Rainbow Tai Chi Workshop in Ashburton by Linda Saanen


2nd September 2018
10am - 5pm


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Linda Saanen
Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Teacher Trainee


Ashburton Town Hall   View map


Course , Workshop

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The workshop will focus on the 8 Fundamental Tai Chi exercises / principles and is open for beginners / new people as well as advanced students who would like to deepen those exercises.

Location: Town Hall, North St, Ashburton TQ13 7QQ

The price of the workshop is £40 (you can bring your own lunch)

Time workshop: 10am – 5 pm


For questions or enrollment, please contact Linda on 07731535187 or email lindasaanen@gmail.com 

Background Linda 

Linda is a graduate and Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung teacher / instructor. She has been training for several years with her teacher Master Choy and moved from the Netherlands to the UK to study as an apprentice 3 years ago. Linda has written two books and loves being a Stand-up Comedian. 

The movements and principles you will learn in class are the 15 Fundamental Tai Chi Chi Kung exercises, which are based on the book ’15 Ways to a happier you’ from the author and our teacher Master Choy.


Hanneke – “I always thought that I could easily relax, but it turned out to be more difficult while I was practicing the exercises. The exercises have certainly helped me to learn this. “

Lies – “Glad I joined the workshop. I received a lot of useful information, especially because of the group setting, you recognize a lot in others.”

Maartje – “Linda is very enthusiastic, pure and open. Her explanations were clear and it was possible to laugh during class!”

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