As a young boy, I was taught about Buddha being the Enlightened One. This “Light” was something far away from normal life and we had to work very hard to get there spiritually.

Since 1972, I discovered that human beings have a secret love affair a lot of the time with LIGHT! Most people are already in love with the light. Look at the physical expressions of your need for “LIGHT” in your daily life. Can you imagine even one night without one bit of light? Even if you are out there in nature, you love the stars. Or you are in the cities, you love the lights, the human stars, don’t you have your own favourite actors and actresses?
The “LIGHT” out there is mirroring what we are seeking within us. You love being in a room with someone or a few friends who enjoy your company. You may go to a pub, stay at your friends’ place, or meet up for a candlelight dinner and a walk under the moonlight. So, what did you enjoy about the meeting? Is it not the warmth and the lightness of the evening, laughing, eating, sharing, spontaneously being at ease with friends or relatives you love?
Ok, it does not happen every evening or every time you meet. But that does not take away your desire to want that “light of attention” you get from your friends and relatives and you being with them in that “warm, nice and lovely” atmosphere.
Where is all this leading to?
Imagine you flying down in an airplane and seeing all the lights lighting up the roads, cars, streets, houses and buildings. Do they not look so tiny, those little flickering lights? Ah, the lights now look brighter and brighter as your plane  get closer and closer to these lights as you hover closer to the airport.
You see how dependant we are on the LIGHT?
Of course, in the daytime, we discover how we LOVE THE WARMTH OF THE SUN. We are after all warm blooded creatures and we need the sunlight to create vitamins in our bodies. The food and vegetables we eat depend on the sunlight, water, moisture, the earth to grow and in turn feed us the energy we need in our daily lives.

So, physically and emotionally WE LOVE THE LIGHT BECAUSE WE NEED THE LIGHT. The more we FEEL this warmth in a balanced way, the more WE DISCOVER WE ALREADY ARE LIGHT BEINGS!! Mentally, we love insights, flashes of intuitions and light of understanding. Spiritually we all love atmospheres that are filled with the soft glowing light of peace. See that beautiful light in the eyes of that lovely person you love, you see a mirror reflection of who you are and who you want to be. You love that person because he or she reminds you of the inner light of beauty within your soul.

By claiming your natural desire to be a LIGHT BEING in a conscious way is the first step. Becoming conscious of the fact that you are an attractive, beautiful, loving and intelligent being BECAUSE YOU ARE LIGHT BEING will help you grow a healthy, balanced and prosperous life for yourself.  Then, you start to get to know other LIGHT BEINGS in other people and together we can create a more enlightened society to help humanity find more harmony, peace and loving chi.


Responsibility of a Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Warrior! 

What we discovered in our work with the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung School over the past 40 years is that when you realise you are a Light Being, you begin on a journey of true self discovery to create a trusting, mature, loving and respectful relationship with your Light Being. There is a VERTICAL alignment that takes place which allows us to face not only the LIGHT OF LOVE, the PASSION we feel for what we believe. It is easy to get carried away and believe in some kind of evangelical mission to save the world. A local baker was just sharing with me today that she thought we had a commune up here. I patiently shared with her that we were a School teaching people Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung and empowering people to help heal themselves with chi energy as well as herbs and organic raw living food we grow ourselves.

I mean anyone can claim to have found his or her Light Being, right? And be delusional and believe that he or she is qualified to teach professionally Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung without sitting for the examinations or meeting the requirements of a balanced and grounded teacher. A few ex students even believe that the requirements for graduation are impossible to reach. We sat down the other day with trainee teachers and students and looked at this question, and realised that this belief was not based on the truth! There is no “my truth” and “your truth”. If you do not have a licence to drive on the road, you will not get insurance cover, that is a fact.

Try explaining to the police that it is your truth or you feel right about driving on the road without a licence and insurance and see what he says!!

A few days ago, we looked at this question and referred to our recent past history, in just 4 minutes, I recalled the names of more than 40 past graduates from recent years, who had worked hard with all their heart body mind and spirit to pass the exams and meet the Fieldwork requirements. They studied in conditions that were even more challenging. They were Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung warriors of wisdom who blazed new paths and were pioneers. For example, in the early days, they had to teach without any textbooks!! Today, there is the 15 Ways to a Happier You – Tai Chi Chi Kung” and “37 Steps to Happiness  –  with an Introduction to Aqua Tai Chi”, these graduates could look at the trainee teachers and say, “LUCKY YOU!”

I salute and am proud of these graduates because instead of adding fear and terror to the world, they are adding their courage and wisdom to the world! They take the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung principles into their daily jobs and apply it. Take for example, Michael Cooke is an FTT and F3T Graduate. He taught a few years and then decided his calling was to be a Policeman in Australia!! He used the principles to pass all the Police Exams and is today a Riot Police Officer!!! Another graduate Naoko Kawase from Japan applied her lessons to helping her husband and family to start a farm and raise two beautiful children. Sophie Muir, another graduate from Cornwall who also taught many people Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung, wrote recently how she applied the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung principles to raising her two children as well as helping to raise more than £1,000 for a childrens charity recently.

Remember, most important of all, you really have the freedom to decide. It is A CHOICE. No student is persuaded to become a teacher trainee. You can attend the FTT or F3T  longterm training for personal development. And students like Jeanne in the testimonial below, attend to help themselves heal and that is in itself a courageous, humble and true fact.

The HORIZONTAL  level of the training has to do with keeping the heart, body, mind and spiritual connection with people in an honest, direct and open attitude. Take a small example, if a student whether it be a trainee teacher or a beginner is unable to humble himself or herself and too afraid of owning up to his or her mistakes and correcting it immediately, then, the path of Wisdom learning is missed. The Light of Love needs the Light of Truth. Together they give birth to the Light of Wisdom. Wisdom brings us Prosperity, Health and THE TAO OF GOLDEN POT OF GOODIES at the end of the Rainbow!!  That is the reward of the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Warrior.

The Ancient Wise Teacher, Wenshi, adept of Chinese Classics on Immortality explains, 

When the Light of Consciousness is turned within,
The energies of Heaven and Earth, Yin and Yang,
All fuse in a Tai Chi motion and melt into the Tao”
So, you can apply this awareness of THE TAO OF WISDOM to brighten your daily life with new health, happiness and harmony. 

Three important factors we discovered work best to help each person on this journey.
Firstly, you need a “balanced vertical and horizontal environment” to wake up to this light consciousness. When you are surrounded by people and the physical facilities of the school vibrate with light, loving chi and peaceful energies, this encourages you to “TURN WITHIN” to find your own inner wisdom too. Like growing a tree, it takes patience, it takes a long time and years of practice to grow the light kind of environment around you, so that your environment mirrors your best wishes of personal growth rather than mirror the worst dark scenarios of fear, stress and conflict. As the wind flows with the rivers, we need to be able to have the perseverance, patience and persistency to surf with whatever we feel troubled with. 
Secondly, to succeed you need PERSONAL MOTIVATION to open, to be humble and to learn about how to transform the chi energies from the earth, human and heavenly forces into an awareness subject of self study.
Thirdly, find your WISE TEACHER, you find the wise teachings. A wise teacher will have the courage to speak with love and grittiness what needs to be said even if you do not like to hear it!! We were given a nickname as the School without frills or bullshit! We have an inner CRAP DETECTOR and put all that nonsense into the Compost Bins in the School gardens, literarily!!!

In the short time with us at the Summer School, we are open to discover with you whether the Rainbow Tai Chi School Teachings and Teachers can help you awaken the beautiful wise being in you who can help you develop your chi healing abilities to help your family, your world around you build a better world.
We treasure the personal apprenticeship style of training and learning because we found that it was the way of the ancient educators. Even in a group of 50 participants during the Summer School, we do our best to balance between general group meetings and smaller group meetings. You are part of a small group of 3-5 students and a teacher appointed to help you learn as much as you can. And in the long term 2 Years Light Being Intensive Training open to everyone who have done the Summer School, we usually have not more than 10 students so that the teaching and training is focussed on your personal needs and your personal pace of learning and growing. 


From Jeanette Birch

Thank you so much for this amazing, wondrous, special month of healing and transformation.  I came here fragile, stressed and weak. With the trust, love, patience and healing I have received here, I have found stillness, peace and light within myself and in nature.  In such a short time I have regained so much strength, both physically, emotionally and spiritually.   

The unspeakable joy of walking on Mothecombe beach, and of wading through the river, guided one step at a time by Choy’s wisdom and patience.  Nine months ago, at Summer School I had to be carried across this beach and river, unable to walk that distance. Even more amazingly, I walked back up the steep hill from the beach to the car park.  The feelings of gratitude I felt at these achievements are indescribable and will stay with me forever. Thank you Choy for your trust and belief in me, your love, patience, wisdom and humbleness – you have given me back my life.  My gratitude knows no bounds and I shall be forever thankful in my heart. Thank you, Christine, for your gentle, loving support and your dedication, that help to make this such a special place. Thank you too to my fellow Light Being One Intensive students for your love, support, encouragement and friendship; for the privilege of sharing such special times in the Chi Healing, and for sharing too the laughter and the tears.  A special thank you to those of you who did my cooking duties for me, especially Linda and Tony, and for never making me feel I was a burden that meant so much to me. I feel so blessed to have been able to experience all that I have, and to be able to take away with me so many wonderful lessons that will help me for therest of my life.


With loving Chi,

Jeanette Birch, Light Being Student, 2006  

Jeanette Birch, Light Being Student

Jeanette who before starting the Light Being Intensive (LBI) had to be physically carried around during the Summer School, was doing rotavating in the garden patch for fun during the LBI One Month.