Graduation at the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi kung school

Find the Circle of Joyous Life Within You

You might have heard of the axiom, “As above, so below”. In the Rainbow Tai Chi, we flow with Nature in the principle, “As below, so above”.  To find the GOLDEN POT OF HAPPINESS AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW, we need to the earth chi. We flow with the trees as they grow from the ground up. We sink our energy from our hearts into the earth and then, grow ourselves up, growing step by step the confidence of a balanced human being ready to meet the sky with our heart and head open and eager to learn and grow.


From your feet lies the bubbling well point, the kidney acupuncture point, your Tai Chi movements connect from the earth chi upwards. But hold on a second, did the ancient acupuncturists say, “Bubbling Well”? Do they really mean “Bubbling”?


When you really “Relax”, there is indeed a bubbling of joy, an inner smile coming up through your feet into your whole being. Now, some people channel this beautiful energy into martial arts display. We channel it into Tai Chi Form practice, Zhineng Chi Healings and even Comedy.


When the energy flows up, it makes you feel energised and light-hearted. So it is not surprising to find Rainbow Tai Chi  practitioners feeling peaceful in one moment and the next moment, you are bubbling with smiles, laughter and jokes.


Whatever you send out with each step you take in your life, boomerangs back to you. This circular flow of life happens within you blood circulation right now. Feel gratitude, respect and humbleness flow to the earth from your heart. Feel these qualities bubble up your whole being and let this immense joy shine like a sun from your tan tiento fly beyond the horizon.  And then, it all comes back to you what you sent out!!


Your chi energy is bountiful, like the countless number of dandelion flowers on our School grounds. You are a magnet of prosperous and abundant  energies. All kinds of happy surprises and goodies are flowing around your whole life.


The Path of Self Knowledge is Circular, Page 86 “37 Steps to Happiness” How is this mirrored in my teaching?

By Heather Cardwell

To embark on a path of circular self knowledge is a crucial part of teaching.  As my own learning has deepened and developed I am now being guided to realise that the circular path is not simply letting go but it is learning to embrace death.  Everything in my life and in everyone’s life is part of a cycle of death and rebirth.


We are not static beings, we are in a constant state of motion and learning to embrace change is the only way I can evolve as a human being.  These means being constantly exposed to new experiences and this also means being exposed to the fear that change brings.


We need to learn to embrace death as we become obsessed with trying to avoid it. Having been ill I can relate to this being true. In the same way we hold on to the good memories in my life, experiences of love and joy, hoping that we can re-create those feelings by calling up the past.


An example of this for me is remembering the joy and fulfilment of Alex being a small dependent baby. Now that he is growing up and becoming more independent I am anticipating the feelings of loss that will come when he leaves home and trying to compensate by looking into the past.


I know now that I must die to yesterday, to die to the memories and allow something new and fresh to be born in my relationship with my son.


To die to the past takes a great deal of courage; you need strength and fearlessness to let go of something you may have been holding on to for most of your life.  But we need to see as Choy said, that these images are only mirages, beautiful images in the desert, they are not real.


I can see this is the same with teaching my students.  For me personally I need to learn to die to any memories or pre-conceptions I have of them and see my students in each minute of every class as beings who are constantly being re-born – beings about whom I have no previous knowledge.


I can also help them to stop running away from their past events and start to face them. Some students are still at the 1st and 2nd dimensional stage of letting go of how they are feeling but others are ready, with my support, to embrace death and allow the thinker to die.


My role is as a guide and a supporter of SELF EDUCATION.  Most people have never had the chance to educate their “selves”  If I can make a difference and switch a light on for people so that they realise that they can embrace death without fear in every part of their lives and that the love they are seeking can then effortlessly multiply then I will have played a small part in leading them back to themselves and in that role I am proud to be a teacher.


There is potential for the people I teach to become leaders themselves. The inner work I do for myself will reflect back to my students as a mirror.  If I have truly embraced death of each passing experience then this will be apparent to my students and enhance their experience in class.


When I am able to allow the thinker to die voluntarily and willingly then I have learned over this past month that an incredible purity and clarity enters me, a peaceful place where my Light Being is able to exist. If I can show this vulnerable part of myself to my students then I can really be a mirror to them in showing them that it really is ok to be vulnerable and to open up their painful experiences so that I can gently guide them into letting go of their own thinker.


Each fundamental exercise and movement of the TCF will be encountered in a fresh and new way, as if for the first time.


I have noticed this in the feedback I receive from my students sometimes when we re-visit one of the Fundamental exercises, at first there can be some resistance to “going over old ground”. If I can be the mirror which reflects to them the ability to let old conceptions and memories of the exercise die then we can all discover fresh and new  insights into each movement.


As a teacher I must lead by example.  Because I am not strongly rooted in my life and in my connection to the chi I can pass this on to my students. Because I have faced considerable challenge and transformed them into positive experiences I can share these with them and because I myself am going through the constant cycle of death and rebirth then I truly am a reflection of each student and they are of me.


And that is the joy of life and of teaching – both student and teacher constantly reverse roles. Learning is circular too. We are enriched by what we learn and then we are able to release the experience to be composted, ready to help new opportunities grow.


I am constantly growing as a teacher and I am proud to be part of my students circle of life too.