Group in pool Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung school

The Rainbow Tai-Chi School Programmes started with its first FTT Training Course in France in 1982. Sixteen years later in 1998, the founder Peter Chin Kean Choy created the annual Summer School  for longterm serious students to meet and practise in Nature in different parts of the world.

The Holistic approach of learning traditional Chinese Arts of Health and Relaxation include the heart, body, mind and spirit aspects (in that order – HBMS). It emphasizes the importance of beginning from the Heart, (just as in more than 8,000 years of ancient studies of Chinese Philosophy and Medicine began with the Heart Meridian being the Governor of all Channels of Chi Energy. Once the Heart beat listening skill for example has been mastered, the connection to the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual awareness of the greater world  flows effortlessly. The HBMS also focus on the importance of harmonising with the environment as a way of respecting Nature as well as maintaining a healthy balance in our daily application of the Tai-Chi Principles. For example, the food grown at the school and water used and drunk at the school are energised with Chi.
Since 1989, more than 50,000 compassionate gardeners all over the world are connected to the School in their efforts to grow and share the vegetable Potimarron with local soup kitchens.
More than 100,000 persons have received chi healings and Tai Chi health classes from trainee teachers and graduates of Chi Healing and The Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Teachers Training since the Courses began in 1982.
The Rainbow Tai Chi School teaches students to empower themselves so they can help themselves and the world heal. The courses include The Foundation Tai-Chi Chi Kung Training (FTT)  or The Light Being Intensive One, Foundation Tai-Chi Form (F3T) or The Light Being Intensive Two, Zhineng Chi Kung Healing (ZCKH), Trilogue (Taoist Therapy) or The Light Being Intensive Three, Swimming Dragon Chi Kung, Bone Marrow Chi Kung, Tao of Colour Science and Fusion of the 5 Elements.