Poem: Predator vs. prey by Robin

Poem: Predator vs. prey by Robin

Playing cool at high school

Not knowing it was me who was the fool

Playing girls with words; emotionally abusive

Saying anything to get my fix


Inner self’s hungry for attention

So needy for every bit of sexual tension

Receiving respect for the number of girls I had in bed


Physical abusing my body, not realizing this was a bit odd

Wanking on a daily basis, was definitely a lot


Self-abusing was a normal thing,

Ignorance not a fling

Living on consistent basis in my delusional oasis


Consciously sleeping with a capital ‘S’

Struggling through life, an imbalanced mess.


I’m sorry for causing these hurts, you see. I say this to everyone including me.

after all these years and tears

Eyes, heart and gut are now wide open,

what have I learned..


There is no excuse for any abusing.

But I see the world, increasingly opposing. 

I hear: “Enough is enough, the curtain has to fall”,

For every abuser, predator and rapists above them all


A world on fire, anger raises higher


Predator vs prey, everybody’s walking their own way

Hunting to fill an emotional void

Or afraid of being exploit


As we swing from yin to yang and going astray

Are we not all wanting to go the same way?

A way to find balance in the opposites,

To feel we walk the path of light, no shit!


This ironic realisation hitting me in contemplation

That there is no separation, so no need for victimization


Pointing fingers from one to another

Isn’t that again ignoring your sister and brother?


The hate is justified with fight

Tension growing bigger, no light..


Adding darkness to a world on fire

Is not the outcome we desire


A creative solution is here; up for grabs

To slow down and turn within.

As the inner change creates the outer


letting all inner selfs shine

One self at a time…

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