The Miraculous Healing of Peter Gleave’s foot

The Miraculous Healing of Peter Gleave’s foot


Peter Gleave, a proper English gentleman. An army man, dedicated, correct, honourable and honest. Peter was very intelligent and a big part of his life he had been an academic and skilful technician and engineer. Coming from a military background, adventure was streaming through his blood.


He loved sailing and shared this passion with his family. He was the kind of guy you could drop on a deserted island with an engineless sailing boat and he would sail you to an habited place navigating only by the stars!


His boat and sailing passion turned into swapping his military life for a fisherman’s life buying 3 fishing boats and getting the whole family involved too. Life was never dull with Peter.


He was an organiser, a mover, a leader. Peter was a great man, so kind, so warm, yet schooled the mental way. Although Peter was such a kind and warm man, he had never learned about the power of the heart and gut and was mostly coming from the mental point of view, the way society teaches us, the ‘normal’ way… he was a man of the rules; strict and correct.


He had never experienced any ‘energy/chi’ and had no reason to believe such an ‘absurd thing’ even exists. Gloria Gleave, his other half was different. Gloria was very much connected to the heart, the spiritual aspect in her and loved every bit of the spiritual focused world of gratitude and energy. She is in tune with the subtle energies and how the world spins around.


I met Gloria in the weekly classes I teach, together with Liza, where she attended our afternoon class. Unfortunately we had to stop the class as we combined two classes in the evening. Gloria, in her 80’s and still fit as a young deer, yet her eyesight is not anymore like it was in her younger years, so driving in the night was no option. She had to stop coming to our classes, but a creative solution resulted soon from this duality. I suggested to do 1-1 sessions and she was exhilarated by the option and straight away said: yes! I would love too and Peter can join in as well!


She shared with me how Peter, her husband, was struggling with his health for the last 3 years due to a terrible foot infection that had spread through his body. Peter, who was also in his 80’s, had a foot that felt like it was on fire all the time and shared with me that he was in constant pain. This was the result of a bacterial infection that once started in his foot 3 years ago.


For 3 years they had been struggling to heal his foot, running from medical specialist to medical specialist, taking tonnes of pills and treatments, but nothing worked. Peter often got even sicker from all the pills they gave him and was literally sick and tired of it all. Although they had been able to heal the spread infection over these 3 years, the burning in his foot remained vigorously…


When teaching Gloria and Peter the Fundamental Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung tools in our two to one sessions, I could feel the immense frustration he had regarding his foot. Peter just wanted to walk without this constant pain and was sick and tired of it. We worked emotionally with this negative frustrating feeling and used the Rainbow Tai Chi tools to find balance in his heart, body, mind and spirit.


I showed Peter how it is possible to let go of the frustration in him by using the first Fundamental Rainbow Tai Chi Movement. After letting go this frustration, he was able to work with this negative in the second fundamental by opposing a positive emotion to counterbalance the negative. He had also a trust in him that he will get healed so we worked in the second Fundamental exercise with these opposites and released both parts into the earth to let a third creative solution rise from this unknown situation. He felt more calm and relaxed, more at peace with the situation emotionally and could hold himself without judging what was happening emotionally and physically. But the physical pain was still there.


I felt it would be good to tune into a chi healing for Peter’s foot. My suggestion was welcomed with great enthusiasm and they were very happy to come to the Rainbow Tai Chi School where the chi healing would take place in the beautiful energy that is present. A chi healing is a form of healing practice where a healer tunes into the disbalance and uses healing energies to restore the disbalance into balance. Literally going back to the blueprint of how the body once was by working with Zhineng Chi, also known as Cosmic Chi. In yoga practice and Hinduism, it is called Pranic Healing and in Japan it is referred to as Reiki. Each practice slightly different in form, but in essence they have the same goal; healing people with energy.


To help the healing process actively, Peter had done some swimming which he felt positive about, but still the burning and constant pain was there. Being at the end of what they felt they could do, feeling totally frustrated with his situation, this ‘Chi Healing’ was the last thing Peter would ever consider as he did not even believe in healing with energy. “What is that? healing with energy? what are you talking about? I can’t even see it……”


As I shared, Peter has been a highly skilled academic and engineer and had never done anything like Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung. It was a big leap for him, but his and Gloria’s drive to heal brought him tremendous receptivity towards the teachings as it was his last resort after having gone through every specialist that had any sensible thing to say about it…


Gloria and Peter came to the school and there was a whole team waiting for them. I was leading the Chi Healing as main healer trainee and with me there were 3 other chi healing trainees who would help with Fa Jing. Fa Jing is a way of sending healing energy with a sort of out push of energy using two hands. It is like giving positive intention and gratitude towards the energy which is happy to flow into the person or object you are projecting the energy to.


Like Masaru Emoto discovered and researched, there is a direct link between the intention and energy you put into water, and the kind of intention changes the structure of water and the water crystals when frozen. There is much to find about his scientific research when you search for him online.


Back to Peter. So, being the focaliser of the healing I connected to Peter, while Peter was laying on a massage table, comfortably snuggled in under a blanket.


The healing felt amazing, tuning into his heart and gut center first to be with him and after this I moved to his painful feeling foot.. I put in so much loving acceptance and listening, receiving the pain in this foot.. being in the stillness, feeling non-judgmental…


Spiralling up the energy I felt waves of chi as if the pain was vaporising up into the sky.. when spiralling down I felt I was bringing in waves of healing zhineng chi.. warmth and healing energy moving through me intensely… reminding myself constantly to empty and let go for the chi to flow through. Because it is not my energy I am giving. It is not draining me from energy when giving a healing to someone. What happens is that I feel the cosmic energy flowing through me from above and I am able to direct this energy through my arms and hands with specific movements which Master Choy taught me. Master Choy in his turn learned these healing techniques from Dr. Pang who is both a western medical doctor and Eastern healer by being a Zhineng Chi Kung Master. Master Choy spend time with Dr. Pang learning to teach these special healing techniques to his students.


In the healing I literally felt waves of energy flooding through, buzzing and tingling all over my body. Like goosebumps moving through my body in waves is the best way to describe this feeling. It is beautiful and it is energising me at the same time.


Peter fell asleep on and off and I could feel he completely relaxed into it.. he was letting go and this is exactly what is needed to get the most of such a healing.


After the healing I woke Peter up and as he got off the massage table and standing on both feet, the most extraordinary thing happened;


Peter stood up and told me he did not feel any pain in his foot anymore.. nothing… “I can walk again without pain he said with the biggest smile on his face and a total sense of disbelieve!”


I will never forget it, but he started stamping on the floor a few times to test if he really did not feel the pain anymore, and totally baffled looked at me and said again: “I don’t feel any pain”.


I smiled and found it amazing to hear as I never experienced anybody being healed instantly in a healing which I focalized, this time together with Linda, Aisling and Andy helping with Fa Jing.


Below you can read Peter’s experience of what happened during this healing in his own words exactly as he has written down on the healing feedback form:


“Before the chi healing my foot felt like it was on fire which severely hampered any walking at all and I was feeling in pain a lot.


I was made and feel very welcomed at the school, everything was ready and i felt very strange indeed. I had never experienced a healing before. Once settled I felt warm and i fell asleep intermittently. I heard the healing sounds from the helpers in the end.


 Afterwards I felt the room etc. appeared brown, I felt safe. My feet were painless! I was offered help but had no difficulty walking back to the car. I felt happy!


After months of feeling my burning feet i had casually mentioned the burning of the feet to my doctor, who had heard about this and gave me a prescription for it. This did not change anything, but the CHI HEALING DID, IMMEDIATELY!”


 2 weeks later we had another two to one session at Gloria and Peter’s home and Peter shared there had not been any burning in the feet since. The pain did not come back.


 Peter was a happy man after the healing and felt he could let go 3 years of suffering and running after ‘specialists’. He was in his 80’s and had a big drive to keep learning the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung tools to balance himself and bring more chi to where he needs it.


Peter and Gloria were two of my most receptive students who were so eager to get the best and have felt the amazing healing benefits of chi healing. After 80 over years of living his life based on the mental way, he has been touched by the energy and had been challenged in his belief system.


The two to one sessions kept on for a while and I loved to help these amazing folks find balance in their lives. They left behind 3 years of suffering and could now focus on improving walking again, getting out there, enjoying life together without having to worry constantly. I found great joy connecting to my oldest students and will never forget this time with Peter and Gloria.


A few months after the healing I heard Peter had a lung infection and also had a stroke during this infection. Very sadly he died a few days later… It all happened so fast and I felt a pain in my heart not being able to see this beautiful man’s smiling and humble face anymore… suddenly it was over, that’s how life can be apparently… one day it heals, the next day it breaks…


Peter was an amazing human being with a brilliant mind and a beautiful generous heart. His innocent smile will never be forgotten…




Peter and Gloria Gleave

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  • Dear Robin, thank you so much for sharing your experience with my mother and father, I know how much he enjoyed the experience you were able to help create for him and it also carries on in helping me feel how loved and cared for my father was in those final years – many thanks and god bless.

    Jason Gleave Reply

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