Rainbow Tai Chi happilization centre personal retreat


The Summer School 2019 

“The Real You is a light being shining from the Smiling Sun within your centre!”
Part One : 24 July – 1 Augustus 2019 15 ways to a Happier You. ‘DISCOVER THE JOYOUS LIGHTNESS IN THE REAL YOU!” Zhineng Chi Healing, Tai Chi Chi Kung for Health & Relaxation.
Part Two – 5 August – 13 August 2019 EXPLORE 37 STEPS OF BLISSFUL STILLNESS IN EMOTION Aqua Tai Chi Form 37 Steps, CHI MASSAGE for Beauty, Rejuvenation and Health.

Time & Location

24 Jul, 14:00 – 01 Aug, 14:00
05 Aug, 14:00 – 13 Aug, 12:00
Cañada del Real Tesoro, Cañada del Real Tesoro, Málaga, Spain



About The Event


“The Real You is a light being shining from the Smiling Sun within your centre!”

Part One – 24 July – 1 August 2019



Zhineng Chi Healing, Tai Chi Chi Kung For Health & Relaxation



Part Two – 5 August – 13 August 2019


Aqua Tai Chi Form 37 Steps, CHI MASSAGE for Beauty, Rejuvenation and Health



Rainbow Tai Chi practice by the sea



The Rainbow Tai-Chi School Programmes started with its first Teachers Training Couse in France in 1982. 17 years later in 1998, Founder Master Choy bought Creek Farm and transformed it into a school. Now 20 years later, after helping thousands of people heal in Devon UK, Master Choy felt guided to start the Happilization Centre in Spain.

The first step was to return to the source. Tai Chi means the River of Limitless Chi. We have now connected literally to the River and live close to the river to learn how to flow, glow and are thriving at the Happilization Centre in Canada de la Real Tesoro.

The Holistic approach of learning traditional Chinese Arts of Health and Relaxation include the heart, body, mind and spirit aspects (HBMS). It emphasises the importance of beginning from the Heart, (just as in more than 8,000 years of ancient studies of Chinese Philosophy and Medicine focus on the Heart Meridian as the Governor of all Channels of Chi Energy). The HBMS also focus on the importance of harmonising with the environment as a way of respecting Natuer and maintaining a healthy balance in our daily application of the Tai-Chi principles.

More than 10.000 people have so far received Chi Healing from Rainbow Tai-Chi Chi Kung and Chi Healing teachers and trainee teacher. Many of the subjects of study include The Foundation Tai-Chi Chi Kung Training (FTT), Foundation Tai-Chi Form (F3T), Zhineng Chi Kung Healing (ZCKH), Trilogue (LBI3, Taoist Therapy), Swimming Dragon Chi Kung and Fusion of the 5 Elements.

The School has designed a special foundation Tai Chi Chi Kung (FTT) CHI HEALING Certificate Course to help you awaken humanity to a greater Chi Balance, Health & Happiness.


21 JULY – 29 JULY 2014



Zhineng Chi Healing Exercises and 15 Tai Chi Chi Kung Health and Relaxation

“This course if open to everyone including beginners and weekly class/weekend workshop students who wish to deepen their study and applications of the 15 Fundamental Tai Ch Chi Kung Exercises and Principles and Chi Self-Healing abilities.

When you slow down, you feel this INNER REVITALISING GOLDEN POOL OF HEALING CHI even after the workshop finishes. The prerequisite for joining is your eagerness and humility to unlearn and learn….and your sense of GRATITUDE AND SELF-HUMOUR!”

This Course is a comprehensive study and practice of the 15 fundamental Tai-Chi and Chi Kung Exercises/Principles ON LAND AND IN WATER, based on the ’15 way to a Happier You’ book. IT IS ALSO AN INTRODUCTION FOR POTENTIAL CANDIDATES APPLYING GTO JOIN THE (FTT) Foundation Tai-Chi Training Course for personal development or for becoming a Tai-Chi Chi Kung Instructor. Some of the topics covered are:

  • TAI-CHI CHI KUNG PRACTICE in the river prepare you for the practice of Tai-Chi Chi Healing. LEARN TO RELAX AND LET GO STRESS and discover CHI is a 100% reality in your daily life in the practice of 15 Fundamental Tai-Chi Chi Kung Exercises.
  • Discover and deepen your NATURAL PEACEFUL relationship with Nature around you. Practice Tai-Chi Chi Kung with living teachers – the trees, the flowers and river and eas.
  • Enjoy BEAUTIFUL ALKALISING ORGANIC FOOD AND GARDENS. Be PEACEFUL and find the STILLNESS IN MOTION at the Valley of Peaceful Woods at the school.
  • Experience true SELF-CONFIDENCE by learning the Taoist Trilogue Process to bring your inner family to a supportive and trusting relationship with you. Be more rooted and learn how to ‘THINK OIN YOUR FEET’ and make wiser decisions and FIND BALANCE AND HARMONY IN YOUR DAILY LIFE.
  • There is a Group Sharing open to everyone. There are also FTT Meetings open to students who are interested to join the LBI/FTT for personal development or teachers training.



5-13 AUGUST 2019


Aqua Tai Chi Form 37 Steps, Introducing Pakua Fusion of 5 Elements/Organs for Beauty, Rejuvenation and Health

‘Ever since I was a teenager, I felt that the Stillness in Motion/Yin Principle and the Fluidic Tai Chi movements/Yang Principle helped us to find back the Blissful Chi Energy. I discovered HAPPY SELF-AWARENESS in my daily life.

We can create a new HAPPILIZATION. As a Tai Chi Teacher who has already helped more than 70,000 people find happiness and health, I believe you can learn during this course HOW TO FLOW WITHIN YOUR BODY AND DIVE INTO 37 STEPS OF TAI CHI “Extacy in the Sea of Chi”!!. This programme balances you through the seriousness and fun of learning Tai-Chi Form Sequences. Zang Bo Duan in the 11th Century wrote, “When Yin and Yang unite, the Tigress and Dragon (within you) embrace in a Tai-Chi Dance of Ecstasy!!!” Master Choy\

While Part One provides the basic foundation of the 15 Fundamental Tai-Chi Chi Kung Exercises, Part Two is able don the 37 steps to Happiness book. Tai Chi is translated as the ‘RIVER OF CHI which flows unceasingly INTO THE SEA OF CHI (Tan-Tien)’. You need to have completed Part One Summer School to go on to Part Two. Each Sequence of The 37 Steps Yang Style Form/Principles mirrors your journey in life. Learning ON LAND AND IN WATER, this Course will introduce you to The Rainbow Tai-Chi Form. The Rainbow Tai-Chi Form practice in this Course will enable participants to channel these wonderful energies to help everyone feel healthier, more balanced, happier and more energised. In this year’s course, you will be introduced to the Fusion of the 5 Elements work to rejuvenate and optimise the health of your Heart, Lungs, Kidneys, Liver and Spleen.

Rainbow Tai Chi pushhands practice



For the first time in so long I am excited about life. I can’t wait to begin the FTT. I am so, so grateful for its amazing opportunity and it is my good fortune to have the chance to do this. So many people have no idea that something as wonderful as Chi exists. I truly appreciate the inspiring and courageous work that you both you, Master Choy and Christine do and how much yo are sharing with us. I am truly grateful. Thank you a million million times. Love, Aisling King

Practicing the Tai Chi Form outdoors int he sun. The sharing was amazing and full of fun. The swimming pool was brilliant. Christine’s food was out of this world. Thank you Christine. Practising the Form I realised how ungrounded I am and how much I am up in my head.Gerard Mackin

The session of the Tree of Knowledge and how real and useful systems of knowledge are, made me realise that I always look outside of myself expecting to find and answer somewhere when in fact the answer really is inside me – we grow like trees. I won’t know what I will become until I become that! A beautiful less. An amazing, fantastic journey again Master Choy. The energy just intensified from Part 1. Learning new things, insights about myself every day. I am excited about diving into the FTT and F3T which I never imagined I would be doing at this stage. It has brought me to the place where I am valuing myself enough to give myself the gift of doing the learning and work I know will move me forward. Thank you Master Choy and Christing for inspiring me and being here. Nick Millington

The teaching of Master Choy are all inspiring highlights. The lecture are always fresh, flowing with the moment and consistently profound. I also loved doing the Tai Chi Form Part 1. What a privilege to be taught this master piece. I came back to myself a bi more when I felt the Chi literally streaming through my arms, feet, legs, and hands like a soft electric current through me, even giving very light tingling shocks. For a cave man that’ amazing! I feel chi! I know wha tao do with my life and that’s “very simple”: TRAIN DOWN! to my centre using the 15 fundamentals and Chi Kungs & Zhineng Chi Kung. Thank you master Choy for the wisdom, beautiful lectures, humour, patience and for being and example to what is possible in this human life. I’m grateful for you as my teacher and Master. Thank you!! Thank you Christine for all the work you do behind the scene. And the food is A-ma-zing! Robin Meulen

Thank you Master Choy for you infinite patience, manifesting in every aspect – for your compassion – utterly dedicated – sometimes a ruthless compassion. Cutting through; sometimes so utterly gentle – a pure compassionate loving kindness and profound caring.Sophie Muir



I am happy that I brok down with tears and I have had a switch. From that moment everything changed, the energy, my focus, etc. Thank you for your patience! I finally found what I was looking for (myself!) Linda Saanen

This whole Summer School Part 1 and the entire lead up and preparation has really felt like a real change of growth has happened/is happening. so many lessons and so much fun. I have had to face parts of myself and let go the past and old me and stay focussed on the present and the now. A new feeling of inspiration has come to me. I am beginning to see real growth and I am looking forward to continue growing myself one small step at a time, consistently and joyous. I am learning. Hoorah!! Thank you Master Choy and Christine. Thomas Baker.

I am so grateful for everything. It is a privilege, honour and such joy to be able to study Rainbow Tai Chi, I have learnt and grown so much. And this Summer School was AWESOME!! Christopher Crooks

A specific realitaion is taking responsibility for my feelings and balancing them after loving and accepting them and releasing them to the earth to be transmuted. Yvonne Smith

I am now very aware that I have been living a half life, not able to be in my centre, my Tan Tien and what a difference to my life this is beginning to make. Suzy Sayer

The sunrise sessions to start the day with such strong, soothing, calm energy. being and connecting with nature straight away. Preparing dinner with the group & energising, slowing down with the ingredients. Sharing night ocompletedth family, inner & outer. All sessions were just as inspiring and amazing. Most important lesson for me to resume is that I am worthy to “claim” my space, my energy not his earth, that is is in the benefit of all Ligth Beings, Humang Beings, to let my Light shine. Sabine Feron

Rainbow Tai Chi river practice




FTT Course – Discover Your Inner Chi Energising Foundation of Health & Rejuvenation!

“In 1972, during the early years in Tai-Chi Chi Kung training, in mob ed room with my dog Blackie, I saw a fountain of joy appear before me – limitless layers and layers of smiles before me. (I was not under any kind of drug stimulation. It was not a visualisation exercise). Since then, many people and I have discovered that these INNER joyous river, lake, waterfalls and fountains are helping people to heal their wound and hurts. Your whole being is bathed in tingling energy, beauty and joy. It is inside you body that this Eternal Tai-Chi Chi Kung dance beings……. through the blood veins, arteries and cells – naturally and effortlessly, you discover you are a Being of pure chi energy. To succeed in life, you need firstly, a personal motivation plus a wise teacher to keep encouraging you to succeed. Secondly, you need a peer group to support your personal growth. Thirdly, you have a right environment to prosper and to heal. Fourthly, daily, weekly and monthly practice and mentoring! In the FTT, you get these 4 steps happening in your life! In the FTT atmosphere, you feel naturally inspired to create, to draw, to paint, to write and to play. The seed experiences you discover in the Summer School, Weekly Classes and Weekend workshops are being grown in the FTT> Patiently over a period of 2 years, with perseverance and persistency. I see you self empowered and flowering in creative action and service to humanity, your family, your friends and the earth. The sis the main aim of the FTT/F3T Light Being Intensive courses 1,2 and 3.” Master Choy

The Foundation Taoist/Tai Chi Chi Healing Training (FTT) is based on the book “15 ways to a Happier You – 15 Tai Chi Chi Kung Principles and Exercises.” The Course puts an emphasis on learning how to use Tai-Chi Chi Kung to firstly, achieve a total sense of personal clarity, peace and self-acceptance, and then to share your wisdom with natural skill and sensitivity. The FTT is designed to bring you more health and rejuvenation. The Tai Chi Chi Healing Theme will be part of this year’s curriculum. Note: For those inspired to learn the complete Rainbow Tai Chi Form, you need to complete this FTT Course first before joining the F3t. If you wish to be trained as a teacher and healer, your goal i1 00 successful chi healing and teach a minimum of 30 people the basic 15 Fundamental Tai Chi Chi Kung Exercises/Principles.

Master Choy teaching river



The prerequisite to joining the course is the humility to learn and a sincere commitment to study and put into practice regularly the 15 FTC/CK Principles. Your “TEXTBOOK AND MATERIALS” – the books “15 ways to a Happier You” and “37 steps to Happiness – Tai Chi’, The DVDs – 8 Fundamental Tai-Chi and 7 Chi Kung Exercises, Meridian Chart, Heart Beat Listening CD, Chanting CD, and 15 FTCCK CD.


This course is open for both personal development or teacher trainees. The student is required to put one whole month in April 2020 and 10 Weekend intensives, Summer School 2019 and 2020. Summer School Fees are payable separately. Teacher Trainees are Required to live at the Happilizaton Centre minimum of 30 hours of weekly instruction with Master Choy and do 24 hours per week studying LBI subjects and practicing. To qualify, teacher trainees are required to manifest a minimum of 5 students to join the Summer School 2020. Students from abroad who are doing it for personal development do not need to attend weekly classes. For weekend Intensives, the Course beings on Friday 2pm and finishes on Sunday 4.00pm. The Course venue is at The Happilizatoin Centre. The fees for the FTT Intensive Two Year Personal Development Course is 5950Euros for both teacher trainees and non teacher trainees. Late payments after 1st September are subject to 10% bank interest charges. Fees are non-refundable after 1st September 2020. For those training to be Teachers, you will be required to tart classes after the April Intensive. From 1st September, you start your Apprenticeship Training with master Choy and have direct access to his teaching and guidance in person or by email and telephone. During the FTT, you are required to send WEEKLY EMAIL REPORTS ON HOW YOU LEARN TO APPLY THE TAI CHI CHI KUNG EXERCISES AND PRINCIPLES. Write sharing your intention for joining the course. You fill an Application Form and Weekend in October 2019. To Pay your School fees, please send 5950 Euros to SABADELL BANK ACCOUNT NAME: KEAN CHOY CHIN / ACCOUNTNO. 15CR52444

IBAN ES 11 0081 7466 3600 0135 9238 / BIC BSA BESBB


Starts Part One 2pm 24 July – 12pm 1 August 2019.

Starts Part Two 2pm 5 August – 12pm 13 August 2019.

Course Fees – €695.

Directions to get to the workshop will be supplied upon acceptance of your enrolment.

10% Early Bird Discount, Send €625,50 by 1st April 2019.

Cheques can be made payable to Chi Self-Healing Centre. Your early payments will enable us to prepare for the Summer School. Note: The Course Fees are non-refundable after 15 May 2019 with exception of medical reasons and then in such a car, your fees can be reallocated to the following year’s attendance.

Course includes accommodation and FOOD and tuition in stunning natural surroundings by Master Choy, Founder of the Rainbow Tai Chi School, Devon, UK & The Happilization Centre, Malaga, Spain.

Master Choy has 45 years of experience in teaching, sharing and embodying these ancient principles, with dynamically peaceful, unconditionally loving, joyous explosions of laughter, you can find your way back to your Happilized self, effortlessly. Humbleness to learn is a pre-requisite to attending this course.

Price Includes:

Tuition in Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung, Zhineng Chi Kung and Rainbow Tai Chi Form with Rainbow Taoist Master Choy. HUMBLENESS TO LEARN/UNLEARN is a prerequisite to join. ” Alkalising homegrown organic vegetables & meals from the Centre’s Gardens.

Price does not include:

Accommodation and flights – can be broke for less than €100 UK return to Malaga. *Accomodation: At the Centre Beautiful Riversie Octagon Tent €40 per night, single occupancy. Or €29 per night for sharing. Fink Accommodation. Double Room – €60 Single occupancy. €70 for couple sharing. Twin room €50. Bunk Beds €40.

Note: Fees are non refundable after 15 May 2019, except medical reasons. Personal travel insurance is recommended. Any professional therapists or teachers attending from other schools please note that this is a personal development course. To quality to use the tools provided in this course, you need to attend a personal FTT course. Refer to school website or above for further details.


Option 1: UK Payment online



Option 2: Spain Payment




IBAN ES 11 0081 7466 3600 0135 9238


Write a letter of motivation to

Masterchoy070@btinternet.com and pay to Chi Self Healing via online banking the full amount by 1 June 2019 (earlybird by 1st April).


UK 0044 7785 706 965

SPAIN 0034 665 941 293 (also whatsapp)

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