Healing Journey MS Synopsis | Julia | April 2018

Healing Journey MS Synopsis | Julia | April 2018

JULIA | 8 Days Journey into Healing of Multiple Sclerosis

16 – 23 April 2018


“You just don’t know what’s right for you, and through all the conversations with all these institutions you get so much fear inside you, you decide to try things you initially do not want at all, like certain medicines. At the moment I feel stagnant because of all this and of how people perceive me as a patient. There there is no outlook for improvement, only decay, they say. Physically I can walk short distances, but I can NOT run! My body feels a lot of pressure inside. As if my legs are being pulled into the earth, very heavy. But from deep within I feel there is another way than the medics say. I feel I can heal. I just feel it!”

Julia, interview before her retreat & before she ran!, 16th April 2018




Julia oh Julia. I have never met anyone quite like Julia.

A powerhouse you can call her. A pioneer. A lady with balls. With vision. With guts. With hope. A smile so soft, warm, welcoming. An unmet beauty inside out. And so eager to learn and unlearn.


I met Julia in Amsterdam during my very first Rainbow Tai Chi Workshop, which she coincidentally came across.

29 years young, a well-known socialite in the Amsterdam dining scene as a hostess in top-rated restaurant ‘Guts and Glory’.


On the outside it all looked ‘grand’, as Aisling would say. But she was crying out for help.


15 months ago Julia was diagnosed with relapsing remitting Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurological condition, that means it affects your nerves. You get it when your immune system isn’t working properly. Your immune system normally protects you by fighting off infection, but in MS it attacks your nerves by mistake.


The first signs she had were bladder problems and her tendency to pee was diminishing. Her legs became stiff, as if being sucked into the ground and her diaphragm was very tensed. December 2017 she was declared unable to work as her right leg had fully stopped working and this young, so ambitious, woman’s world collapsed.


Julia is born and raised in Geleen, South of the Netherlands, in a Polish-Dutch family. One younger brother Jan, and one younger sister Niola whom she lives with. She called her parents saviours, who found their way out of the tough living conditions in Poland, just before the Berlin wall came down. Her father is a hard-working strong man, the carrier of the family, who always said ‘Julia, you will always have to work twice as hard to earn your name’, as Polish people are not always well received in Dutch working culture.


Julia pushed herself to the limits of everything and fought for her place in society, which she finally found in Amsterdam. But internally this emotional tightness, this mental stiffness, the hard voices continued. Attacking herself and her self-esteem. Like her body was attacking herself.


Her mother is a soft wise woman, who had always been interested in natural healing. So as a child Julia had been introduced to all sorts of healing herbs, and practices and has a great interest and belief in our natural capabilities to heal.


When Julia got diagnosed, it is not only she who carried the pain, the worry, the stress, the insecurity, it’s the whole family. She felt the worry from her parents, her sister and her brother, that added to the stress levels in her body. On top of that the worry and pressure from the medical institutions, insurance companies and health and safety officers. She listened to every one around her giving their advice. And struggled with being perceived as a patient, a victim, the girl who has been given up on.


‘There is no cure for MS. The only thing we can do for you is prescribing a pro-longing medicine, Tecfidera, which I highly recommend you to take.’ the Neurologist said. Deep inside Julia did not want to take the medicine, but when her leg functions fell out in December she decided to give it a go, under pressure she admitted. She got a Prednizone-cure on top of it. Even though her mother, sister and brother all advised her not to do so.


‘It’s quite a responsibility’ Julia admitted. ‘You just don’t know what’s right for you, and through all the conversations with all these institutions you get so much fear inside you, you decide to try things you initially do not want at all.’


She has a big pleaser inside her and wanted to do it good for everyone. And felt she had lost trust in her own voice. Lost her own control and confidence in her own body. Given over in the hands of the doctors and anyone else around her who was trying their best to help. Who knew better.


Deep inside her she believed she would heal, naturally. And when she joined my workshop in Amsterdam and met Master Choy a month later in Budel during a Chi Healing weekend course, she felt being lit up. She felt hope. ‘We can make it!’ is the first thing we said to her and which she physically felt herself. And she is making it as we speak!


Master Choy is the founder of the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Self-Healing Centre in Ashburton UK. And has over 45 years of experience in helping people to heal. His books have touched over 200.000 people world wide. His methods and teachings have helped thousands of people to heal, including other MS patients, as Dr Lynette Bowden. Students and graduates have written books about their journey into a happy healthy lifestyle and their healing stories, with the help of the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Self-Healing tools. There is nothing to prove, it’s all fact.


In this School you are never a patient, you are a student. A student of the Chi. And you are the book.


Julia joined us for an 8-day Chi Healing Retreat in April 2018, tailored to her needs. Supported by a group of 15 teacher trainees all present on the 5 acre School properties in the middle of South-Devon nature and under direct guidance of Master Choy and his wife, assistant and chef Christine Chin. Every second Julia was on the School property she was monitored, supported and guided to learn to immerse herself in Chi-energy, to learn and receive the Chi healing exercises and to achieve a complete transformation of lifestyle and philosophy.


Because of her enormous receptivity and humbleness to learn, Julia has been able to transform her life, her relationship to herself, her family and her MS. The shifts have been miraculous and a tremendous starting point for further healing. She ran into the light, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. And I still remember her saying on her first day: ‘I cannot run.’ 


Her goal was to run, and she did!






It’s a cosmic tour. It’s touring the inner world of Julia. Tuning into what does she need, depends on her being the expert. Unlike in a tour, the tour guide is the expert. But in this case I am more like a tailor.  So I am tailoring the program according to her needs.”

Master Choy, Interview Sunday 30th of April 2018


My name is Sabine Feron and I am a teacher trainee at the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Healing Centre in Ashburton, UK. I have been studying with Master Choy for the past 5 years which has changed my life, and the life of my family in many healing, enriching, transformative ways.


I felt privileged being able to guide Julia closely during her 8-day retreat, where I was literally guiding her 24/7, even sleeping with her! The book captures up-close how her healing journey into Multiple Sclerosis took place and how she learned to apply the tools herself, so she can maintain her own health and empower herself. During the 8 day retreat Julia was in continuous report with Master Choy about any changes that emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually took place for her.


We received a physical practice guideline, specifically measured to Julia’s physical needs which we consistently practiced multiple times a day, with a continuous focus on the Chi. 1-1 sessions where we emotionally deep-dived into the cause of stress, tension, hurt, trauma, loneliness, back tracked the emotional start of her symptoms and where we apply the Trilogue process and learn the Thanking process (both founded by Master Choy). She had to learn how to trust her feet again, and to feel her body, her emotions by being blindfolded for 24 hours and plank walk. Slow down! Let go! and Verbal Fast! were or great urgency to apply in every step she took. To connect her back to the Chi. We spend a lot of time connecting back nature on the 4 acre Chi-energised property of the School, and the powerful Dartmoor River, where Julia found her real roots back, moved by the grandeur of the world around her. The real life! And feeling the healing support nature naturally provides and teaches us us.


Every day Julia received daily Chi healing from the group of Chi Healers, and unique Zhineng Chi healing massages given by Helen, Zhineng Chi Reflexology given by Nicholas, both professionals combining their skills with the Zhineng Studies we learn from Master Choy.


The 8-days were supported by a tailored diet carefully prepared by Christine Chin. Which is a whole inspiring journey in itself learning to discover how food is our medicine too. Tremendous nuggets of delicious eatable wisdom appeared on our table 3 times a day!


With Master Choy’s and Christine’s Herbalist backgrounds Julia received direct support from nature by using local herbs. Stingy nettle tea for example was her best friend, and turned out to be one of her greatest healers to help her urinate again! As well as comfrey root oil for legs, all directly prepared straight from the garden.


As a team we are not separate from Julia and are all tuning in to the ‘inner Julia’, which is one of the greatest and unique aspects of this school. We all have an inner MS self if we slow down and face it, which is what we do, we mirror each other and help ourselves and each other to heal on a deeper level.


“MS and other illnesses are caused by emotional, physical, mental and spiritual imbalances. That’s how I perceive it. Certain illnesses connect more to the muscular, some connect more to the immune system or nervous system. But they all have to go through the emotional filter. What I mean by filter is ; if you have 10 people suffering from MS, each one of them will emotionally feel differently towards that illness. So just because I have success in my work helping MS people heal, does not give me the right to project one method, one approach to the other person. We have to start from 0 again! And that’s what makes it so exciting. ‘Cause I don’t know!”

Master Choy, Interview Sunday 30th of April 2018

‘What is the Rainbow Tai Chi Perception on MS?’


Julia had the humbleness to learn, received light group support, guided by the right light teacher, in a light right environment. She trusted the school, the people and the tools. For us these are the four secrets to success, and have proven to be so! It’s an admirable story Julia is representing, and offering to the world.  And she went home, more balanced – RUNNING even!!, with a backpack full of tools, and a motivation to change her lifestyle!

Julia went back to Amsterdam and has started to reintegrate into her working life as a hostess. Her sister and her mother welcomed her back and are supporting her in making a change in her lifestyle. Together they are striving for a healthier, more balanced Heart, Body, Mind and Spirit.

She came back to one of our workshops in the Netherlands where she shared her story with other people who suffer from different illnesses or struggles in life and moved the whole group to tears. Spreading hope. And light. And people who see her now do not recognise her anymore. ‘’She feels 10kg lighter!” Yvonne said.


Julia is dedicated to share more about her journey with Multiple Sclerosis, and hopes to inspire more people to look beyond the label and take responsibility over their own Heart Body Mind Spirit balance. She will continue to study and develop herself through the art & study of Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung.


She found hope. She found strength. She found light. And she found back her own inner voice. Still believing and feeling there is a natural way to heal, and this has been the first tremendous step for her.


She is still going strong without medicine and her body feels happy, energised, cared for and listened to.


This has been the most beautiful week of my life, which I will never forget. I’ll be back!”  With loving Chi, Julia


All the above topics and more are covered in 208 pages of healing. Of hope. A story of a miraculous life changer for all of us.

You can order the book online for £10 via sabineferon@gmail.com, http://www.rainbow-taichi.org.uk.


Thank you!


With loving chi,



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