Normally, I would have started this section with a HELLO or Hi or Oi or ….. alright mate?

On the phone, you can be sure to detect something suspicious when someone says, “HOW R YOU?” However, let us say the person really mean it, in this case, would she/he ready to hear the answer, I wonder? Here is how I would respond, “I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU ASKED. PLEASE LET ME TELL YOU HOW I AM. I’ve just had a sneeze before picking up the phone and just travelled 100 miles per hour in a few seconds of sneezing. Right now, I am taking care of 206 bones in my body, moving in perfect harmony as I am speaking to you right now? Not to mention 300,000 million of my compatriot capillaries flowing in my lungs breathing as I am listening to your heavy breathing on the phone? I was also doing some exercises before you rang and just finished jogging 60,000 miles in those sensuous tantalising red blood cells one complete home run in my body. As a side line, I also just completed manufacturing 10 million new SPERM CELLS and still standing and supervising 500,000 amazing workers on my feet, although they are called sweat glands I would rather called them my Sweetie Glands! And by the way, I feel really great and prosperous and sexy to beat right now, so, HOW ARE YOU? (SILENCE from the telesales person. And then, a soft click of the phone being put down?)!

Ok, back to the serious stuff!


Thank you for visiting! Seriously, I want to thank more than 200,000 readers of my books for your support and letters of encouragement and fulfilment. Ever since I was a child, I loved writing down my inspirations and continue to do so today. I also want to appreciate the 50,000 plus people who have visited our previous website for their personal contribution of peaceful, loving and joyous support. I hope this new website in time to come will be of benefit to more and more people too.

After more than 40 years of joyful work in this area of education and personal development, I want to give specials thanks to more than 40,000 students and 1,500 teacher trainees whom I have had the privilege of teaching with all my heart body mind and spirit.

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE TEARS OF BREAKTHROUGHS, JOYOUS DISCOVERIES AND BLISSFUL CHI ENERGISING MOMENTS!! I thank each one of you as I know you mirror different aspects of my being and I embrace you with the inner smiling light of my soul!! Your a-chi-evements make me proud and humanity around you prosper with health and energy around you.


The success of every Rainbow Tai Chi student and teacher trainee depends on three essential factors  – 

Firstly, their own self-motivation can propel them to succeed in self-healing, in discovering their true vocation and getting to learn the lessons of life they need to learn and do it with GUSTO, EXCITEMENT, ENERGY AND INSPIRATION!!

Secondly, with a humble attitude, you will find always that there is a wonderful environment and group to support you to succeed. Here in this School, especially in the Summer School and Foundation Tai Chi Training Intensives, you will always find the a supportive group of people to help you to succeed.

The environment or “campus” you are learning in is located on a 5 acre piece of land, where we have 360 degrees view of green nature, of the wooded little forest down the valley (where a fox, some wild Bambi deer, crows and a squirrel lives and believes he is a crow, I keep telling him to stop making sounds like a crow and he would not listen, so we just have a good laugh every time he crows).

We have an ideal environment to encourage students to practice Tai Chi Chi Kung and Zhineng Chi Kung freely without fear of neighbours or passer-bys comments. 

We have created a special Aqua Tai Chi Swimming pool, a 60 foot by 25 foot hall, a 30 foot Rainbow Tai Chi Barn, indoor residential quarters, dining room for up to 50 students, camping facilities with hot showers and shelter, Bamboo Grove huts (wake up to birds singing with no telephone, no tv, no electricity),  3 caravan accommodations,  5 lovely ponds (with visits from flying ducks!!) , Organic Veggie Gardens and Fruit Orchards and “talking” grass and “healing Trees” (according to one visitor not long ago, she felt welcomed even by the grass on the School property and a separate student felt healed by just being around some trees by the Pagoda behind the swimming pool area).

Thirdly, for your success in the Rainbow Tai Chi School Education, you need to respect the teaching tools and have a humble attitude towards your teacher(s). Disrespecting the teacher(s) will only mirror your own disrespect for your inner teacher and prevent you from progressing on this path of self-empowerment and wisdom. The School here is a doorway into a multi-dimensional world of chi energy and for safe travelling and safe self-exploration, you will discover a rainbow balance of energies of healing, leadership training, peaceful meditative practices, harmonious relationship to Nature, radiant wisdom from your practices, joyous experiences of vitality and loving encouragement along every homoeopathic step of learning!  

On a practical note, concerning this new website, in the one-derful news and even the list of teacher trainees that are current do not constitute the full list of teachers who continue to teach in their own town, city and country.  

There are also many “old” teacher graduates who blend what they have learnt into their daily lives, like Michael Cooke  –  a graduate of all the teaching intensives here in the School used his training to pass all the examinations to become a fully qualified Australian Policeman and has his own beautiful family of wife and children now in Australia.

Naoko Kawase from Japan was a fully qualified graduate  from all the teaching intensives continue to send such inspiring news of how she has used her training to achieve her dream of manifesting a home in the country and lives with her husband and twin children enjoying making a living from farm life.

I am happy to feel that Rainbow Tai Chi has been able to empower people to go back and live their own lives and achieve their personal goals using the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung principles and exercises to make their dreams come true.


READY? Dive right in! Click on the banner with bubbles to start the bubble sound music for accompanying the meditation.

You can RIGHT NOW, choose to simply BE, take a pause, you put aside 10 seconds right now, just to be……………and allow the bubbling water sounds to wash through you and relax you into fluidity. T’ai Chi Ch’uan has also been described by Grandmasters of Tai Chi like Professor Cheng Man Ch’ing as “A limitless river rolling into the ocean of chi”.   (The Rainbow Tai Chi School is situated on a hill with underground waters flowing into the valley and we feel the website can reflect this. I want you to get a “feeling” of the energy of the School and melt back into who you are, you are naturally in a “soluble” state. More than 70% of your body are made of fluids. It is my hope that your problems will start to dissolve into “solutions” by taking the first step to let go and flow. This is the first basic step to practice before you are taught any Tai Chi Chi Kung Exercises and Principles).

So, RIGHT NOW, close your eyes for one minute and let go into the sounds of that bubbling water and relax, let go, let go deeper and deeper…….. and deeper….. into who you are. Yes, right now, you can discover you are naturally a flowing, peaceful, calm and harmonious being. You are gliding gently, effortlessly into softness and transparency.

Welcome to this dimension of beauty, light and smiling sea of chi energy. You are entering the multi-dimensional world of The Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung School. You may ask, “How did this idea of a Smiling Sea of Chi began for you?”

In 1972, more than 40 years ago, during my early years of training in Tai Chi Chi Kung, in my bedroom with my dog Blackie, I saw a fountain of joy appear before me – limitless layers and layers of smiles before me. (I was not under any kind of drug stimulation. It was not a visualisation exercise). Since then, many people and I have discovered that these INNER JOYOUS RIVER, LAKE, WATERFALLS AND FOUNTAINS OF JOYOUS ENERGY are real and has helped many people heal their wounds and hurts. Your whole being Is bathed in tingling energy, beauty and joy. It is inside your body that this Eternal Tai Chi Chi Kung dance begins.

WELCOME INTO THE REAL WORLD OF FLUIDIC CHI, do come and physically join us at the Summer School and practise Tai Chi Chi Kung with us in the delicious warm swimming pool, in the River Dart (Part 1 Summer School) and in the Mothecombe beach (part 2 Summer School).

You can also choose to switch off the sound so you can look at this 10 minutes documentary on The Rainbow Tai Chi School, produced by Denham Productions and first broadcast on ITV as part of the ‘Country Lives’ series.

On the left side, you can click on other topics of interest and information and you will notice that the sounds of the bubbling stream follow you around.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Master Choy

Director, The Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung School