After more than 45 years of the study and practice of Tai Chi Chi Kung in my life, I am happy to share some of my exciting findings in the work with the INNER BLACK HOLE and its health benefits and bring new prosperity to thousands of people’s lives.

The Inner Black Hole, called The Wu Chi in Chinese Philosophy, is actually a portal into great lightness, beautiful and natural feelings of liberation, happiness and energy.

But usually, the term “Black Hole” connotes a hole in the universe which sucks in all galaxies. And no one has been able to tell what happens when you come out the other end of the black hole.

Well what the ancient Taoists have discovered for more than 8,000 years is that the Chinese Term for Black Hole or Nothingness is Wu Chi. When you go through the INNER WU CHI, you discover the INNER BIRTHING OF THE TAO, a fresh new, unique creative you is BORN!! Self made successful millionaires, Comedians, artists, musicians and edu-tainers consistently discover this “secret” and use this to further enhance their creative abilities and talents.

Surveys show that self made successful millionaires start from “nothing”, and often, do not have certificates or degrees and they flow with the uncertainties, putting discipline, courage and persistency to work intensively on the subject they love to reach success.

Successful Comedians share their secret is to walk on stage and not know what they are going to say even though for many decades they try to prepare their material to find that the new crowds are truly new and unknown and there is NOTHING to hold on to, but listen, flow with the audience and prevalent topic of the day! They pull out jokes out of thin air often based on unexpected stories of their own day and the audience loves the freshness and rawness of the moment. I found this out myself when I did stand up comedy in London Comedy theatres – it is as if I become upside down, no wonder my childhood friends call me Peter Chin Chita Pin!! I was so successful that Comedy Theatre manager asked me to come back the following week, which I kindly turned down as I told him I just wanted to find out if my theories work and people had an enjoyable time laughing at my toilet jokes, and I was grateful for this.  

A student of mine, a great Musician who plays before thousands of people share her secret of success, “I never go on stage to play the piano until I find the inner stillness and empty myself completely and then, the tingling chi energy comes all over me. The audience is applauding at the end for my outstanding performance but it is the energy that they feel.”

My grandfather was an Artist who founded the International Malaysia Singapore Association for Artists back in the 1950s. He was always facing the unknown, he wanted to paint in a certain way that has never been tried before and every day and night he kept at it. And then, he found his own unique style, his works were and are highly valued by Sotheby Auctions which saw his artwork quality as comparable to Picasso. He even had 2 wives, I do not know how he managed that one!!

In meditation on the Wu Chi, you face this nothingness in you. Some people experience this when slowed down by accident, illness, near death experience or death of a loved one or unexpected breakdown in relationship, However, that “emotional black hole” when you feel lonely, even in a party with lots of people around you, is a reality. And our normal perception of it is that it is a “bad” thing, and we either try to fill it up or try to escape from it through holidays, getting drunk, get doped or through music. And the world has seen the negative side effects of what happens after that – suicides, terminal illness, self destructive tendencies, etc etc. It is trying to fill a bottomless pit, no matter how famous or “small” you feel in the world, this inner black hole can be your friend instead of your enemy.

In my Tai Chi training as a young boy, Professor Cheng Man Ching and Master Huang shared about the Boomerang Principle of the unknown nature of chi. I did not understand what this meant until one day in broad daylight in the street of Kuala Lumpur, I was attacked by two persons in front and two persons at the back of me suddenly. One tried to grab from the back and another tried also to hit me from the front, all of a sudden, this energy came from nowhere and I felt my whole body was filled with energy and repulsed this attacks. I was as astonished as they were! They ran away and I was left standing looking pretty confounded!!

So, the Wu Chi has saved me many times in my life. The first step to learn to be friends with it is to not try to fill it up or try to escape from it?

If you are a businessman seeking to increase your profit or a health enthusiast inspiring yourself to change to add positive self-healing into your daily life, by facing this Wu Chi, you create an inspiring space for NEW CREATIVE IDEAS, as you feel the chi energy going beyond the Inner Black Hole.

A millionaire came to see me for a 1-1. He had millions of problems!! He was being divorced, felt sick, lost his job, owed millions. We sat together in the silence as he cried. In the Wu Chi, this silence is a valuable space to find practical answers to his problem. However, he felt really bad. I said, “It is ok for you to feel what you feel about your bad situation. However, it is another thing to have a COMPOUND INTEREST on you feeling bad right?” He asked what I meant. I said, “You feeling bad about feeling bad about feeling bad about feeling bad……is that not compound interest?” So he slowed down and felt that he had options, he could choose to be peaceful in this moment. Then, he exclaimed that he had some creative solutions!!

A young man seeking to win a place in a job interview encounters the Inner Black Hole as he sits nervously waiting for his turn to enter the office to meet his “interrogator” or interviewer. His nervousness makes him feel that he is meeting an “interrogator”!! By embracing the Inner Black Hole, and slowing his breath and his heart beat down to a calmer state, he sees himself winning the interviewer with confidence, peace and satisfaction.

A cancer sufferer who received the announcement from the medical staff that he has only 3 months left to live, meets the Inner Black Hole, and welcomes the unknown possibilities to help himself heal with Tai Chi Chi Kung Exercises, change in his diet and state of mind. He is after 4 years, still alive and healthy much to the astonishment of his doctors and nurses!!

A woman who has been lonely all her life, searching for meaning his her life travelling thousands of miles all over the world to find the answer, finally slows down to BE with the Inner Black Hole. Then, she experiences an inner spark of life in her transforms into a flame, a warmth and brightness to give her insight, purpose and awe inspiring outlet into poetry, song composition and creative joy!

This and other thousands of true stories of my Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung students’ experiences are real, authentic and gives us signposts how to walk the path of the ancient wise.

Plenty of healing, laughter, relaxing Tai Chi Chi Kung exercises, comedy and insightful ideas in the seminars!!

“The sage silver leaf shines back the light of the moon to greet the rising sun rays. Dancing in the eyes of man, woman and child, playing on the waves of the sea of chi. Heart beat warmth joining in feeling the glow of love making between fire and water in a space of nothingness around the earth. Galaxies softly swirling above and below, all is one energy and yet there is no one present to experience it.” Master Choy

For personal appointments or inviting me to give a seminar to your company/ group for working/speaking/practising how to understand the Inner Black Hole and going beyond it, please write to me at Masterchoy070@btinternet.com or speak to me at 01364 653 618 normal office hours 9am-5pm.

by Master Choy

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