Welcome!  My name is Christine Chin and I am Choy’s wife and assistant director to welcome you Christine Chinwhen you visit us for our annual gathering.  We have 5 acres of beautiful organic gardens which includes a wooded valley with a stream and ponds, our circle vegetable garden, the 60 foot polytunnel where we grow the Beloved Potimarron! and the swimming pool (‘polypool’).  Plus a whole lot more …..


Rainbow Tai chi school garden


History of the School

The Rainbow Tai-Chi School Programmes started with its first Foundation Teacher Training Course in France in 1982.  Seventeen years later in 1998, the founder, Peter Chin Kean Choy    published the book,  ‘15 Ways to a Happier You’.  The School run at various centres in the Midlands, in France, in Conrwall and Devon celebrated its 10th year in 2008 with 50 beautiful participants coming from different parts of the world to meet at the Summer School.

Practicing Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung


Tai Chi & Nature

The Heart of Tai Chi is connected to Nature so practising outside with the trees, wind, flowers, birds, streams, ponds, sunshine and rain enables us to connect directly with the heart beat of nature and experience a sense of oneness with the earth which we often ground by gardening.  For example, long term students each plant their own tree to symbolise their own commitment to growing themselves.

Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung garden


Photo’s of the School Gardens 

Pottimarron project
The Pottimarron message!

Planting pear tree
Student Yvonne planting her pear tree.

Composting at the Rainbow Tai Chi school
Getting to know the INNER/OUTER MAGIC OF COMPOSTING  –   Left to right :  Leon, Aisling, Joanne, Yvonne, Pam, Choy, Meileen, Bernadette, Frances and Petra at the Light Being Intensive Weekend Meeting.

At the School’s Polytunnel and Sunflowers growing food for the Summer School Participants.

Master Choy in school garden
Choy with a basket of cauliflower, courgettes and salads harvested from School gardens.

Summer school participants
Summer School participants relaxing and sharing Zhineng Chi  energy with each other and with Nature.
Practicing Rainbow Tai Chi in de garden
Sensitivity training during The Fusion one month intensive, Heather with the Lavender, School Herbal Gardens.

Garden Rainbow Tai Chi Chi kung school Devon

View of the garden in front of the Rainbow Tai-Chi Chi Kung School Hall and mainhouse.Hall Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung school Devon

The garden in front of the Rainbow Tai-Chi Chi Kung School Hall.

 Garden Rainbow Tai Chi Chi kung school Ashburton

View of the garden behind the Rainbow Tai-Chi Chi Kung Hall. 

Lely flowers

We have six beautiful ponds filled with lely flowers.