From Master Choy   11 December 2016


I feel happy to thank you for being part of this amazing journey of rainbow qualities that we do our best to generate in our weekly classes, weekend courses, Summer School and the FTT. Thank you for subscribing to our School website on THANK YOU!! YOU ARE A PART OF US!! When you tune into us, you will feel this bubbling joy (like the website bubbling water sounds)!!


Happiness comes through us and not TO us. So, who is this “us”? This “us” are the actual people who run this School, so many of them YOU have met and come to melt your eyes filled with love, laughter and tears!!


I feel this bubbling joy right now,  that motivates me to write to you now. I also believe it comes through everyone when we are born.


Like a new born spring, it is as unstoppable as a baby smiling for no reason!!


Has it happened to you in a shop, a train station, a bus, a train….some totally unexpected place, and suddenly, you have this beaming smiling baby looking right THROUGH YOU? That smiling baby makes you smile because even though you are a stranger, to JOY, we are all united instantly!!


Happiness does not WANT something from us. It is simply present, it is simply a gift to your life!


I discovered that the balancing attitude of Yin/slowing down to turn within to practise Letting Go, Heart Beat listening and Unconditional Wu Chi Loving Acceptance allow this happiness to bubble up.


If you do not feel it, it is simply because you have been running around in a Yang/fast lane circuit in your daily life. No matter how fast you run around the earth, if there is a dark cloud you carry everywhere you go, it blocks out the beautiful smiling sunshine!!


So, thank you for doing your best to support you, to support me, to support all of us this 2016 to make this mirroring experience an effortless journey into bliss!!


We are truly blessed this year when we look back to see how many thousands of healings, awakening to lightness and laughter and transformation in lifestyle has taken place.


I sincerely want to thank our teacher trainees Tim Elfring, Robin Meulen, Linda Saanen, Liza Disslehorst and FTT Graduates Helen Feron, Vincent Sanders and Nicholas Millington for touching hundreds of human lives every single week. You have been the trigger of so many spontaneous tears of laughter, of release, of miraculous chi healings and we keep joking we must take out a share on the Kleenex tissue paper, we use so many boxes of it so often especially during the weekends when we meet together!!


 And here is a radiant big thank you to all the other FTT people who have blessed us with their regular weekly and weekend presence for this 2016 and we also have them for 2017. If you have not met them in their true form yet, YOU MUST come and meet them in our courses, especially the Summer School. Such unique radiant beings, you literarily feel good just BEING around them!


And to Andy Perryman, what a creative genius you are, you inspire everyone around you with your unique grin and tremendous generosity. The Octagon Building is beaming with radiant hope for humanity as you and every FTT student helps to ground this vision to unify all the flags of every nation in the world and balance their yin, yang and Tao qualities. To Sabine too, what a great transformation is happening for you as we see you dance out of your cave with beaming smiling eyes greeting the world with your music, your fun, your uncontrollable giggles when they come up, what a great way to live life like you really do!! And Samantha, keep being your sensitive, harmonious and nature loving self. You lit up the room with your beautiful face that does not hide any feelings, you are the barometer for any group, when you go rose red filled with warmth and love or orange when you are feeling so happy or when you go within and we can hardly hear you speak, we see it immediately on your face!!


And Aisling King, you said you will miss the School when you go back to Ireland, the School also misses you in the forest, in the gardens, in the hall, in the bamboo huts, in the caravans, in the main guest house, you are everywhere constantly giving your kindness, your loving touch to help clean, clear, recycle, always doing your best!! Thank you Aisling for all the chi service acts of selfless deeds you leave with us and we look forward to welcoming you back next year as a teacher trainee in your own right!! All Ireland need to feel the warm love of your heart now!!


Monica Mackin, everyone and I are so excited that you are coming to join the New FTT!! There are so many unexpected lessons and inspirational awakening that happen around you. Dartmoor nature presences and all the nature presences in this School rejoice when your lovely voice sings together with all the birds in the valley.


Tim Porter, your lovely booming voice still echo in song, laughter and warmth in the school hall. Welcome on board the new FTT.


Tom Baker, we love your musical genius talented being, thank you for blessing our world with such exquisite music. Nick, Helen, Sabine, Robin, Liza and everyone in the group look forward to playing with you!! What gifts, what talents!!!


And Irene Schimmel, welcome to the New FTT, thank you for bringing your constant sense of curiosity, your big beautiful eyes searching and diving into the practice and intimate discussions on chi energy, loving chi!! Keep being humble and open Irene, all your questions will be answered!!


Monique Fontijn, thank you for bringing the FOUNTAIN of your exuberance, your joy, your enthusiasm for life, your infectious love and care for the world especially in your focus on helping children find hope, light and joy adds a special dimension to the Rainbow Tai Chi School!! You are most welcome on the NEW FTT.


Rae, your inner sun’s ray is always shining whenever you come and join us for any class, keep smiling through all the daily practices you are doing. You are unique, amazing and fantastic part of the FTT.


When you read the above, you realise how blessed Christine Chin and I feel to be surrounded by such exceptional unique and rainbow beings!!


I am so awe inspired every single day and week, inspiring and healing experiences are consistently happening and building up in this Chi Self Healing Centre/Rainbow Tai Chi School, this is what motivates me to share with you that you are truly worthy of my deepest gratitude and warmest  Choyous smiling love!!


Do come and join us at the ripe timing!


When you come and participate in our workshops, gradually, you realise that there is a Rainbow Light Family full of chi energising healing presences in everyone ready to embrace you with unconditional loving chi. And then, the spontaneous bubbling joy starts happening in you.


Keep in touch!!

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