“Coming from a background of 12 years as a general practitioner, I felt aware that there was something lacking in what I was able to offer. I first met Master Choy over 3 years ago and attended his workshops. What he had to say seemed immediately to make sense. Since then I have explored many different avenues and teachers, but nowhere has everything made such sense as in Master  Choy’s teaching. Master Choy shows us how we can start to change our whole way of being, without turning our backs on our ordinary Western lives.” – Dr Lynette J Bowden MBBS, DRCOG, MFHom


“When I first took up Rainbow Tai-Chi Chi Kung, I was coming to the end of an active sports career. Within weeks of beginning with Choy, many of my nagging sports injuries began to clear up with the gentle movements.” – Professor Peter McKiernan, Chairman of the Dept of Management, University of St Andrews Scotland

 “I am always grateful to my training with Choy in the Foundation Tai-Chi Chi Kung Course. I have applied the teaching in my art form and found immense success. I also now enjoy teaching Tai-Chi in London.’ – Wayne Meeten, 2002 Winner of UK Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Design and Runner up in Design of the Queens Golden Jubilee Sword 2001.


  “For me, the Rainbow Tai-Chi Chi Kung exercises I learnt with Master Choy greatly improved my sense of coordination, physical suppleness and relaxation after 18 years of chronic lower back pain and acute muscular tension in my shoulders and upper back.” – Jennine Masters


“The feeling of a deep emotion, almost tearful result was most evident watching Master Choy perform his Tai-Chi Form movements.” – D Trager, USA


“I have found a very deep peace and whilst you were talking it was like lights being switched on in every aspect of my life. Inside my body feels clean and strong which I have not felt for years.” – Tricia Charnley


“It was amazing to realize that without the help and guidance and love of my father and mother within me that my inner child could not function. The connection with nature, especially when going out in our groups was an experience I will never forget and I will never look on a tree again without respecting what lessons it has to give, especially the one I related to.” – Helen Hallam


“The waterfall connecting me to the power and abundance of cascading sparkling chi energising every cell in my body, so I felt vital, alive full of smiling peaceful chi. As a trainee Tai Chi Form teacher I have learned to humble myself even more to tune in to where my students are; humbling myself to the reflections of me and the valuable lessons they bring to me and each other.” – Frances Powell


“The highlight for me is all the work we have done outside. The laughing and the crying and feeling at one with nature.” – Margot Russell


“I have experienced a river of ebbing and flowing from the spring source to a sea of energy, with peaks, shallows, calm, laughing and pure joy.” – Margaret Hardy


“The weekend workshop was really useful as I am seeing the qualities of the inner father and inner mother mirrored in nature. I am practising the single whip sequence and found it brought my inner father in more to protect my inner child and to bring reassurance. This was particularly helpful when driving home from the workshop in Yorkshire as I was able to really be there for my inner child, who felt vulnerable in a car and among the traffic. I feel that my inner parents are becoming more present for me. I am also noticing a Trilogue opening up between my inner family.” – Sophie Toye


“A true feeling of awareness of myself, my body movements.. I enjoyed all aspects of Tai-Chi. The exercises are very good. The meditation side is teaching me how to be peaceful. I want to go on with it very much.” – Valerie B


“I came to the workshop feeling like DEATH. After several hours with Master Choy, I left feeling like A MILLION DOLLARS. I hope to come back again SOON.” Valerie W


“I found the weekend a learning experience, both the background and the origin of Tai Chi which I knew nothing about and learning some basic skills in tai chi to centre and still myself to become more aware. The connection with nature and tai chi is new to me so obvious and natural and I feel I have learned something very valuable for myself, to aid me in gaining more energy and conserving that energy also. Thank you. Highlights for me were the trip to the beach, when my eyes were closed how more aware of the sounds around me. The flow of the water and the slow movements of the Tai Chi was just wonderful and the movements of the clouds, the softness of the sand underfoot. The connection with nature again was just so lovely. I feel I have improved internally-more centred, relaxed, soft, awareness of the internal strength I have and how to tap into that strength and add to it when under any stress.”Marie O’Laeí, IRELAND


“I felt the benefit of the community feeling and allowed myself to appreciate the wonder of silence. At first being totally relaxed and allowing to put my confidence in the other person was difficult, but it improved very much so one small step in an enjoyable curve. Focusing on the yin and yang and realizing how this works in our daily pattern of living. Enjoyed the outdoor activities which certainly energised me. Beautiful music selection. The healing sessions were just so beneficial, again the stillness, the inner calm was amazing.” –Margaret Cowan


“Really enjoyed the workshop and Master Choy inspired me to continue learning Tai Chi. He exuded life and joy for life and positivity. I loved the peace and tranquillity. I learned that I must be more focussed and rid my mind of thoughts or I will never be able to remember the exercises. I enjoyed the exercises in natural surrounds and I learned to appreciate nature more. The healing sessions were super and a lovely switch off – I was very impressed as I could visualize the blue and violet light. I thought the heart-beat listening was lovely and will do it more often”.Mary Clarke


“I never did Tai Chi before … so it was a powerful introduction. I’ve bought the book and DVD. You are certainly an inspiration as a teacher. I am a retired teacher myself and I was constantly telling my students that “I don’t know” so it was great to hear that it’s good, wise, to know you don’t know. Thank you for all that you gave us your energy and your sense of fun and most of all your enthusiasm. It was a joy to behold.”Ann Wendall




Student Testimonial Letters and Feedback

Feedback on Healing

Chi Healer Vincent session with Suus in Holland September 2015

“We started with letting go. I asked her to let go all her yoga experiences. She was humble and happy to surrender her yoga teaching role. She was a talent in letting go physically but I felt in my heart she was in pain. I asked her to pause and went into the 3rd FTC. She was holding herself and I asked her to say ‘I love you Suus and I accept you as you are’. She bursted out in tears and shared she couldn’t. She was filled with hardness  and I persisted and even pushed a bit to stay with her heart and let out the tears and speak with a soft voice and keep loving and accepting herself as she is. She cried but listened to me and finally whispered she loves Suus. More tears and I felt buzzing chi as I was holding the inner Suus. I saw a unworthy part of me there. Stayed with her and encouraged her to add this exercise to her yoga practice to add softness to balance her inner hard critic voice. She was very grateful and said this lesson is landing for her now. She heard loving herself is important before but was never aware it is something to practice daily. 

She told me about the pain in her lower back so I choose to focus the healing on her backdoor of life. There was a huge tree in her living-room and I felt the tree came in with buzzing healing chi. Intense heat was under my hands radiating into her back and expanding into her whole body. I was giving thanks to the chi and the energy intensified and got

Less intense and more soft and gentle. The heat remained and later a wave of Goosebumps and intense buzzing light came in. Chanting was very powerful and it was like the chi was flowing trough the whole room. 

After the healing Suus stood up and was amazed. “So much heat and buzzing and I don’t feel my back right now” she was bending over filled

With amazement saying “I can bend over without pain, it’s unbelievable”. I was amazed myself as well and really grateful”. 

Vincent Sanders



Summer School Part One Song

By Tim Elfring


So I let myself up! And fill my chi cup!

Come on everybody, please stand up.

Let your self up! And fill your chi cup.

And you won’t feel down no more!


For you to truly arise,

Then defamiliarize!

You will profit so much,

But it may not feel nice!


If you’re looking for promotion,

Then find stillness in motion!

Feel it trough your heartbeat,

And work with your emotion.


If you’re not in your zone,

And you’re feeling like a drone

Then use the tai chi of the telephone.


Unconditional love,

Comes not only from above.

It’s all around you,

Even in a horny dove.


So I let myself up! And fill my chi cup!

Come on everybody, please stand up.

Let your self up! And fill your chi cup.

And you won’t feel down no more!


Balance the love,

With the truth,

Then you’ll find your wisdom tooth!


Start from follow to flow,

Into flowering you go_ho.

Then being the fruit,

Makes the ripening to show.


Forget all the prayers,

Cause’ we are the tai chi players.

If you really slow down,

You will peel of all your layers.


So for all you girls and boys,

On here we have a choice.

On the vertical however,

You need to listen to your voice.


So I let myself up! And fill my chi cup!

Come on everybody, please stand up.

Let your self up! And fill your chi cup.

And you won’t feel down no more!




Thank you for another amazing Summer School. I felt the energy just built and built as we went deeper into the stillness, slowness and softness and the group became more deeply connected. And the Immortals energy was coming through in my practice.

Stillness, Slowness and Softness
I loved this lesson – to be in the stillness before you let go was so powerful. To see that I don’t have to struggle with the thoughts but just let them be where they are.  I felt myself slowly moving out of the gears I had been stuck in over the last few weeks with the help of this lesson.

Verbal Fasting
This also helped me to slow down and realize that in my mind I hadn’t slowed down! It was great to connect to food and vegetables as light beings and see that we take them into us with all their sparkling energy. Really feeling this as I chewed and digested was special and a revelation!

Again this was part of my slowing down process. Feeling myself go deeper and leaving the stress behind.

Sweetcorn and the Sweetness of Life!
I loved the directness of learning through eating a sweetcorn! Sparkling alive chi!
The lesson in the polytunnel and with the potimarron circle was beautiful and powerful. Why spread the shit around! Use it for growing. Feeling the potimarron teaching me was humbling.

Choice and Choicelessness
This session was beautiful in the clarity of the way Master Choy guided us through the way the LIght Being and the personality interact. And the way most education is mixed up because with the vertical we have to say “I don’t know”!

The River
I loved connecting to the river and nature to do with cleaning the heart. Feeling that our teachers are touching our skins and in us! Loved the singing and feeling the group relaxing more together.
The new FTC alternative order of doing the exercises. Inspired me to make my song! Another approach to work with.

The castrated yogi theme!
The humour in this was amazing in such a poigniant subject – seeing we can’t cut off our feelings.

Project Sharing Night
The culmination of the focus and work on our projects made it a powerful inspiring night. To see the results of letting go into the chi and the Light Being . For me, for the work on my cd. So deeply moving and feeling so honoured to see Master Choy and Christine doing the RTCF to my music! And performing a song with Helen and Sabine too was very special.

Group Sharing Night and Day!
Such a powerful energy from the start with Andy’s moving and amazing dive into the chi. Then Eamonn’s special talent for humour. Loved seeing him and Aisling interact! So unexpected and hilarious! Then moving into deep work with Respect of the Teacher and inner teacher. Then this repeating the next day in a slightly different way and moving and inspiring to see how Master Choy so lovingly dived in and cornered Nicole on such a difficult feelings so it felt at the end a huge cleansing had gone on leaving nothing behind!
And playing the guitar for Robin was amazing to feel this new energy come through Robin!
So inspired by Helen and Vincent together as they sang/rapped at the end!

Thank you everyone for your willingness to dive in and your loving energy!! 🙂

With Gratitude and Loving Chi,



Vincent Sanders Highlights F3T: 

Tai-Chi Push hands.
The push hands principles have changed my life for good. This gave me tools to deal with the feelings of anger for example that I often have coming up inside me. Helps me to create a new root belief inside me. A belief on how to ‘deal’ with an attack or how to be with an attacking force inside and outside me. The first life changing fact I learned is I am attacking myself before I attack someone outside me. So the application of Push hands inside me is a tool to transform and transmute inner attacking selves into constructive empowering aspects of myself. It will take practice to grow this deeper but during this F3T the seed is sown and I have felt ans seen how to apply this. Also the emptying of my ego to neutralize an attacking force is so profound. I see now all the conflicts inside and outside me are there because I feel a re-action inside me, I am resisting an attacking force with my ego, this creates unnecessary conflicts, tension and pain. The push hands principle has learned me how to engage and stick with an attack or a negative without ego. Listening and being with the attack to receive, yield and neutralize it and choose my response. Before the F3T I would Attack back on an attacking force or run away. I am so grateful to have a new way of perceiving attacks and negatives to transform and transmute them instead of running away or re-acting.   


Seeing the Best.
After all the work we have been doing with negatives and composting I find it very powerful to work with the Best in people and myself. Focusing on the best in people to see their qualities and to give thanks for this has changed my life. I can only see the best in others if I see the best in myself. The best in me can be a lifesaver is what I discovered this F3T, a rock in the ground swell of the sea to hold on to in dark and difficult times. For me it is finding the story teller inside me who like’s to write Story’s, dynamic poetry verbally expressed or in writings. This is a gift that I have discovered during this F3T. I have learned the best in me needs watering, development because it is a gift that I have been taking for granted all the past years of my life. Every day one step to grow the best in me is challenging. So I learned to empower myself with daily appreciations from my heart and gut center to in being more consistent. Help to growing self esteem, confidence and the ability to see qualities in others. To look at the light in peoples eyes and focus on their qualities instead of focusing on negatives, seeing the best in people has changed my perception on life, I see every person has unique gifts and qualities that can only come up if we focus on them. So this change of perception to see the best helps me to grow and helps me to motivate and inspire others and myself. 


Perception of Love.
One big highlight for me were the sessions about love in the June intensive. To see and feel love is not inside a person but is a being on it’s self who can be present between people or between a person and nature. Love is also flowing between the sun and the earth, between us. We can intensify this power of the loving being by giving thanks for love for being loving. So I see love is an energetic being, not connecting to a person but to love! I discovered I can feel love when walking trough the park seeing some flowers, when slowing down sensing a connection to a bird, a tree or a woman. I see it is love that I am connecting to, not the actual person. My perception of love has changed were I first was narrowed down to love is coming from a girl or a woman I sense now Love is a cosmic being connecting all…The chanting we use: I am love, you are love, all is love has got a new meaning for me since this F3T. It is not as abstract anymore as it was before when I just knew love only connecting to memories or lovely moments. I see now love is not connecting to memories or pictures. It is a being that can only be connected to directly through feeling it as it is in the moment. When Chanting from this a cognitive feeling of conenction to love in my heart it is a whole new experience. It feels like it is affecting my whole life, helaing and changing the world inside and outside me. Also the classes about the light of love and the loving light have been so profound. This made me realize I don’t know anything and I have to take an example of the relationship between the sun and the earth to learn about this loving Chi. 


Pressure points on Sexual organs and Ching Chi.
When the color science chart was revealed from the sexual organs and the connection to our five internal organs my whole perception of making love changed. I see now how the Ching Chi is to help us to heal our selves. I never realized the sexual organs is connecting to all the other organs spirits. Also when we did the exercise of writing down negative and positive beliefs about our sexual organ I realized how many projections I have towards this organs. Writing the letter of apology was life changing again…I felt I have been abusing the being of my sexual organ and the introduction of feeling gratitude towards my penis on a daily basis has changed me, it feels like I have more energy since I am thanking my penis every time I go to the toilet or take a shower. Also to practice the circulation of the Ching-Chi has intensified my practice of the Tai-Chi form, it is like my senses have woken up more, I can feel more!! Also when making love I can surrender into the feelings and because we have been working so deeply on letting go the image maker I have less and less sexual image making going on inside me. My sense of respect has won from the image maker, it feels my image maker is starving because I am not feeding him anymore with sexual thoughts and images. I am feeding him with gratitude as best as I can!


Changed my perception of sex.
I see sex is something very intimate and is the deepest energetic connection a human being can make with another human being. I learned all the organ spirits are involved in and affected by sex. In the sense of purity it is important to be careful who I have sex with because it affects the Heart, Body, Mind and Spirit deeply on all levels. Sex is spiritually a very intense way of connecting that has repercussions that vibrate trough into the deepest parts of my being and can continue beyond this lifetime. I see now why people who have a lot of different bed partners are so confused and unhappy because they literally are not themselves. All the organs are carrying entities from all their bed partners and their bed partners bed-partners partners!!! What a change in my life to become aware of this yin and yang on a human sexual level.


Root belief system.
The insight my feelings are created my root beliefs, In the F3T I have learned to slow down and look at my root belief system. My uncosious and consious root believes create my feelings and the world I am creating for myself. In the F3T I have learned to grow down into my roots and uproot old beliefs. After uprooting beginning with growing new ones. This is a process I can keep doing my whole life and the F3T has taught me the Patience, persistence and perseverance it takes to grow new roots down to grow up.  


Connection to Nature.
The practice of the RTCF has intensified my connection to nature. I loved the moments when we went to the River to practice push hands in the river or the meditation in the cold water from the ‘mountains’ in Dartmoor. It was a highlight for me to feel this river is really inside me while being physically in the river as well. The ones experienced with the river was undiscibable! It gives my whole life new deeper layers of understanding and feeling connected to mother nature. Respect, humility and gratitude has increased very intensify within me in conenction to mother earth and nature.  


Inner/outer Garden.

Watering the Poly tunnels and plants every day and to see them grow was such an amazing way to learn about the way of nature and her principles. The benefits of consistent watering, the power of persistence, the beauty of patience and the challenge of perseverance. Also the balance of slowness and swift action was all there for me to tune into every morning at sunrise. To see and feel these lessons directly by being with the Potimarons every morning was so powerful.
It will always stay with me: My inner garden needs consistent watering, takes patience to grow, takes tremendous persistence and perseverance to maintain, sustain and grow with a balance of slowness and swift SOR action if needed. When connecting to the plants every morning by watering them and standing at the stake with them these lessons became reality for me. I understood the connection to my practice and the importance of daily commitment without exceptions. No compromising because the plants will just die if I am not there to water them!
In the polytunnels and garden the lessons about weeding, smelly stinky water and compost (negative) to improve growth all made the classes we had so real. Made me realize this is reality, this is nature really showing me her principles of how she grows! Thank you Master Choy for this Direct experiences!


Finding my center.
This F3T has made me feel the connection to my center. It took me such a long journey form my mind into my heart before this F3T started. During the F3T I really arrived back home in my Tan-Tien. The return to the center has really happened! Highlights in this process were Greeting the inner smiling sun every morning in our sunrise practices. Standing at the stake has also helped me to listen to the stillness and connect to peace to be able to sink down into my Tan-Tien and roots.
I will never forget the amazing Sunrise practice on the Paqua on Helen’s birthday.
the 5th of June when we were introduced to the Tai-Chi of the ball and connecting this to our center, center of the earth, center of the sun and center of the galaxy. I have found the connection to my own center and am so grateful for this! I also realized this is just the beginning and the tip of the iceberg. I feel very exited to learn more about the next steps of connecting to the center of the earth, the sun and the galaxy centers as you have shared with us Master Choy! 


Tai-Chi of the Ball (Tuja ball).
This was an incredible initiation for us and the magic of this ball was so impressive. It was like a gift because after practicing with this ball I felt more Chi then ever before in my practice!! it was a experience that will always be with me. Thank you for this honorable initiation Master Choy! I would love to learn more about the Tai-Chi of the ball one day at the ripe timing.  

Tai-Chi form practice.
To learn the 37 steps Rainbow Tai-Chi form in happiness. I have experienced each step as a endless journey of discovery. Amazing how my whole life is mirrored in each movement and again here I feel having learned something that is so ancient and timeless. I feel like a baby who has learned how to stand on it’s legs for the first time and it is such a gift to have a life long of learning how to walk in front of me. Can’t believe how deep the principles of the Tai-Chi form connect to everything in the universe and at the same time in my daily life…Thank you Master Choy for sharing the pearls of Wisdom with us hidden in each step of the Tai-Chi from. I had a dream it was my time to die and I had the option to reincarnate in the next life without forgetting the Rainbow Tai-Chi form. I hope to develop my HMBS in this life in such a way this dream becomes true! I hope to keep growing this gift as a lightbeing stretching beyond this life. 


Becoming a man.
A highlight for me is to become aware I have a woman and a man inside me and they want to learn from each other. In my case I have to find the man inside me to learn to be feminine yet be masculine. It is a highlight for me to have learned to grow the feminine and masculine qualities through feeling and seeing them coming together in my practice. To sense the outer ramifications of this inner work. ‘Suddenly’ I am really becoming a man because the practice helps me grow in it’s mysterious effortless way. It seems out of the ‘blue’ I feel able to take more responsibilities, feel much more confident, courageous, disciplined, free, peaceful, focused, honoust and transparent. At the same time feel more loving, softer, able to listen, warmer, humble, forgiving, pure and Grateful. This makes me dare to express creatively by writing poems, story’s and a book witch gives me Joy, fulfillment, healing, happiness and inspiration! I feel more loving and healthy and it is like prosperity just comes exactly when it is needed. This is how I see up on reflection I am becoming more and more the man of light who is in touch with his inner child and feminine side. The F3T has given me the tools to grow this. Thank you!


Qualitative beings and the light being.
To learn we as human beings can create other beings with for example the thanking process. To focus on thanking qualities for their being increases their presence and this is how I learned to grow beings inside and around me, to connect to them directly trough feeling in my heart and gut.
Also the scenes of trust in my light being became stronger. Specially the classes about the development of our spiritual body made my trust grow that the light being is also interested to come into me. The lessons about growing the light body have been very profound for me an my perception of serving the world has changed. I see now serving the world in helping people to heal for example is to growing my spiritual body. 

Connection to the universe, a ‘galactic being’ way of life.
My perception of the world and universe has changed, I see myself as a human being and at the same time as a galactic being. I see life as a symphony of gratitude and do my best to feel this throughout the day. In the Rainbow Tai-Chi form practice I start to feel more and more this sense of ones with nature. This sense is expanding into a interconnected feeling to the earth, the sun and the our solar system. Once in the June intensive it went beyond and it felt I was dissolved into the whole universe, it was the session on one of the last days in June in the Tai-Chi barn. You Master Choy took us into the galactic energy. I have never ever felt this intensity in my Heart, Body, Mind and Spirit. We were everything and nothing at the same time. A deeply touching experience and to me this was a glimpse into the world of Galactric Tai-Chi. I see we are all connected in this energetic web and every human being is like a solar-system within a solar-system within a solar-system and so on into infinity in all directions! Wow, what a change of looking at life since my start of the training! I saw myself as a boy who liked to DJ a bit and was interested in girls, sports, jokes and party’s. This has transformed into seeing myself as a multidimensional, timeless, galactic lightbeing of peace, happiness, love, joy and healing!    

Thank you so much Master Choy for enriching my being with your wise ancient teachings. I feel on a human level I have learned 50 years of lessons into 1,5 year F3T… On a light being level I don’t know what happened… I feel like I have learned things that would normally took me thousands of lifetimes! Thank you for waking me up and bringing me back to me. I hope to continue this discovery of the Galactric Rainbow Tai-Chi form & Tao of love & Sex with you in more dept in the years ahead. It feel like I have just began really!

Thank you a galazillion times!!

With loving Chi,



FEEDBACK FROM Zhineng Chi Self Healing and RTCCK WORKSHOP 10/11 MARCH 2012

I feel more energised and less pain and soreness in my right knee. Barbara Perry


My body ached on the first day and now I have relaxed and calm down. No more pains I feel chi energy as if my head is showered. Thank you. I had lost sight of me and now I see myself again, the true me. Thank you.  Gerard Mackin


I feel beautifully soft. I feel as if I have shed or let go a lot of stuff. I am not aware of what I was holding onto, and that is ok. I feel LIGHTER. I loved connecting to my inner peace and the outer peace. There is no boundary between our inner world and the outer world.  Anita Weir


I have begun to listen to my physical heart beat. I found a comfort in this. Working on the Tan Tien with Barbara I could physically feel warm and a kind of fizzy energy in the palms of my hands.  Eva Mackin


I find the practice of Zhineng Chi Kung very powerful due to the Cosmic Chi, as I expand my arms and consciousness; it feels like the energy is taking me to another dimension.  The workshop has been a powerful way to reconnect with the amazing lessons we have learnt with Master Choy.   Aisling King


I feel the chi in my hands and fingers. Gerlinde Kugler


The pain and tension in my neck and shoulders has eased. The tension and tightness in y throat, oesophagus and stomach are gone. The predominance of the inner judge was very much mirrored back to me – the gross imbalance. I am embracing the non judge. Also thank and acknowledge the peace within me. Thank you.  Monica Mackin


I feel more relaxed and simultaneously energised. I needed the lightness, irreverence and humour. Thank you.  Euniece Borland


I was aware of how tired my body was and the level of physical discomfort and pain I was carrying. I like the way we can work to others as well as ourselves – especially by holding and bathing with Chi Energy even when they are not physically present.  Claire Conroy


In the Zhineng Chi Healing I felt the energy flow through my body and the heat from my fellow participant Yvonne’s hands ease the pain in my lower back and left leg.   Margaret Collins


I loved the exercises of Letting Go and of Generating and Channelling energy for healing myself and others. Thank you.  Brid Buckley


I had pains in both shoulders when doing the paired healing exercise with Richard. The pains disappeared when receiving the healing. Thank you.   Ann Keenan


I feel more peaceful and balanced. The stress, strain and tension of daily life has eased greatly by practising Zhineng Chi Kung and Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung.   Eamonn King



Student Testimonial Poetry

To Be in Love

To cognise love, what does it mean
I must have been mistaken, my imagination or a dream,
thats what it must have been

The visions so real, the emotions so deep
Not just seeing or feeling, but just being
So aware and alert, no way was I asleep

Why me, so un-balance, so –un-centered
Always keeping the love wrapped and trapped so tight inside
For all my years the emotion of love has wanted to hide

But this was love, so pure and alive
Today there was no place to hide
The energy of love so real and engulfing, tears came from deep inside

These were tears of joy and loving emotion
Not now the tears that have caused such commotion

Flooding and fusing every cell in me
So humble and honoured, I can now just be.





19 Knives, 19 Forks and 19 Spoons too.

19 Plates and 19 Bowls, That’s a lot of Nettle Soup!


19 Finer Silky Beings I could never hope to meet.

All gathered in a single space with TaiSho on their feet!


Listening to The Master’s voice, receiving wisely words,

Slowly, slowly spiralling, the energy it stirs.


Grounding with our Tan-Tien in the Aqua T’ai-Chi Pool;

Trusting in our partners to never let us fall.


Searching for the feeling and that Primal Scream within.

Letting go of so much stuff – into the compost bin.


Moving on and learning of the Yin, Yang and Wu Chi,

Learning not to Think or Do but simply just to Be.


Sitting by the pond, in pain as parts of us go numb.

Master Choy reminds us not to take stones with our bum!


Lying in the garden with the Whole World at our feet.

Kneeling on top of Mother Earth feels really kind of neat!

 One decides to leave us but the energy grows more.

Could that be the 4th Dimension knocking at the door?

 Cocooned in loving silence and we sit and watch the screen.

Wondering between us what does all these Light Beings mean?

Floating, floating on our backs away to Inner Space.

Radiant Smiles, the Inner Child appears upon our face.

 Grounded once again, we root our feet within The Dart.

T’ai-Chi Push Hands giving and receiving from the Heart.

 Sharing our experiences, and shedding all those tears,

Learning to accept ourselves, and letting go the fears.

 So soon, we’re drawing to a close, though some are staying on;

The energy will shift again when some of us are gone.

 A heartfelt wish is that these Silky Beings will stay in touch.

And I would like to say to all, “Thank You, so, so much”.


Mark Baker