Homework as a way to work my way home with peace, love and joy

The word homework is not a word I previously have connected to neither peace, love or joy. It has usually been something I’ve done because I had to if I wanted decent grades in school.


So now I have to redefine the word to myself  so I can look at homework as something enjoyable.


The physical homework like the exercises I already enjoy, it is when it comes to the written homework that I feel boredom and reluctance creeping in. I tend to postpone it as long as I possibly can, and that in turn makes me forget the whole thing.


I have found though that if I do the exercises right before I start with the homework I feel more motivated, I get more insights and the whole thing gets more enjoyable.


Another trick that I have often used to make homework more peaceful and joyous is to put on some classical music, light a few candles and get a nice cup of tea. If I do it this way I will have to write on paper with a nice pen or pencil and then later write it on the computer. This is a method I used when I wrote essays and other bigger pieces of homework on school. I have not used it in this course yet because it takes some time to set up right and I need to be alone.


When it comes to the exercices I think me and Mari are starting to get a nice routine for the morning practice. I usually get up first and make breakfast for us and after the meal we go through the exercises together before she goes to work. Later in the day or evening we can do them more individually. I find this to be a nice routine and I hope we will be able to keep it up in the future as well, and also this will be a good start to help me find a more peaceful and loving way to work myself back to me.