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Chi self healing centre offers a full array of NATURAL healthy options to relax, rejuvenate and refresh your heart body mind and spirit

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Master Choy
Master of Tai Chi and Founder of Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung


Canada del Real Tesoro, Nr Gaucin, SPAIN   View map


Personal Retreat

R E L A X – R E J U V E N A T E – R E F R E S H


Happilization centre offers a full array of NATURAL healthy options to relax, rejuvenate and refresh your heart body mind and spirit


The new centre is in the town of Cañada Del Real Tesoro, which translates as ‘Glen of Royal Treasures’, we found the pot of golden treasures at the end of the Rainbow Tai Chi School! (Tesoro also translates as ‘darling’!)

This is the google map of the exact location maps/78hZtExqHQ12

With its own river frontage, tranquil and restful atmosphere by the River Guadiaro. Tropical fruit organic orchard vegetable garden, Indoor, Dome stay and Bamboo huts or Octagonal tents.



  • Rediscover who you are. You are a loving, creative and radiant being!
  • Be Nourished by Holistic healing foods and raw food from our 5 acre organic farm
  • Find Peace and Tranquillity. Stay in the soothing surroundings of our comfortable
    dome home, surrounded by beautiful nature and river.
  • Relax in a chi energised environment. Option of staying in our Dome, bamboo hut
    with no tv, no radio, no telephone, quiet, just you and birds songs waking you in the
    morning sunrise


Tai Chi Spain


Arrival on Saturday at 2pm
Complete week the following Saturday at 12pm

Juices for a rejuvenating start of the day
Chi Healing
1-1 with Master Choy
Small Group meetup for another Chi Healing or to practise
Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Exercises together in nature by the river
Personal practice
Another Small Group Chi Healing if needed or 1-1 with Master Choy
Heart beat listening into peaceful sleep
(Special flotation in the River in Nature may be part of the programme)


lunch Rainbow Tai Chi personal retreat

Cost of One Week Intensive £1850 / 2,000 Euros (Full amount payable at time of
booking, usually a month before retreat. Non-refundable (personal travel
insurance is recommended), except for medical reasons when you can
reschedule your retreat. Doctor’s certificate or letter required). Discounts for
couples or small groups of less than 5 are available. For enrollment and motivation letter, please contact Fill in the application form online. 


Payments can be made to:
Kean Choy Chin
IBAN ES11 0081 7466 3600 0135 9238
(international payments can be made via

Or pay by cheque to:
Chi Self Healing Centre, Creek Farm, Pitney Hill, Woodland, Ashburton, NEWTON ABBOT, Devon, TQ13 7JY, UK




Master Choy has been practising these ancient arts for more than 40 years and has taught more than 40,000 students. He was Director of a Holistic Health Centre in Stratford upon Avon. His books have reached more than 200,000 readers and practitioners. He studied Tai-Chi Chi Kung with Grandmaster Huang Sheng Shyang of Malaysia. Master Choy also learned the application of Tai-Chi Chi Kung with his father, Chin Ket Leong, who was a Chinese Herbal Doctor and Martial Arts Master. He combined his Tai-Chi with other Taoist Exercises into the Rainbow Tai-Chi Chi Kung Practice and Philosophy. He is also indebted to his contemporaries: Jiddu Krishnarmurti, U.G Krishnarmurti, Eileen and Peter Caddy of Findhorn Foundation, Barry and Samahria Lyte Kaufman of The Option Institute (U.S.A), Mantak Chia (Thailand). He studied Chi Healing and Swimming Dragon Chi Kung at The Chi Healing Arts Centre (U.S.A) directed by Dr. T K Shih and Zhineng Chi Kung at the Zhineng Chi Kung Centre in China by Dr Pang Li. He is also a qualified instructor of Aichi. He is the Founder/Director of the Foundation Tai-Chi (FTT), Tai Chi Form (F3T) and Trilogue/Tao of Love & Sex. Master Choy is also a qualified Raw and Living Food Chef, Consultant and Instructor.

Christine Chin, Personal Assistant and wife of Master Choy, has been practising Rainbow Tai-Chi for since 1997 and is a Qualified Teacher. She is also a qualified masseuse of Swedish Massage and Indian Head Massage. She trained with Kundan and Narendra Mehta of London Centre of Indian Champissage. She makes her own herbal products using fresh herbs from the School Gardens and is a qualified Raw and Living Food Chef, Consultant and Instructor. She is in charge of the food, massage and assisting Master Choy in the Summer School, ‘Chi Healing/FTT and Fusion of 5 Elements Intensives’.

FTT (Foundation Tai Chi Teacher Training) Graduates and Trainee Teachers and Chi Healers will also be present to help facilitate small group and 1-1 sessions with you.
IMPORTANT NOTE for all visitors and students. Although we will do our utmost to help you gain better health, you are coming to the School as a student and you are responsible for your own safety and well being. You will also need to give your word of honour that although you may share what you learn at the workshop with friends and relatives freely, you cannot teach professionally until you qualify in the FTT/LBI and other Advanced Courses at the Rainbow Tai-Chi School.

Practice with Anita Rainbow Tai Chi

Anita from the Netherlands,
had suffered 2 strokes, on 8
different medications, arrived
with a walking frame. Left without
medication and almost forgot
her walking frame because she
didn’t need it anymore! In fact
she even played a game of football
during the Retreat and
scored 2 goals! Hoorah Anita!

In Anita’s own words –
“My head feels so peaceful and
quiet now. It was always restless
and that made me so tired. I feel
still a bit tired now, but different, before I was completely exhausted,
completely tired. I learnt and gained the insight that I do not
want to make myself so tired anymore by all what is happening
around me.”
“When I came I had such a heavy head and headaches, but through
all the love and attention, it went. I see that I can look with different
eyes towards my own situation and the people around me now.
I feel that I can be better with other people because I can give myself
self-love and respect now. I received the tools to deal with it
now whereas at first I could not receive all that they wanted to
give me. I have become the best friend of myself. I feel for the first time a
freedom within myself.”

Book Anita - 8 Days healing journal with Rainbow Tai Chi


Charlotte from Devon, UK, facing
Alcohol addiction with liver and kidney
problems, after losing her best friend,
arrived drunk to the Retreat,
left feeling happier…
“It is weird, but I just find myself with this
huge grin on my face. Feeling ‘why am I
smiling?’, because it is an inner smile.
Just with myself, it doesn’t make sense,
but I am waking up in the morning and
find myself smiling from the inside!
You don’t realise until you’re doing it and
I suddenly see it, it really is that inner
sun. I know I’ve always had it, but it just
has been completely eclipsed. Covered
in fear, voices, demons. And I found it

chi healing dome Rainbow Tai Chi school


Julia, 29, MS (Multiple Sclerosis) for 1 ½
years, on arriving Julia believed she could
walk but NOT run, even though she wanted
to. Thanks to the Chi, daily practice and
support, Julia achieved running!
“The afternoon class at the river was
so magical, touching and emotional for me.
I would never expect that a tree could
make me cry. But the nature and its energy
were so present. I think I never felt the
Chi so clear in me. When we were sitting
at the river I could really feel it was flooding
through me. As if somebody had
pushed a button of a jacuzzi in my body. It
was buzzing!”


School Rules

Please be aware of the school rules when attending any course or retreat in the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung School. Click here to read the school rules.

Happilization centre Spain

Feedback from participants

Heart beat listening, looking for the pauses between breath are helping me to slow down, relax, come back to me. THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME SEE IT IS OK TO FEEL AND NOT TO SUPPRESS. I have a hunger to learn and never realised I was looking for a teacher to help me help myself. I feel humbled because I have so much to learn and unlearn. The security and support I am coming to feel here is also helping me to open and flower. 
Aisling King


Feedback from Julia Gilewicz-Smolski

Dear Master Choy,

Thank you for letting me evaluate this week in a Heart Body Mind Spirit way. 
It has been such a revelation for me that it is possible to start to love yourself, after almost thirty years. 
Last Sunday I felt really welcomed by everybody at the school. Even though I was a bit to early. Nobody who was saying, oh you are late or you are to early. Everybody was so warm and welcoming. Even if it didn’t know by then how the chi energy actually felt, it was definitely flowing trough my whole body. Later Sabine showed me our lovely mobile home. I have to say that when I came to the school I had so many expectations of how it will look like. When I saw all the flies in our little house I was a bit shocked and found it quite nasty. But in a way I could embrace them and they didn’t bother me the rest of the week. 

Sabine was yesterday listening to our recording of the first private meeting on Sunday and it was so interesting to hear it. In this week I have already made so much change in my way of thinking. First of all it wasn’t bad to listen to my voice. Even in English! Normally I would have felt embarrassed or uncomfortable, but now it was even fun to listen to myself. I realised that in that meeting I was blaming others, or things outside myself for happening to me. That is also what I realised towards my private singing with Sabine. We were talking about my father and my relationship with him. That I blame him for being negative and to controlling. But that we are also really similar to each other and that’s why we often clash. In the end he is my mirror. Which means I have to look at myself first and when we have a clash I should forgive myself in letting me feel bad. You said to Sabine that we were going to quick in the A B C. But I hope I will learn more about this forgiveness process an other time.
In my blind fold adventure I had in Sabine the best bodyguard I could ever wish for. She really made me feel comfortable and trustful in my self. To trust my feet and to thank the Chi with every step I make. I don’t know how, but I even managed to put my bathing suit on and went blind in the hot tub, where for 15 minutes I totally let everything go. For sure I felt more stable after taking of the blind fold, more confident in my body. It was a really good lesson to let go the thinker. Probably he will come back sometimes, but it’s in my system already to be able to let it go.
One of the things I couldn’t imagine, is that I would jog every day for half an hour. I’m really grateful that Tim was my coach in this. His support was amazing. By listening to the rhythm of my steps, thanking the Chi and thanking myself to do my best, we jogged above my expectations. I think also above your expectation, Master Choy, because you even send Sabine by car to take us back. Didn’t happen. We finished our three rounds. Thank you for letting me take this step and trusting in me. Thank you Tim for your support. 
The most beautiful thing during this week was our class at the riverside. The nature and its energy were so present. As I already shared with you, I felt the river as a jacuzzi in my body. It was so calming. The moss was so fluffy and soft. As if it was asking ‘please sit on me’. When we walked to the big tree I really understood that nature is capable of talking with us human beings. For me hugging the tree felt as I had a glimpse of my lightbeing. It was so emotional, humble and calming. As if my hug to the tree was a hug of the tree to me, and saying ‘ it’s going to be alright Julia’. Probably people back home will think I’m crazy, but let them be the thinkers. This feeling was something I will never forget. Thank you everybody for your beautiful songs straight from the heart. Thank you for you preciousness of being your light beings. Thank you for being your real self and for letting be me my real self.
The massages from Helen were the most amazing I have ever had. I really felt she has so much knowledge and love in her, which she will share with the rest of the world. I’m really grateful you let her massage me. Thank you very much. She found two spots which are important to stimulate in my right knee, to get back more balance. When I will be back home, I for sure will continue this massaging. Getting taking care of my vehicle, that’s what I for sure learned this week.
I would love to thank Christine for the love, the smile and energy she putted in all my meals. I have eaten so delicious and healthy, without being starving for a moment. She gave me inspiration to buy a juicer, to make my own juices at home, to make dairy-free ice-cream and to get konjak rice. Every bight I enjoyed till the last grain (even though I had no grain ;)). And the verbal fast learned me also the eat my food even more consciously. I started to time myself, so I wouldn’t eat the food to fast. It’s unfortunately a habit you develop while working in gastronomy. 
And then the last night in the Octagon. It was the WOW in the NOW. It was the cherry on the pie, as we would say in Holland. I had such an amazing night. Your song was beautiful and I really felt the connection with John from Poland. I was so touched by every performance because it all was from the heart. The Chi energy was almost exploding. Hearing Sterre laugh so loud at a moment, did infect me as well. At a moment my cheeks were hurting, because of the constant smile on my face. I felt so happy, humble and peaceful at the same time. Me performing with Sabine was also joyful, I liked it so much. I had to laugh during the sketch even myself, so I almost couldn’t continue with the next line. But also my tears were something I just couldn’t stop. And that also didn’t matter for me, because everything was real, everything was from the heart. The tears, the smiles, as the rain and the sun which together create the rainbow, our light beings. You can not describe it in words, you have to feel it. 
Thank you Master Choy for having me and for this amazing revealing week. The only thing I can say for know, as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say: ‘I will be back’. 
Lots of loving Chi,
Stingy nettle Julia
Click Here if you would like to read a 3-page synopsis of Julia’s healing retreat at the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung School.

Happilization centre Spain

Feedback from Monica Mackin

Click here to open Monica’s feedback of her personal retreat where she focused on healing  for her womb.

Rainbow tai Chi spain

Feedback from Kelly Moran

Dear All

I just wanted to thank you all once again for giving me such an amazing experience last weekend. I have already learnt so much from you Master Choy and I have the utter most respect for what you are teaching. I feel I have so much to learn! The whole group were truly amazing and it was such a release to actually let others in. Thank you for your acceptance and love. I have been so incredibly moved by each and everyone of you – you are all such incredible beings.

I have signed up for the summer school and I simply cannot wait to learn more, see you all again, meet new people and eat some more amazing food. What more can you ask for! I wrote a little poem on my journey home and I thought I would share it with you all…. All of my love, with smiling chi, Kelly X

The Wu Chi in me

Who’s afraid of the big, bad Wu Chi?

The Wu Chi that lives in the woods YOU are afraid of the big, bad Wu Chi

She hears the familiar judge He’s big, he’s bad The Wu Chi’s mad!

Don’t listen for his call Let’s sit in noise, surround you with toys

And build a massive wall The wall is strong and very tall

And does keep things at bay But too much weed The Wu Chi’s freed

And the wall comes crumbling down The judge was right, the Wu Chi’s shite!

She feels the oppressive doom Let’s grab a broom, sweep it up

And put it under this massive rug

But this lid is only made of nylon The judge is suggesting a bloody asylum

After all you are unworthy Your existence feels so very blurry

So off she goes to the NHS And learns real well how to suppress

But this ain’t no key She wants to feel free It’s not going to happen with this CBT

But then at last she finds a school This Chi healing sounds pretty cool

She packs her bags, jumps on a train And hopes that this will heal her brain

There she meets a lovely group

So scared to show them her dirty poop

Master Choy says LET GO This is why you are filled with woe

So after a while she decides to surrender And sends the judge away on a bender Let go, be free and love yourself

She feels this is the ticket to health So this is where she is right now

Actually feeling pretty wow No judge, no grudge

And filled with hugs Off she trots into the woods

The Wu Chi is there, staring back

But all of a sudden he doesn’t feel so black

Who says he’s big, who says he’s bad?

I’m beginning to realise it’s the judge who’s mad! To be continued…………!


Rainbow tai chi Spain

Chi self healing centre offers a full array of NATURAL healthy options to relax, rejuvenate and refresh your heart body mind and spirit right now!