8 Days New Happilization Workshop Spain

Great news, January 2019 will be the first workshop focusing on health and happiness at the new Happilization Centre in Spain. The most amazing unique quality in our teaching and learning is the sense of lightness and humour that run through our courses thus empowering students to be happier and healthier.


Master Choy
Master of Tai Chi and Founder of Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung


7th January 2019 - 8:00 pm


14th January 2019 - 12:00 pm


Canada del Real Tesoro, Nr Gaucin, SPAIN   View map



8 Days Healthy Holiday Workshop in Andalucia with Master Choy & Christine


At Cañada del Real Tesoro, Nr Gaucin, SPAIN

07 Jan 2019, 8pm – 14 Jan 2019, 12 midday



Great news, January 2019 will be the first workshop focusing on health and happiness at the new Happilization Centre in Spain. The most amazing unique quality in our teaching and learning is the sense of lightness and humour that run through our courses thus empowering students to be happier and healthier.


Limited places, book by 30 November 2018



Being in the River of Spain

Some couples came by,

Walking in the shallow river,

Chatting endlessly, yak yak yak

Even noisier than the ducks

I am waiting in the stillness,

The water around my body waiting

The Tall Beings came from the trees,

The river being enveloped us all

Then, the Tai Chi steps into the river began

Timelessly an adventure into the unknown

Tremendous waves of tingling presences

Bathing my being in ecstasy

Every move, every cell was filled with infinite joy


By Master Choy, 7 September 2018




Thanks for your interest in this unique workshop, which is a replacement of the Lanzarote Workshop. This shift to Canada del Real Tesoro is also unexpected for us. We love Lanzarote even though last time we were there, it rained cats and dogs, for the first time in 40 years!! I believe it was the Rain Spirit that followed us from Devon!!

So, why Cañada del Real Tesoro?

Ever since I was a child, I had a dream of living by the river. This “old wise man” in my dreams and waking consciousness kept coming into my awareness. He lived by a river with bamboo around. After 60 years of living with this vision, I realised he is my soul. Even in school, at 7 years old classmates call me Old Man!! It was only at 60 years old I was told his/my name is Lao Tze, the philosopher who started Taoist practices, Healing Tao and Tao of Massage and Tao of Colour Science. I have been doing all this for the past 45 years, teaching and sharing this skills with thousands of people.

Being born in a family where my father a Chinese Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Kungfu, Philosophy, Healing, I was the one from 7 children who dive into this studies.

And now, I have bought this property in this place which has a private frontage by the river, the bamboo is there, there is even a white sandy beach by the river although we are 50 minutes from the nearest beach!!

From the sea of Lanzarote we have move to the River of Tai Chi and Tao of healing. Wow!! Tai Chi actually means “The River of Limitless Energy flowing in the Yin/Yang and Tao of life”. For me it is like one full cycle as I am also semi retiring at 65, fellow Malaysians tell me I look like in my 40s and is so fit, youthful and creative.

Now, this new venue for us to start what we call, The Happilization Centre to promote chi self healing, comedy, practice of the chi energising exercises based on 15 Ways to a Happier You, 37 Steps to Happiness books and The Way to Happiness is to Happilize Yourself. We connect it to way we chi energise our hearts bodies minds spirits, the food, liquids and herbs we take and find a balanced harmonious relationship with Mother Earth and Father Sun.|

What is also new is our UNIQUE healing domes available for the first time in the world at our Centre, that intensify and increase the effectiveness of chi healing for individuals as well as the planet.

The most amazing unique quality in our teaching and learning is the sense of lightness and humour that run through our courses thus empowering students to be happier and healthier.

When you come and learn with me get ready to UNLEARN and inherit a lineage of authentic Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung with the Founder. Read the 15 Ways to a Happier You and 37 Steps to Happiness books if you are a beginner before coming. Read the “WAY TO HAPPINESS IS TO HAPPILIZE YOURSELF.”’

Master Choy, September 2018






Workshop timing;

Starts on Mon 7 January 8pm to Monday 12pm midday 14 January 2019.


Workshop price;

Price of workshop; €695 euros

To guarantee enrolment, please make full payment by 30 November 2018

Maximum 20 participants. Enrol asap with motivation letter to masterchoy070@btinternet.com


Private 1-1 sessions;

1-1 private sessions on health, healing and personal development available with Master Choy. €100 euros.


Price includes;

* Tuition in Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung & Tai Chi Form, Tao of Colour Science and Chi Healing focalised by Master Choy. Bring Colour Pens and drawing pad. Humbleness a prerequisite to join.

* Practice in stunning nature surrounded by mountains, fruit trees beautiful Guadiaro River & waterfall flowing constantly on our own private beach, a natural paradise!

* Sessions inside the World’s first Happilization Dome & Chi Healing Domes. Peace, Love, Joyous Healing overflows.


Price does not include;

* Flights (can be booked for as little as £90 return).

* Transport from and to airport. Hire cars are very reasonable, as well as train travel. The village is about 60 minutes drive from the airport and Christine can give you detailed directions on how to find the place. And the train station is 5min from the property.

* Accommodations, many local possibilities.

* Food, you will have the opportunity to create your own delicious dishes in your apartment or the option to eat at local restaurants.


beutiful veggies


Payment online in euro;

By PayPal to peterchin2@btinternet.com or Online banking

Sabadell Bank (Spain)

Account name:  Kean Choy Chin

Account No:  15CR52445

IBAN  ES11 0081 7466 3600 0135 9238





TEL. 00 34 951 199178  Mobile 00 34 665 941 293 (also WhatsApp)

Note: Fees are non-refundable after 1st November 2018 except for medical reasons. Personal travel insurance is recommended. Any professional therapists or teachers attending from other schools please note that this is a personal development course. To qualify to use the tools provided in this course, you need to attend a professional FTT Course.



The above is an introductory course and does not certify participants to teach the course subjects.


sweet corn




Thank you so much Master Choy and Christine for this unforgettable week. It’s been so amazing and intense! Thank you very very much! I am still glowing from all the experiences we had. It’s just unheard of what we have been through together. I feel so filled with light and love after this week. Fully ready and recharged to go back and live life to promote life. Thank you for all the Chi, the love, the lessons, the laughter, the tears, the peace, healing, wisdom, joy, surprises (like showing our tan-tien to the rain in a cave full of tourists), the creativity, unity, forgiveness, fun, happiness and so much more! It’s just abundantly amazing!

The first session about healing and the violet energy. Connecting to the chi and learning to make this top priority in my life. When you told it with the car and Petrol as example It made so much sense and it’s unbelievable we do not learn any of this in school. Then the different emotions going into different organs was also a wake up call For me. I felt the anger I have been putting into my liver, the fear in my kidneys, Sadness in my lungs and realized I need to pick up the Fusion again. There is so much more to learn!

The healing we did straight away for the kidneys was so powerful felt how a lot of stress was being released and releaved. Thank you for this Master Choy.  – Vincent Sanders, 2018


I slowed down more and began to tune into this part of me. I was connecting with the natures beings and just said to my inner child its ok to feel how you feel. I felt the natures spirit connecting and coming in stronger with me being non judgmental and loving to myself…I felt quite emotional then I heard a voice say ” wow! what a way of life, healing the heart!” It just touched me very deeply and I began to cry…I was look-ing at the sea at the sun and the wind, nature through my tears.
Thank you for the beautiful deep healing session this morning Master Choy – Tom, 2018


What a ‘surge of chi’ – I have had, as you promised, a life changing experience or more accurately the beginning of a life change has started to vortex in my being (and it isn’t the menapause)… it had been stirred from my first lesson with Liza and Robin and now it has an energy of its own…words are often inadequate…so all I can do is bow to you and thank you.

Thank you for opening myself to myself, enabling me to be honest authentic and transparent with myself which will one day allow me to meet the world on a different level – in truth and splendour. I am now doing my practice naked in front of a mirror and I am determined to corner myself in this life time – the tape has also been cut – how amazing..my head feels quiet.

Thank you Eamonn for your gentleness and to Aisling for your grace, to Niall for your dependability and strength and to Anita for many a shared smile and to Veronica a real safe haven, to Anny for a lovely connection, to Gerard for always being there

and to Nick…well what to say ? thank goodness we were in public or goodness knows what might have happened…thank you finally to Christine a big thank you for being a rock in a turbulent storm and for your look of bewilder-ment (sometimes !) at me, a great mirror – a big hug to you and most finally to you Master Choy…in this moment I see my most peculiar and wonderful inner smile ‘being’ who I caught a glimpse of as we were dancing in the sun outside the cave and thank you because in any and every moment that I share with you there is always something new and wonderful. I humble myself to you Master Choy and to all of you. –  Justina, 2018


Rainbow tai Chi spain

I would like to share my report of the Spain workshop with you. Yeah what a week, what a trip and what a journey!I really really enjoyed it, loved it and felt so blessed to be part of it.It just felt that every minute was a minute to enjoy, give thanks for and feel present in.The island is beautiful, magical and deep it feels. Practicing over there was like practicing in another dimension, another space, on another level. I felt blessed, I felt held and I felt one with nature around. I could not wait to be outside and feel the wind, the sea, the sun and even the rain which was embraced with what it was. I loved the practice, the walks and the looking at the sea. Feeling the immense power of nature.

All gifts that were present even besides all the amazing classes, group gatherings and lessons you shared with us.For me it feels there has been a change taken place, from within, deeper within again. Mostly I feel there was a new connection to my light being. I could not help it but shine, radiate and smile. I felt so light, so happy, I felt like a carefree child. I wanted to jump, dance and move around in my happy joyous light body, that is the best way to describe it. As if there was a big radiant sun in my center. I felt free from all routine, worries, normal daily things etc, I was just present and I all needed to do was being, shining, radiating. Which I did according to some others telling me that I got brighter every day! And this all connected me with the lesson being shared about the light being and the 4th dimension. The example of the waiter seeing my ‘beauty’ was for me so deeply moving and it did not matter what kind of inner / outer beauty he saw. It felt something clicked for me here. Something which I had been questioning for so long.. what is it what people ‘see’ in me? As if I could not grasp it. It sounds simple, but it is my light (being) what people can see. And I was tremendously grateful for that. As if pieces of a puzzle were falling into places.

The last day(s) I felt even that I was so happy, joyous and in this jolly mood that I felt “too happy for this word”. A feeling which I shared before and I feel still needs to find his place. But as you shared the sun does not stop shining. – Linda, 2018


River Canada del real tesoro

It was a truly loving week for me. As earlier mentioned to a few people, it did feel like coming home after 4,5 years of absence since I left summer school. Thank you all to let me feel wel-come again, although some I had never met but in a week of time it felt we knew each other for a long time! Thank you Master Choy and Christine for the flawless organization and the wonder-ful juices we had to taste! It was wonderful!Thank you all for all the compliments I got for playing the saxophone/making music. Thanks to Helen, Vincent, Nick, Sabine and our recording engineer Tom for making it such a lovely experience! But let my sax play be the other way around! Thank you for being the audience, willing to hear my sound and hopefully you enjoyed it! With loving Chi, – Björn 2018


What an amazing Workshop!!! A deep bow to you and Christine for organising and leading it all so well. There was a perfect balance between space and classes, big groups and small groups, laughter and crying. Absolutely beautiful. I loved every minute, every second of it. It was truly special. One of the main highlights for me was the healing of my Kidneys (Whitney & Britney haha). I want to thank you so much for guiding me in my healing process in the most natural, effortless and light way. The kidney Chi Kung, Chi healing, energised smoothies and internal smiling have worked like magic. I can feel that they’re 90% healed now and slowly getting to 100%. – Tim, 2018


Happilization centre Spain

Spain Happilization centre

Dome tai Chi spain

happillization centre tai chi

Great news, January 2019 will be the first workshop focusing on health and happiness at the new Happilization Centre in Spain. The most amazing unique quality in our teaching and learning is the sense of lightness and humour that run through our courses thus empowering students to be happier and healthier.