Radio news can be the same old news of duality or it can go beyond and touch the heart body mind and spirit of the listeners. Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung is taking people beyond and allowing them to be educated in an entertaining way. Many experts now call this a new form of entertainment call “EDUTAINING”!


Often, people associate Tai Chi Chi Kung as purely to do with Exercises for health and focus on the discipline of purely practice, practice, practice on a physical and chi energy level. In Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung, we celebrate the fact that we are firstly multi facet persons with immense talents and gifts to share with the world. Everyone I believe are born to experience and express unique talents. How Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung support each practitioner especially in the long term 2 years Foundation Tai Chi Chi Kung Training Course, is that we highlight the importance of balancing the Yin/Feminine qualities with the Yang/Masculine qualities, so that the person can find the Tao of Creative Balance.

For example Nick like many other students of this school, was already a musician, however, he was unable to express fully what was in his heart and gut centre even though he was playing in gigs and having an enjoyable time. When he found his inner heart body mind spirit balance of Yin, Yang and Tao, he composed and sang new songs, like the recent album he made on Tears of Understanding and Love moved many people, something quite new for his music career.


And more importantly, Nick is not only a musician, because in Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung, Nick is also learning to be a Chi Healer (VIOLET) and a Leading Teacher (INDIGO) of Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung in his own light as an FTT Graduate now. Nick is also a very deep meditator who loves peace (BLUE) and has himself an incredible sense of clarity. Being a humble student of life, he loves passionately Nature (GREEN) and plays music, poems and songs inspired by people and Nature. He also practises regularly by the sea, rivers and trees.  He loves to explore deeply the Wisdom (YELLOW) aspect of his daily practice of the Rainbow Tai Chi exercises including the Rainbow Tai Chi Form, Zhineng Chi Kung and the 15 Fundamental Tai Chi Chi Kung Exercises. He has also his own quirky sense of humour (ORANGE) and people enjoy the presence and many gifts of Nick. I also have seen Nick growing his Love (ROSE RED) of and Passion for life and that includes the woman he loves!!


So, there are so many amazing Rainbow ways of sharing for the Rainbow Tai Chi people to share themselves like Nick has been doing. The whole world is fed by Rainbow energies through Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Radio and news of Chi Healings (VIOLET) can come through the Radio programmes, as well as meaningful discussions to help people understand (INDIGO) tragedies and terror news and transform the horrible news into inspiration for change of perception. There are also, on Rainbow Tai Chi Radio spaces for there to be Meditation on Heart Beats Pauses to help the listener find real inner peace and purpose (BLUE). We will also include in the future gems of insight into how (GREEN) Gardening, Food and Nature teaches us to find the balance of Yin, Yang and Tao principles and live healthier lifestyles and naturally achieve longevity. Plus lots of space to make Happiness (ORANGE) or The art of self humour a relevant topic to study on a cognitive level, with laughter and smiles our signature theme throughout the programmes. The Tao of Love and Sex (Rose Red) is always a great topic to discuss on Radio filled with juicy jokes, insights and enlightening laughs.


Enjoy a sample of the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Radio and I hope you also enjoy and flow with the spaces and silences in between the words/offerings of the presenters!! Feel the Chi flowing through the Radio!!


Master Choy