing practice.
  3. Transform your life by understanding the 8 dimensions of Tai Chi.
  4. Rainbow Taoist leadership training to unfold/express your intelligence and value of unity in diversity.
  5. Introduction to the Tao of prosperity and CSC (Conserve/Spend/Conserve) principles to bring you greater harmony and enrichment.
  6. Introduction to Yin Yang Tao balancing therapies – the Trilogue /thanking processes and the Option attitude to balance the inner family development  and bring about  wisdom and true self realization
  7. Yin Yang Tao games of cooperation and fun.
  8. FTT/LBI fieldwork training for teacher trainees helps to build up self esteem and learn to create more chi for yourself, your relatives, your friends, students and the world.
  9. FTT/LBI projects designed to help you succeed in grounding your highest aspirations in your daily life.



This Course is open for both personal development and teacher trainees. The student is required to put one whole month in April 2017 and 10 Weekend Intensives, Summer School 2016, 2017 and 2018. Summer School fees are payable separately. Teacher trainees are required to have access to a garden and required to attend a minimum of 30 hours of weekly classes near the School or 30 hours of work with Master Choy and do 16 hours per week of studying LBI/FTT subjects. To qualify teacher trainees are required to manifest a minimum of 5 students to join the Summer School 2018. Students from abroad who are doing it for personal development are not required to attend the weekly classes.


For weekend intensives, the course begins on Friday 2pm and finishes on Sunday 4pm. The Course venue is at the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung School. The course begins with an orientation weekend 28-30 October 2016. For those training to be teachers, you will be able to start classes after the April Intensive. From 1 September, you start your Apprenticeship training with Master Choy and have direct access to his teaching and guidance by email and telephone. During the FTT, you are required to send in weekly email reports on how you are learning to apply the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung principles and exercises.



The fees for the FTT Intensive 2 years Personal Development Course is GBP 5,750 for both teacher trainees and non teacher trainees. Late payments after 1 September 2016 are subjected to 10% bank interest charges. Fees are non refundable after 1 September 2016. 


If you want to join the FTT please write a sharing on your intention to join the FTT Course. Fill in an enrollment form and see Master Choy for a one to one before the end of Summer School 2016 Part One. Registration and interview is GBP 85.


For queries, please write to



  • Books; 15 Ways to a Happier You  –  Tai Chi Chi Kung, You are a Light Being  and You can Heal Yourself with Zhineng Chi Kung.
  • Attendance of Summer School 2016/17
  • DVDS –   7 CK and 8 FTC, MERIDIAN CHART FOR THE 15 FTCCK practise
  • Tai Chi shoes


Feedback on the FTT Course

Below you’ll find the latest feedback from the Foundation Tai Chi Chi Kung (FTT) course from participants after attending the april one month intensive training:

I found the group very mature and accepting. I loved having both men and women, young and old. I am amazed at the wisdom of the young. There has been a lovely balance of deep work and fun outings. I felt a good balance between alone time and time with others. I found Maria amazing to share a sleeping space with-so loving, kind, considerate and wise. It has been very healing for me to have a harmonious time with others.

 I love having Bård, Mari & baby Alma. What a privilege and such generosity for Bård & Mari to share baby Alma with us. I loved the opportunity I have had to hold Alma while Mari ate, when out. I love Bård’s easy relaxed way.

 I got a lot from the one to one’s with Master Choy-working with pain in my head, feeling how that connected to tears and watching pain shift and lessen until there was more space within. Connecting with the Tai Chi Form and seeing how correcting my vertical alignment the chi flowed. Letting go need to let go to get the chi (leaning forward) and letting the chi come to me. Also being in present rather than having my conscience in the past or future. Finally working with my mother’s Light Being. Feeling presences there for her.

 I learned to accept and love the pain at my centre which felt like a pulse and seeing words in light. Watching how sticking with the pain, it naturally shifted and gradually lessened, leaving more space in my head.

 Standing on my head, practicing the 2nd fundamental and turning my head in circular movement really helped shift the pain in my head and freed up tears to be shed. I was really surprised to see that I could eventually do head stand on my own by wall and feeling a lot of gratitude to Mother Earth for helping me to heal.

 Learning to pace myself better. On day of Tai Chi practice. Feeling chi more, taking time to sit be and practice stillness, Heart Beat Listening, or exercises above. Seeing that when I am willing to share my wish to continue Rainbow Tai Chi Form teacher training, I free up the flow of energy in my and ‘miracles’ happen.

 Yvonne Smyth


 My first highlight I feel is Rocky Valley, feeling the river meet the ocean and feeling that power inside was incredible.   My next highlight I feel was sharing with you Master Choy about my sexual energy, my manhood I feel that I have took the step to trust in you and within me 100%.. THANK YOU. The final highlight was tonight Mind Blowing or more accurately it was HBMS Blowing. Words cannot seem to explain this. Pretty much everything is a highlight to be honest!

 Forgiveness the power of forgiveness to free you and also gratitude and the different depths within these. The discovery of my sexual energy, Ching Chi and how my manhood got stripped away and to heal this part of me on a HBMS level.

 Chris Crooks


 It was a wonderful treasure and privilege to participate in this month. The sharing was gutsy, honest and very open.  I enjoyed the practice and feel that I have   improved in the Rainbow Tai Chi Form. I think that through the fundamental Tai Chi Chi Kung and the Rainbow Tai Chi Form practice I am beginning to have a greater awareness of chi. I am continually inspired by Master Choy’s teachings. The case he makes is so irrefutable – why does it take so long for all of us to heed and apply it?

 I feel that especially on a heart and spiritual level that I am changing gradually. My interests and view of myself and my path are changing Opening up my consciousness to the possibility that my mission may not be for this lifetime only.

 By living in a harmonious and peaceful fashion and adhering to the HBMS principles in this lifetime I prepare myself for my next lifetime. I feel that chi is present in me all the time. It is up to me to choose to tune it to it. My own perception of chi at present is that chi is universal. It has always been here and will always be here. I find it very powerful to meditate on that  the very same chi that is in a beautiful flower, a great oak tree, a dolphin in the ocean, and in every single item we see, is the same chi that is in me. I have a sense that this chi has been gifted to me. Without it I do not exist – if I do not exist then my spirit does not exist. The chi is in me – therefore I exist. I pay respect to the chi. Respecting Mother Nature is respecting the chi. Disrespecting Mother Nature is disrespecting the Chi.

The Rainbow Tai Chi Way is a lifestyle – not just morning and evening practice. I will be seeking to experience the Yin and Yang in every minute of the day. 

Niall Weir


Fiona with Cheery Tree, during the ‘April intensive’

The main highlight for me was Rocky Valley. It was so beautiful-I love the wild sea & there was such a harmony of the wild, hard soft and flowing. The evenings of music and sharing.  So many diverse talents and wonderful seeing everyone express themselves.

I had an extraordinary experience connecting with the overlighting presence of a tree in the valley.  I became physically and completely one with her and mother earth and received chi energy from heaven and earth simultaneously.  What a blessing.      Connecting also to the stars.

 Connecting to the blossom tree and feeling it connect to the spiralling galaxy was amazing.  I felt the tree teaching me about impermanence.

 Having Alma, Mari and Bård in the group was an amazing blessing and great to see how Alma has brought such beautiful qualities out in them both.

 Being in the caravan during this month of wonderful wetness was a journey from feeling resistant and scared that I would become ill initially.  Then chanting together in our personal space changed the energy.  Then i walked back to the caravan and connected with the Being of tAfter that I changed completely and looked forward to returning to the feeling of protection and complete rest-surrounded by mother nature.he caravan with gratitude. 

 I feel blessed and grateful to the caravan chi for protecting me and keeping me sheltered in all the storms and rain-which I also welcomed as we need the wonderful rain too. 

 So I rediscovered how I can change my environment by changing my attitude-with help from my teacher and friends.

 Learning to be kind and listen to my body’s great need for rest, without so many expectations on myself and having the space to realise the need to re-focus on my own self-healing.  

Fiona Howard

Every year, students of Master Choy from all over the world apply to be trained in long-term intensives. These are held usually in Naturally chi energising environments...

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