Master Choy

Master of Tai Chi and Founder of Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung

Master Choy has studied with 7 Grandmasters of Tai Chi and Chi healing and received his title "Master Choy" from Tai Chi Grandmaster Chen of Chen Village, China, the birthplace of Tai Chi. Master Choy is the founder and main teacher of Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung.

Helen Feron

Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Teacher

Through her own transformations she feels the urgency and a deep purpose to share the Rainbow T'ai Chi Chi Kung tools and principles. Helen wants to help others find the way back to themselves and find healing. Together with Vincent, Helen is teaching classes in Newton Abbot and in different care homes as a teacher trainee.

Vincent Sanders

Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Teacher

Vincent is highly motivated and driven to keep on learning, growing and glowing as he wants the whole world to learn these Rainbow Tai-Chi principles and exercises. Together with his partner Helen he feels a mission to help people find back their way to themselves by teaching Rainbow Tai-Chi.

Monica Mackin

Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Teacher and Chi Healer

Working with Master Choy at the school, she has found a truly comprehensive Heart, Body, Mind Spirit system that WORKS. In Ireland she presently teaches weekly Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung classes, also 2 day workshops on Zhineng Chi Form & Chi healing. In addition she works with students in 1:1 sessions.

Robin Meulen

Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Teacher

After his first FTT he decided to join more courses as a Teacher Trainee to not only learn these tools and teachings of wisdom for himself but also to help heal the people who are open to learn these tools. So now Robin has found the true depth and wisdom he was looking for and feels very grateful and motivated to be able to teach the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Tools to help the people in this world heal and feel what is real!

Liza Disselhorst

Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Teacher

Liza started learning with master Choy in Spring 2014, in a weekend workshop in Amsterdam. Feeling very inspired by the teachings, she decided to join a summerschool in that same year, and during summerschool signed up for an FTT course. She is now starting her third FTT course and is ready to share the Rainbow […]

Tim Elfring

Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Teacher

Tim is excited to share with others the wisdom he learned while studying at the Rainbow Tai Chi School. One of the biggest impacts for him was that he was able to connect to his heart again, which allowed him to feel and release his emotions and learned how to go from negativity to positivity.

Linda Saanen

Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Teacher

Linda came to the school for the first time in July 2013 after attending a weekend workshop with Master Choy in the Netherlands. She felt specially drawn to the school because of the healing possibilities for her hearing loss. After visiting the Summerschool, she was sure about her plans and started with the FTT course […]