The Answer to Terror Lies Within You

The Answer to Terror Lies Within You

By Master Choy


This article began recently after newspapers reported about Tony Walter committing suicide because he was unable to take any more the idea that there could be more terrorists attack and today, another report of three terrorists armed with knives killed 7 people and wounded nearly 50.


I was born a Malaysian in 1953 and have been living in UK for the past 25 years, and I am founder of my own school of Chi Self Healing Centre and Rainbow Tai Chi School in Devon.


I felt so sorry to hear about Tony Walter taking his own life and not being able to bear his trauma of the 7/7 bombing terrorist attack which he was a victim. His bad experience was triggered by recent Manchester terror attack.


So many people have expressed shock at this events, how do we make sense of it? How do we digest and learn lessons from this? How do we transform such heinous crimes against humanity?


Through meditation, it is possible to heal such traumas. Turning within to find the inner terrorist self and the inner traumatized self and working with forgiveness and love, we can come to a peaceful place. This does not mean that we forgive the terrible behavior. However, it is Fear who rule the terrorists that seeks to conquer us.


As a martial artist and gardener for 50 years, I believe it is possible to conquer Fear and compost this valuable lesson for humanity, one step at a time, one day at a time…..only then, the true source of all terrorists can be overcome.  


Most martial artists have heard the old saying, “You are your own worst enemy. When you conquer your fears, you are victorious when facing the enemies in your life.”


Vincent and Monique Rainbow Tai Chi




I grew up with being terrified of my father, who was a Martial Arts Master and his methods of teaching would put him in jail today. To put into context, my father was brought up in a time when Japanese Occupation of Malaya in the 1940s, brought also atrocities and terror, such as, seeing your neighbor’s head stuck on a pole in the market to instill fear and terror into the local population.


As a child, I was taught that if I did not study or practice the kungfu my father taught me, I get “whacked”. If I had a few red marks on my report card, I get more beating. But then, even in school when I fail to spell correctly or remember some “stupid” (stupid because those dates do not really matter in the rest of your life, living for more than 60 years now, I can tell you) dates, I also get punished with the hard narrow side of the ruler. Did it all hurt? Yes. Did the feeling of fear terrorize my brothers and I, just the sound of my father’s car coming into the drive way drove us into hiding!!


Playing outside was also considered a “No” activity, more beatings, even once I was stripped completely and hung from a beam and blood flowed down my back and the servant was asked to put salt on my back. So, you see, Social Services today would have a field day running after my father!!


So, at a young age, I already was traumatized and I like many people who have experienced extreme violence and experienced terror, want to understand – is it possible to go beyond this? Or shall I take my life? Yes, suicide was in my mind quite a lot even at a young age, I do really understand how people like Tony feels.


I decided enough was enough. School beatings had to stop. Home beatings had to stop. I decided at 17 years old to travel around the world seeking answers. I went and learned with 7 grandmasters in China, in India, in USA and I found my true chi energizing self!!


When I found out how to deal with my inner demons, I went back home and I remember sitting with my father and saying to him softly with confidence, “I forgive you Pa (our nickname for Dad) for all the hurt you have caused me and my brothers and sisters.” My father cried with relief and I was very happy that we made peace before he passed away some years later.


It took a lot of lessons of encountering fear in its hideous forms, eg. Twice attacked physically by robbers and having to deal with my innermost fearful self.




Most of us are told to lie down or run away. Perhaps that is wise. However, when confronted and you have no time to lie down or run away, how do you respond?


Through Stillness in Motion, only can you defend yourself.


The tool I discovered is that Fear attacks our heart beats first and then, the mind instantly imagines all kinds of terrible outcomes and some of this thoughts may be based on true events.


I learned to listen to the pauses in between my heart beats faster and faster till it became a habit for me to achieve a dynamic peaceful state which produce what some ancient teachers called “The Boomerang Force” when facing terrifying situations. Once I was physically attacked in the street of Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia, from both front and back in broad daylight! Out of the stillness, there was a spontaneous energy that came through my body to bounce off both attackers and much to not only their surprise, but also to me too!! The chi is intelligent and protects us in moments of danger, I discovered!!


My martial arts training also became more and more skilled that when my father challenged me to a duel, he lost!! So, I gained self confidence in my heart and in my body and my mind followed obediently!!


Today, after teaching more than 40,000 students the past 45 years and my two books on 15 Ways to  a Happier You and 37 Steps to Happiness reaching more than 200,000 people, I can safely say, that the path to peace and happiness have found me and my students, for which I am forever grateful for.


I sincerely hope that winning the inner battle between Fear and ourselves is a subject taught to children so that they grow up to be strong in heart, body, mind and spirit and achieve a balanced, healthy and happy life.




Master Choy


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