The Summer School 2017: Part Two

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TAI CHI ECSTASY IN THE SEA OF CHI GALACTRIC RAINBOW TAI CHI FORM 37 Steps for Relaxation, Rejuvenation and Health with Therapeutic Oil Massage for hardworking limbs!

5th August 2017
8 Days


master choy
Master Choy
Master of Tai Chi and Founder of Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung


Creek Farm, Pitley Hill, Ashburton, Newton Abbot, TQ13 7JY   View map


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The Summer School  2017: Part Two           



 Part Two –  7 August – 15 August  2017

TAI CHI ECSTASY IN THE SEA OF CHI GALACTRIC RAINBOW TAI CHI FORM 37 Steps for Relaxation, Rejuvenation and Health with Therapeutic Oil Massage for hardworking limbs!

‘Ever since I was a teenager, I felt that the Stillness in Motion/Yin Principle and the Fluidic Tai Chi movements/Yang Principle helped us to find back the Blissful Chi Energy. I discovered HAPPY SELF –AWARENESS in my daily life. We can create a New HAPPILIZATION.  As  a Tai-Chi teacher who has already helped more than 70,000 people find happiness and health, I believe you can learn during this course HOW TO  FLOW WITHIN YOUR BODY AND DIVE INTO 37 STEPS OF TAI CHI “Ecstasy in the Sea of Chi”!!. This programme balances you through the  seriousness  and fun of  learning Tai-Chi  Form sequences.  Zhang Bo Duan in the 11th Century wrote, ‘When Yin and Yang unite, the Tigress and Dragon (within you) embrace in a  Tai-Chi Dance of Ecstasy!!  WE HOPE TO VISIT DARTMOOR AND ENJOY LEARNING TAI CHI IN THE RIVER!”   Master Choy

 While Part One provides the basic foundation of the 15 Fundamental Tai-Chi Chi Kung Exercises, Part Two is based on the 37 Steps to Happiness book. Tai Chi is translated as the ‘RIVER OF CHI which flows unceasingly INTO THE SEA OF CHI (Tan-tien)’. You need to have completed Part One Summer School to go on to Part Two. Each sequence of The 37 Steps Yang Style Form/Principles mirrors your journey in life. Learning ON LAND AND IN WATER, this Course will introduce you to The Rainbow Tai-Chi Form. The Rainbow Tai-Chi Form practice in this Course will enable participants to channel these wonderful energies to help everyone feel healthier, more balanced, happier and more energised.  In this year’s course, you will be introduced to the Chinese Massage with aromatherapeutic oils (lavender and rosemary) from the School garden.  Great for tired muscles!!




Please fill in the Enrolment Form online at and write a short letter with your deposit/full payment sharing about your reasons for joining the courses and a brief background about yourself.   Students need to read both ’15 Ways to a Happier You’ and ‘37 Steps to Happiness’ books before the Course. It is essential that successful applicants have done some work with Master Choy in classes or workshops or in a 1-1 session and have studied and practised at least the first 4 chapters of the first book. All participants coming to the Summer School must have their own books (write your name on the second page) and their Tai Chi shoes (write your name in the insole).  Note: Participants are required to attend Part 1 of the Summer School before attending Part 2.

Who these Courses are for: The prerequisite to joining these Courses is an open mind and sense of humility to learn Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung; secondly, you need to have done a cycle of Fundamental Tai Chi Classes and thirdly you have comprehended what are the first 3 Dimensions of Chi Energy Exploration.

School fees: £595 for each Part (includes lunch and light supper and instructions in above subjects) .          

 Early enrolments receives 10% discount, send in your full payment of £535.50 by 1 APRIL 2017.                

All payments for School fees and Accommodations must be made by 15 May 2017. After 15 May 2017, the Summer School Fees will be £656 to be paid by 1 June 2017. Cheques please make payable to Chi Self-Healing Centre. Your early payments will enable us to prepare for the Summer School. The Course Fees are non-refundable after 15 May 2017 with the exception of medical reasons and then in such a case, your fees can be reallocated to the following year’s attendance.                                            


All meals will be vegetarian. More than 70% of the lunch and light supper  includes organically grown vegetables from the School’s gardens. Evening meals will be usually soup with salad. Let us know if you have specific dietary requirements. You can bring your own snacks.


RAINBOW TAI CHI ACCESSORIES such as Tai Chi shoes, videos, tapes, CDs, School garden herb products will also be on sale at the School. 



(Applicable to both Summer and FTT Course participants): Participants for Part 1 may stay at the School or B&B locally. Part 2 of the Summer School requires that all participants stay at the School premises. Every living space is  chi energised in preparation for the workshop. Accommodations include caravans, two Bamboo Grove Round Huts and Camping facilities. Because of limited spaces, book by April 1st to avoid disappointments. Main house Ensuite  £65 per night (£75 for couples), Shared room £35/£55 single occupancy. Camping at The Rainbow Tai-Chi Chi Kung School is £15 per night per 1-2 man tent. Larger tents (3 man +) and motor homes £17 per night.  Extra person £4. For a 2 bed Bamboo Grove Cabin for sharing, a Caravan berth £23 per night .To book your lodging, telephone to confirm availability first. Send a separate cheque with full payment for the number of nights required. Please note that deadline for reserving and payment for camping is 15 May 2017. There are 12 camping pitches, so, it is first come first serve basis, so book and pay a.s.a.p. Participants are expected to be responsible for day to day care of communal areas including toilets, showers, hall, kitchen, etc and ENERGISE the facilities with Chi!!


Please make cheque payable to Chi Self-Healing Fountain Project. Full payment for the accommodations must be settled by 15 May 2017.



“Words are inadequate to express the gratitude I feel to Master Choy and Christine – amazing healing happened for me! Choy is an extraordinary man gifted in so many ways that I have never in all my years seen or expressed in one person. I always go way feeling so blessed in my lifetime to have been so lucky to be taught and inspired by him. He transformed my life!”  

Bernadette O Mahony


Learning the Tai Chi form movements and the internal “story” behind every sequence has inspired me so much I realized I want to dedicate my life to learn this Art.  Also the sharing was inspiring to see everyone unfolding their talents in a creative way.  Also the floating at night with the chanting was a highlight for me.  Thank you! This Summer School Part 2 was so intense and deep, it feels like a one month intensive.  Thank you for all the amazing lessons!! Keeps surprising me and changing my perception on life, thank you for these lessons that will last my whole life!  Even longer!  

Vincent Sanders


This whole Summer School has had a profound effect on me as a person and how I relate to myself and other people. I feel that foundations have now been built on which I can flourish into a beautiful person that can love myself and love other people and let them love me. I know that this is only the beginning and I am so happy I am joining the FTT so I can continue on this wonderful journey.

I have lost my impatience with myself regarding the Tai Chi and if I start to get frustrated I can tell myself that I am doing my best right now. I have let the group into my heart and I feel loving towards each person (although I know there are still some people that are mirroring for me something that’s slightly uncomfortable and this can be explored further on the FTT. Now I know it’s about me and not about them) and I have compassion and warmth for everyone.

Tim Porter, Summer School 2016


I loved the flow of the Summer School. I am amazed and inspired about how well it kicked off. There was such a warm and strong connection present right from the beginning and the classes were brilliant. Both an advanced or an beginner student could get so many insights and benefits from it. I loved the incorporation of juice too! I felt revitalized right from the start of the day. Thank you Master Choy for all your amazing teachings and bringing them with so much lightness. I laughed so hard so many times. And thanks Christine for her always being so sweet, friendly and caring. I could feel her warm and loving motherly qualities. 

Tim  Elfring, 2016 Summer School


The whole Summer School felt like an FTT intensive, mainly the last part. I have felt by being here camping, working on me has had changes. I feel different, I have noticed how some guidance has come to me and little things which did not flow before RTC now seem to unfold effortlessly yet perfectly.

Examples of the sale of my flat could not be in a better position and my “back to work” interview where I was able to express my feelings about leaving. I see the affirmations, “let all negatives bring us all to positive, creative healing solutions right now” really works!

The food was amazing! (as always!). Very special experience on sharing night with the paqua. A privilege to witness this evolution of the energies at such a high level. Something a small group of Taoist Masters would only have witnessed in secret if felt like.

Andy Perryman


Amazing to feel this creative tension bubble. The beach was amazing with the cooking of the food also. The floating in the evening in the pool was amazing. The classes which were filled with amazing stories, lessons, crying and laughter. The massages were an amazing experience too!

Summer School part 2 helped me to deepen my connection with the tools. I feel I have reached and deeper level of healing on an emotional level. To realize that I am the only one who can help me awakened the inner mother in me. I feel more serious to deepen the inner mother/father/child principle in me but also to apply the affirmations more serious. I also feel more connected with my body and feel how it is important to grow this connection more, this because of the massages we did in class, also here realising it is not “out there” which can help me. I am the only one who can help me, nourish me and take care of me. Thank you about sharing about love. It helped me to change my whole perception towards it and feel inspired to grow my connection with the loving being rather than trying to find it outside or in another person.

I felt again that this is what I want and need to learn and study. Amazing to have such a well of wisdom, joy, peace, love, harmony, leadership and healing present here. Thank you Master Choy for gathering all this in your life so you are able to share this with us. Thank you Christine for supporting this school and making this happen.

I enjoyed the whole summer school experience including the camping and the surprising delicious food we had.

Linda Saanen  Summer School Part Two 2016


TAI CHI ECSTASY IN THE SEA OF CHI GALACTRIC RAINBOW TAI CHI FORM 37 Steps for Relaxation, Rejuvenation and Health with Therapeutic Oil Massage for hardworking limbs!


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