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The Art of Heart Beat Listening Practice by Master Choy

For more than 8,000 years, according to acupuncture theory and practice, the heart meridian is the governor of all meridian pathways of energy.
How do you practice it?
Initially, you need to practice the third fundamental Tai Chi Exercise and refer to the third chapter in the 15 Ways to a Happier You book.
A brief synopsis is as follows:

  1. Gently place your right palm on your chest to listen to your heart beats
  2. Once you can “FEEL” your heart beats, focus on the rapid little PAUSES in between the heart beats.
  3. If you cannot hear or feel the heart beats, relax, your heart is still there!! You just need patience and perhaps get a stethoscope for yourself. At the Rainbow Tai Chi School, you have stethoscope in the rooms to help you hear your heart beats.
  4. The other palm on your belly is for listening to the pauses in between your in breaths and out breaths
  5. Then, take a deep breath from your belly and fill yourself with rejuvenating chi every day.
  6. Relax into this heart beat meditation for about 5-15 minutes every day.
  7. Feel grateful to chi and to the Shen spirit who lives in your heart.

The Benefits of Heart Beat Listening

  1. Sleep more peacefully when you have accumulated loads of those wonderful PAUSES
  2. Keep yourself energised with heart beat listening and meditation on the pauses in your breathing.
  3. In meetings, when everyone is trying to get to the “heart of the matter”, you get to it faster to help the meeting get to the heart of the solution. And get promoted!! The heart has its own intelligence.
  4. When feeling lonely, heart beat listening help you to feel warmth and loving chi.
  5. If you are ill, heart beat listening helps you to find the right herbs, right doctor, right healer and learn to encourage yourself to heal faster.
  6. For passing exams or long car journeys, stop everything when feeling tired, take 5-15 minutes pause to do seated heart beat listening, you will feel refreshed and ready to go with renewed energy.
  7. Your practice of Tai Chi Chi Kung or any other Artistic skills such as music, painting, dance, acting, etc etc will improve with heart beat listening. Heart beat listening unites your mind with your body.
  8. Heart beat listening help improve your power of concentration. Get the mind to melt into the heart and tan tien (belly centre)
  9. If stuck with resolving a mechanical problem or trying to find something you have lost, slow down to practice heart beat listening and you let go into the Wu Chi (the Unknown). Your heart will show you the way to find the solution naturally and effortlessly.
  10. Heart beat listening connects you to Mother Nature and helps you to flow in harmony with natural rhythms and cycles.


How Tai Chi Heart Beat Listening Can Help Solve Problems


How I Discovered Heart Beat Listening

Imagine if you were shut in a house for 3 and a halfmonths with a teacher who every single day and night gets you to do Heart Beat Listening. Now, the difference was that it was a not a prison, I chose to be there with U.G., and 3 other persons  – one an American lady, an American chap who keeps us entertained, a German and myself. And we had a frequent visitor also, an Indian School headmaster. The challenge was that he also kept on denying that he was a teacher. Medically, many years ago,    he had died for 3 days and 3 nights and surrounded by Swiss doctors, they were amazed he had luminous skin and suddenly the body had grown an extra set of small intestines overnight!

So against that background, was this incessant focus on heart beat listening. We did not have tv, no radio, no newspaper, no books, no lectures, no exercises, no meditation, etc. We were doing very normal activities  –  cooking, eating, planning what to cook, going for walks, sat around and discussed and made lots of jokes. Going to sleep, waking up, brushing teeth, breakfast, planning what to cook for lunch and the routine continued day after day for the whole time.

And yet, my teacher had visits of sick and ill people whom he healed without touching them. He was just being there with him. No Tai Chi Exercises, no guided meditation, no books, no “laying of hands”, nothing…..

The only reason why heart beat listening was important was because that was the  only activity he was doing.

The frustration of the personality is that there was no distraction to turn to. The German chap was so restless that one day he burst out that he was leaving us. He was the one who claimed that he was the Christ. He was tall, blond, blue eyes, and over confident. We might have believed him except that he was smoking dope!! And there was no dope in the house too. So, he left. And the American guy was upset because U.G. did not seem to give him the answers he wanted, he wanted to find out who U.G. is or was, spiritually speaking, and U.G. kept insisting that he did not know.

And then, there was me, being there with everyone eating, washing up, going for walks, etc etc and at other times sitting with my small desk at the doorway of my little room. I was not the talkative type. I did a lot of heart beat listening. And 30 over years later, I am still as excited and awe struck about how amazing Heartbeat Listening is!!

Besides U.G. I also met other wise teachers in China who shared the importance of the heart and in Zhineng Chi Kung and Acupuncture, the heart is considered the Governor of all Acupuncture Meridian pathways of energy. Heart beat listening frees up the flow of communication on all meridian pathways of energy.

When you meet with other heart centred people who are also interested in learning to be Tan Tien Gut Centred like you as in the Summer School, you pick up the lesson much faster than you trying to do it by yourself.


The Thinker  by Mike Toye

The thinker has been caught deep in thought this week.
That was until it was discovered that it was actually the thinker who had caught himself.
How clever is that.
Choy founder and director of the Rainbow Tai Chi School stated that the thinker could die naturally just by being with it.
We were all very confused.
I searched everywhere for the thinker.
In the compost toilets.
I found only sawdust, thankfully!
In the valley there was not a thought to be seen.
I thought long and hard, but could not work it out.
Could it be in Per’s beetroot soup? Apparently it is world renown so surely a lot of people would have heard about it?
I even asked Leon who then pulled his hair out.
Well at least had it cut by Frances only to discover  (sshh) Lice!
So I asked them but the T-Tree oil had knocked them out.
Could the thinker have been lost in the river? We certainly all heard screams and Choy performed a dashing rescue mission.
I don’t think he would have saved the thinker though!
It then dawned on me, so I woke up, having forgotten about the thinker only to discover it was a cunning plan by the thinker to hide himself away.
Just as I had let go and given up I realised that I was the thinker and that I had been harbouring the thinker unaware that the very thoughts that I was having were indeed produced by the thinker.
Most shocking is that I actually have to be with this thinker to let it reach its natural end.
Rest assured, I intend to Lighten Up!