Liza Disselhorst

Liza Disselhorst

Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Teacher

Liza started learning with master Choy in Spring 2014, in a weekend workshop in Amsterdam. Feeling very inspired by the teachings, she decided to join a summerschool in that same year, and during summerschool signed up for an FTT course. She is now starting her third FTT course and is ready to share the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung tools with the world!


Before moving to the UK about a year ago, Liza studied and worked as a child psychologist in Amsterdam. She worked with children and adults both, diagnosed with ADHD or Autism, but didn’t feel this was her way of helping people. When she started studying Rainbow Tai Chi herself she felt that this was the missing piece in her wish to help people to find balance and a happier life. She decided to give up her job in Amsterdam and together with her partner Robin, moved to the Rainbow Tai Chi school to study as an apprentice of master Choy.


Liza has learned and developed a lot in herself since studying Rainbow Tai Chi, of which the most important are much more self-confidence, lightness, joy, creativity and love for herself and others. From not knowing what her heart feels at all and doing what she thought was expected of her in ‘society’, she has become a woman who feels passionate about helping people to get back to their beautiful selves. Liza has played the piano for years, but only started improvising when she came to the Rainbow Tai Chi school. Now she loves to express herself by improvising on the piano and has started writing her own songs.


Liza believes that the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung tools have everything we need to develop ourselves into beautiful inspiring grown-up people. Liza is excited to share those tools with everyone who is willing to learn and to help people to open up to the loving energy that is always present!


Read more about Liza on the website of Robin & Liza Tai Chi & Chi Kung.


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
Weekly Class in South Brent on Thursday evening by Robin & Liza 10 Weeks 27th September 2018
Weekly Class in Ipplepen on Tuesday morning by Liza 10 Weeks 25th September 2018
Weekly Class in Holne on Monday evening by Liza 10 weeks 24th September 2018