Interview with Vincent Sanders about his father Wout who healed himself from terminal cancer

Interview with Vincent Sanders about his father Wout who healed himself from terminal cancer


Five years ago Vincent’s father has been diagnosed with cancer. The doctors shared he would only live for three months. Today the doctors shared his cancer completely healed or is asleep, which is called a miracle. That is the reason why we are here. Because we are wondering what has happened, how this is possible.


How did it make you feel when you heard the news that your father would only live for three more months?

Yes my life completely changed in that moment. I was at work in that moment, as a salesman in the office. I had a busy life, working hard, partying hard on the weekends. Living a crazy life, a lot of the time not realizing I was alive; drinking on the weekends, going all out, then feeling sad on Mondays that the weekend was over, feeling hangover. Suddenly I got a phone call of my mother, who said ‘your father has cancer, it is in his bones and throughout his whole body’.


So where was the cancer?

It started in his prostate. But the doctors said he was too late, so it already had spread into his whole body; into his bones, organs, glands. He actually went to the doctor a few years before, because he wanted to check his prostate. But the doctors said he had to come back when he had pain, because they could only check him when he’d have pain. So he listened to the doctor, and came back a few years later because he had pain in this back and his groin. Then the doctors said he was too late. After two weeks of research they discovered they couldn’t do anything anymore.  So yes it was quite a shock when I heard it. Everything started turning, I was dizzy, I was in the office then with my colleagues. Usually I was quite buzzing, but I got pale, couldn’t say anything, only said ‘sorry my father is ill, I have to go to him now’. Then in the car from Amsterdam to Utrecht I cried the whole way.


I can imagine your whole world collapsed.

Yes because he was not only my father but also a friend. I did not have any sisters or brothers so he was also my buddy, I always played with him. So there was this feeling of losing my father and a best friend at the same time. It was very surreal, it felt like a dream. In that time you don’t realize what is really going on, as if everything is fake, I was hoping I would wake up from this nightmare.


They said 3 months to live. Now five years later the doctors said the cancer is asleep, which means it is basically healed.

Yes they said in that moment his PSA levels were 4500, where a normal human being has levels between 0 and 2. With 4 or 5 you can already say there is cancer, he had  4500 so they said he wouldn’t live long anymore. But then they gave him female hormones, which they had good experiences with, which would prolongue his life for one or in the best case two years, to be with his family. They advised him to stop working and spend time with the family, so we went to Thailand together, and with Helen my partner. In that holiday we had such a lovely time together! We came back and his levels had come down much more than the doctors expected. So there was something  happening already. In Thailand we only spend time together, in nature, on the beach, taking it very slow, just being with each other.


So that was one of the things that might have slowed down the illness. Was there more you father did to slow it down? Because now it is five years later and the doctors are baffled, so what is the secret of your father?

When we came back from Thailand the doctors were surprised, but not really baffled. Helen, my girlfriend, discovered the Rainbow Tai Chi school in England. She went there for a summerschool, but after three days decided to stay there. Because she had found what she had been looking for her whole life. She had her own things she was struggling with, tried so many different things like acupuncture, spiritual healers, groups, but nothing really worked for her. But this worked, because it was helping her to heal herself. I heard about it and started to get interested in healing as well. My grandfather had died from the same cancer as my father has now, and I realized I would be the next in line if I wouldn’t change. So I also went to the UK and decided to join the same course as Helen at the Rainbow Tai Chi school. To make a long story short; we started organizing workshop in Holland, where Master Choy came to Holland to share different tools and chi healing exercises. My father attended a few workshops.

The doctors could not do anything for him. Yes they said ‘you can eat broccoli if you like, but we don’t know if it works’. They couldn’t advice anything. So there was a feeling of acceptance in my father that he was ill, from there he opened up to learn something new. He heard how nature can heal itself, when a branch breaks off a tree it also heals itself. He started to learn through the workshops that the body has a natural capacity to heal itself. So he learned for example to thank the cells in this body with the Thanking process, which Master Choy has founded. Something he does every day is that he thanks his cancer for teaching him about healing and connecting to nature. He thanks every cell in this body for being happy and healthy.

If you see that cancer is the body attacking itself, he has learned to change the consciousness in his cells, just by the power of gratitude and thanking his illness to teach him about healing. This is a completely different approach. Many people ask me ‘how did he fight the cancer?’, but that is not what has been happening. It took him about a year to accept that he was ill, and from there he could bring in new tools. He spends now about three to four hours healing himself by firstly cooking a healthy meal with for example turmeric, then he goes to the woods to practice his exercises and is in nature. He is very strict about it because his life is at stake. Now five years later he is healthy. This is in a nutshell how everything went.  


So applying the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung tools, going to nature, eating healthy, has created he is still alive after five years, his cancer is asleep. That is amazing!

There were many steps he had to go through. He had to learn to let go for example, let go of how he saw himself. He shares with me that he feels the trees are helping him to heal, how the energy is flowing through him and the exercises help him to open up to that feeling. He also really believes that it was luck the doctors couldn’t help him with regular medicine. He might have chosen chemotherapy, but  it was already too late for that. Looking back on it we were quite lucky because otherwise he might have chosen that other route, which is basically killing everything in the body, then you don’t know what would have happened after that.

Can you see it as a gift then this negative that has come to your family?

Yes. I have a lot of deep conversations with my father. He can even say he is grateful for this event in his life, where before it was a horrible thing. He was thinking ’why is this happening to me’? We as a family thought ‘why him, he was so healthy, playing tennis, making art etcetera’? But that doesn’t mean that you are emotionally balanced. It has changed his whole way of being. We as a family have come together. I was able for the first time in my life to tell my parents I love them, where before I took them for granted and was living my own life.


So it also connected you more with your family. We have a few people sitting here as well. Who has a question for Vincent?

Linda; I am inspired by your story. I am wondering what the doctors are saying about it?

Good question. For a long time they just said ‘avoid the stress!’ But they didn’t say how to avoid stress! Now after five years they keep seeing the improvements, his PSA levels keep dropping and the tumors kept shrinking. Now they are saying it is actually a miracle. After five years they started asking and writing down what he does. How he does Tai Chi, eats healthy, that he practices in nature. Only now they are receptive, but it took such a long time. Maybe because they have never learned themselves about it, because it is not really in our culture/ society to learn about self healing exercises and go into nature to heal yourself. It is a vocabulary they don’t know, so they can’t share about it and cant receive it.


Eastern philosophy is not easily embraced as something that can help. We also have Nick here, he has been a health practitioner for many years.

Nick; I am fascinated by the story. In shiatsu we often find there are emotional routes to problems in the body, so this kind of confirms to me that there is a way that your father is working with his emotional issues. Is that something that he has found?

Yes if you look at it from a Rainbow Tai Chi perspective, which is a heart body mind spirit approach of health. If you look at my father’s life, which I can because I am his son and have similar patterns as he has. So I can live and everyone can say ‘you look always happy and you don’t have any negatives’, but I was suppressing all these negative emotions. My father has been doing the same for 57 years, so after so many years of emotional suppression suddenly cancer came about. So the lesson for me was that if I wouldn’t let my emotions out emotionally, it will express physically in the form of cancer. So I saw my father as a mirror of my own lesson. I was privileged to learn it not as a terminally ill person like my father. I am happy because Rainbow Tai Chi really helped me to see this. If I wasn’t practicing I would have never been able to see this same pattern. I might have had to go through the same cancer and see it then maybe. That is the power of the heart body mind spirit approach. Because the heart, the emotions, affect the physical body. That is where my father learned to put the feeling of gratitude in all his cells, which I believe connects him to the life force, it connects him to healing, it connects him to nature. There are more things he does, but it might be too much to go into that now.


Thank you Vincent, it is an amazing story. I am really happy for you and your family that this has happened, in a strange way. I would like to finish with this, thank you all for watching!

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