The healing process of Aisling after her fall

The healing process of Aisling after her fall

It was the last skylight window and Eamonn, my husband had just popped out to the kitchen, when I saw a smudge and I went back up the ladder to wipe it. It was a tall ladder and I was at the top about 8 or 9 feet up and I had been using it all morning, no problem.


However this time, as I reached to wipe the speck, the ladder collapsed underneath me and I found myself falling. I fell on my left side and I was so shocked I couldn’t get up, I could hardly breathe. That was the frightening part as I had no idea what o I had done to myself.


As I found out, I had cracked a bone on the side of my left foot and fractured my 8th rib. The ribs were the worse as I couldn’t take a full breath and it was agony of I coughed, or laughed or even burped. There isn’t really anything they do for such injuries other than take it easy for 7 to 8 weeks and that I would find it sore.


My foot, where I damaged the bone at the top of my foot, though it was swelling up and sore I thought I could manage but I walked out of A&E on crutches. The first time I had been in A&E and the first time I have ever been on crutches.


I really hated it, everything was so slow and I couldn’t do much for myself. I hated having to ask for and to accept help. This was a big lesson for me. I am not invincible. I can not do it all by myself.


The timing really sucked too as I was due to go to Devon to the Rainbow Tai School  for Summer School. But now I had no idea if I would make it. And even if I did how could I participate in the exercises and movements?


The advice of my teacher, Master Choy, the founder of the school and Rainbow Tai Chi was to get to the school as fast as possible for chi healing. The actual name of the school is the “Chi Self Healing Fountain Centre”. Unlike other therapies or disciplines, Rainbow Tai Chi provides tools for those humble and open to learn how to build a relationship with Chi energy to have a happier, healthier and more balanced lifestyle.  However, I had inner voices and some external voices of family,  friends and the medical professionals which brought anxiety and fear around my injuries.


But I took my first step in  rescheduling my ferry booking for the day after my first appointment with consultant, not sure what he was going to tell me. In the week up to this, I couldn’t do much except hobble slowly around and lie as still as I could to keep the pain in my ribs to a minimum.


The appointment went better than I had expected, I explained that I wanted to go to Summer School and they took more X-rays and removed the cast with the advice to use the crutches to help me in walking and to bear weight The ribs would take some time to heal and it would be at least 7 weeks before they would be better.


I couldn’t drive and as I had managed to strain my ribs even more getting ready to go, my husband Eamonn came with me to drive and help me set up. He was brilliant, I could not have managed without him. We would have over 6 hours driving as well as getting on and off the boat. I was not a very cheerful passenger either as I could not get comfortable and it really hurt to breathe. What I would have given for a full, deep breath! Something I have always taken so much for granted.


When we arrived at the school late on Friday afternoon, my foot and even whole leg was tight and painful so I used the crutch to help me get into the hall where the class was already in flow. Before the class was even finished, Master Choy arranged for me to have chi healing with Helen and Vincent and Linda doing fajing. He wanted me to get the best to help me heal. He assured me with a smile that I would soon be walking without the crutch!

In chi healing it is the chi energy that heals, the chi energy  that is within the person receiving as well as earth and heavenly chi energy. Helen, Vincent and Linda were  the vehicles to channel the healing energy and unlike other methods of healing, the healer is not drained of energy. In fact they themselves are energised and revitalised in the healing session. They give and receive!


In the first session, Helen was the lead healer (the focaliser), she was focusing on my rib area, Vincent was focusing on my foot and Linda was doing fajing, directing energy to me. Before beginning they had tuned into where I had pain and as we began I felt held in such tender, loving care, gentle waves of energy flowing through.


Initially, I felt a lot of pain in my foot initially as Vincent held it, the pain seemed to intensify and then began to ease and soften. My breathing was quite ragged as I felt a band of tightness around my ribs but again I felt energy like flowing water swirling around me, lightly, sometimes settling like a weight on certain parts of my body. I felt so much gratitude and as I gave thanks to loving, healing chi this intensified. I was so moved and humbled by how much I was receiving and how much was being given to me with unconditional, loving generosity.


When the healing session was coming to a close in the chanting, I felt a vibration internally and a softening all over me. When I sat up, I was overwhelmed by this feeling of gratitude for the abundance I had received and moved to tears.


Helen and Vincent both shared their own incredible experiences of the healing. As already mentioned, the healers themselves  also receive chi energy during the session.


I felt absolutely transformed afterwards. The band of tight pain around my foot had eased considerably and all I could feel now was the point which was where the bone had been fractured. I could breathe much easier. I still felt twinges in expanding, or coughing or laughing but nothing like the pain or discomfort I had just hours previously.


I received further healing from Helen and Vincent on the Saturday and again on Sunday, when Liza, Celina and Andy also joined to do fa jing.


Just three days after arriving at the school, I am walking without the crutch and walking almost as normal. I can take a full breath, I can feel where my ribs are healing but there is not the sharp pain or tension that could stop me in my tracks. I feel so much softer and peaceful.


For chi healing is not just healing on a physical level. Master Choy teaches tai chi on a Heart, Body, Spirit level (HBMS). When I walked in that door on Friday, I did not only have a physical crutch, I had an emotional crutch too. I was so full of tension, anxiety and fears which in the chi healing session were “cleansed” to leave me feeling so much freer, joyful and peaceful at the end.


The doctors told me that it would take 7 weeks and I feel that while they are genuinely doing their best, what I am learning with Master Choy is that there is no time limits or schedules in chi healing. Indeed there are no limits with chi energy.  Speed of response is also what Master Choy advocates to get healing straightaway. So many in this world are crying out for healing, heart, body, mind, spirit and nowhere else is there anything like this.


My example is just one small example of the power of chi healing. Thousands have been healed at the school and by Master Choy over the past 40 years. This year alone there have been three inspiring, life changing  transformations at the school where Julia, Anita and Charlotte came for personal retreats and have been given the tools to empower themselves to heal.   Each person received their own individual set of healing tools, including chi healing to overcome serious health and lifestyle  challenges. Their stories are available at the school in books written by members of the team who worked with each person and who personally witnessed the amazing transformations.


So many in this world are in need of healing and here is a way to learn to self-heal, to find back your true, balanced happy self.


Master Choy has found a new way he calls happilization, to find out more about Chi healing and happilization, check out the school website







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  • Wow Aisling, love to read your healing journey, so inspiring.

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