Rainbow Tai Chi and the benefits of the practice

My journey with Rainbow Tai Chi began when my father, a Chinese doctor and Chinese martial arts Master himself,  gave me his blessings and introduced me to my first Tai Chi Grandmaster Huang Sheng Shyan. His school in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia was only 5 minutes from our home! So, I practised for 2 intensive years, twice a week and did my own practice 4 hours every day.  And when I was around 19 years old,  my mother said, “Choy, one day you are going to start your own school.” She knew about my passion for Tai Chi.  Then, I went to China, to India and USA to learn with the best, with more than 6 other Grandmasters of Tai Chi and Chi Healing and combined their teachings together to create the Rainbow Tai Chi School system of education in 1982. Since then, more than 200,000 people have attended courses or read my books on these subjects and benefitted from the practices.


Most Schools and books on Tai Chi either focus on the Tai-Chi connection with “Chuan” (outer Martial Arts Application) or on the fitness and relaxation aspect of Tai Chi Form practice. Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung combines the 7 colours – Violet: Chi healing and herbal healing; Indigo: Leadership training; Blue: Peaceful meditation, Green: Gardening/music; Yellow: Physical tai chi chi kung practice and fusion of the 5 elements practice; Orange: Comedy/yin yang tao cooperative games for children and families and Rose Red: Tao of love and sex/Trilogue process. This is a holistic approach education based on traditional Chinese medical and philosophical principles to balance your heart, body, mind and spirit development.


For more in depth information about the seven rainbow colors and connected qualities, have a look at the page about the seven rainbow subjects.


Rainbow Tai Chi includes topics which other Tai Chi schools have probably not even heard of, just two examples – In advanced Tai Chi leadership training, we have internal galactric Tai chi push hands and galactric chi healing to defend yourself even against alien abductions! This was a topic which I was sharing yesterday, with UFO News expert Richard Hall of RichPlanet Sky TV.  Rainbow Tai Chi  brought  Aqua Tai Chi to the world whereby every summer school, we literally take people into the river, sea and swimming pool to practise the Tai Chi Form and conduct Chi healing in the water. Then, you discover why it is so easy for you to find happiness and self healing, by flowing as effortless as the 70% of fluidity and rejuvenating chi in your body!  To discover the benefits of this practice, you need to “BE” in the source of chi energy before “DOING the movements of Tai Chi”. The first step is the last step. This is a balance of cognitive/direct experiencing and re-cognitive/memorising of the movements.


Tai Chi is happening in every moment as the dance of Yin and Yang. You are in the kitchen, we can go into Tai Chi of the knife, and practise chopping carrots and celery. And, you get a nice vegetable soup at the end. If you and I are speaking on the phone, we could do Tai Chi of the telephone. 

What about emotional and mental stuff? Anger, pain, heartache, guilt, sadness?  Yes. Divorce?  Sure. You can transform any negative emotion into chi energising Tai Chi dance of Yin/listening and Yang/assertive experience flowing into the Tao of healing.

What if you are attacked on the street?  When you melt into the chi energy and learn to flow with inner attacking forces with a balance of Yin and Yang, you become the chi energy, and the chi energy neutralises the outer attacking force. 



The Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Principles


TAI CHI OF VIOLET (The First Fundamental Tai Chi Principle)  

< Letting Go Principle for learning Stillness in Emotion >

 This is a simple Tai Chi Letting Go Breath Exercise you can practise anywhere, anytime.

Right now, can you feel your in-breath/Yin and out-breath/Yang? 

Feel right now, how easy your in-breath is, and relax allowing your out-breath to sink you down……… after your in-breath, pay attention to the pause before another out-breath comes, feel this rhythm…………….. breathe in ……pause ……..  breathe out ……pause……. relax into the pauses………. let your pauses be even longer…. relax into the pauses ………. and feel you breathing in healing chi coming through those pauses.   

To feel relaxed in your office….. at home……in a bus……on a train….. in the car as a passenger….. Reducing stress in every part of your life and feeling chi energised in your life.


TAI CHI OF INDIGO  (The Second Fundamental Tai Chi Principle)

< Embrace the Opposites and flow into the Creative Chi Energy >

When you practise the Second Fundamental Tai Chi in nature – in the river, in the sea, in the park or before an important meeting or event and even before a court hearing!! You  will notice that nature is constantly teaching you to be patient/Yin, persevering/Yang and a third creative/Tao possible solution naturally comes into that moment to resolve any problems you have.

In the 1980s, I was practising a lot of this second Tai Chi exercise with more than 350 Germans and French along the borders of France not far from Colmar and Strasbourg for about 3 years and then what happened? The Berlin wall came down! 

We did a lot of this Second Fundamental Tai Chi work in Ireland with about 150 people including Protestants and Catholics, and then, Tony Blair came up with this “third way” and there was the signing of the Peace Treaty, and a new Government for Ireland came about! We are working with Greece right now, and we have been giving different workshops in Greece. 


TAI CHI OF BLUE  (The Third Fundamental Tai Chi Principle)

< How to let go of self criticism and accept your chi energising self as you are >

Be in the Wu Chi/emptiness and Tao/fullness! The benefits of listening to your heart beat’s pauses;

According to ancient Chinese medical understanding, the heart is the governor of all chi meridians in the body. Many of my students have practised heart beat listening and found themselves more confident and successfully got through job interviews, conferences, meetings, relationship challenges, illnesses and life changing decisive moments.


TAI CHI OF GREEN (The Fourth Fundamental Tai Chi Principle)

< Learning the Art of Receiving and Giving with Loving Chi >

The Tai Chi of the smiling light within the tan tien and body;

42 Years ago I first walked into Grandmaster Huang Sheng Shyan’s Tai Chi class in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. During my second year learning twice a week with him, a brilliant light filled my whole body while I was practising the Tai Chi Form.

Then, in 1972, I was sitting in my little bedroom with my dog Blackie, and suddenly a light appeared. This time it was like a fountain of smiles. No drugs, no alcohol, not even coffee.  2 weeks later, uncle Roland Lee rang up and spoke with my mother about offering to me a job of being the manager of his Smiley Self Help Mart which had a gigantic neon sign of a smiley face in the night.


Into the Fourth dimensional Experience of Tai Chi


It is as if you have a garden there inside,
starting from the roots in your feet up your legs,
Tan Tien flowing wheels of energies,
Chakra mandalas of radiant flowers on your palm,

Your whole body is in your hand.
It feels like the most exquisite musical instrument
ever created in the universe.
What a gift, what a joy it is to move
Every gesture is a unique musical masterpiece
no sound in thought or word can capture.

The rhythm of touching your belly, heart and mind
Gently throws you into an electrical shower
Waves of delightful smiles welling up from within you
Melting you into tears
They are here, you feel them
Radiant presences of uncountable ones
Luminous, secretive and free they dance around you.

Where do they come from?
The passing breeze through the window
Sending shivers up and down your spine
Your palms rising up like a hurricane in slow motion
Ever slowly, like water vapour rising and falling raindrops
Your hand dances down, down, like leaves even slower down to the earth.
Hot warm tears rolling down your cheeks,
The feeling of pure, gentle love all around you,
The unearthly smile spreading across your face from the inside out
You are amongst friends of light.


TAI CHI OF YELLOW (The Fifth Fundamental Tai Chi Principle)

<The Way to the goal is the Goal>

How to succeed in your physical tai chi practice: 

Learn to “THINK ON YOUR FEET”; Take care of your consciousness to ground yourself into your feet. Under your feet is also the acupuncture point – the bubbling well. You are filled with bubbling energy, enthusiasm and excitement as you connect to the Earth Chi.

Every single decision you make in your life can be a wise Tai Chi step into the unknown.

DEVELOP CHI IN YOUR LEGS; Developing the chi in your legs requires you to let go the focus on developing muscles, feel the chi inside your bones itself!

WAIST IS THE CONTROLLER; So many practitioners believe they are directing the chi from their waist.  The Chinese term “yao” is implied when the “waist” is used. And it means the “small of the back, or the lumbar spine and the muscles and tissue that extend out from and surround the lumbar vertebrae.  And this is also not far from the sperm/ovarian palace that is used for circulating rejuvenating ching chi energy to promote longevity!!

LET CHI FUNCTION THROUGH THE FINGERS; did you know that there are 10 streams of chi energies flowing through those 10 fingers of yours?


TAI CHI OF ORANGE (The Sixth Fundamental Tai Chi Principle): Revitalising Joy is your natural birth right. 

< I  release you to be as you truly are>

Speaking of spiralling vortexes on your finger and thumb prints, so you are in truth an amazing blissful being, capable of infinite expressions of happiness!! The piece below was written in April 2012 as we took the practice of Tai Chi Form to a galactic level.



The Scientists tell us all our lives that every atom of our bodies are energy particles. And yet in daily life I am surrounded by a society that say WE are not so. Emotional hunger and widespread strife mirror to us the human world is aimed at self destruction. The fearful self disguises as Terrorists and Righteous Leaders wielding nuclear weapons of deterrents and mass destruction.

And yet the educators drummed on and on and on in my head, “Energy particles cannot be destroyed, it can be split, transformed and looked under the electronic microscope.”  Is it true?

The arms of these 10 Tai Chi practitioners in this morning’s sunrise practice swirl ever so slowly around their bodies. We are melting our heads into the hearts and then, into our gut centres. From this place of blissful chi the ancient wise have promised, we travelled beyond thought. Every single cell starts to change in vibration as the inner sun begins to shine the first rays of awakening. The coordination of the ankle with wrist, the knee with elbow, the shoulder with hip glow and flow from the waist guided by the axis point in the belly like the Centre of the Milky Galaxy guiding arms and legs made of constellations, galaxies, solar systems, stars and suns. Everyone was in an indescribably blissful place.


TAI CHI OF ROSE RED   (Seventh Fundamental Tai Chi Exercise) 

< Create your self esteem with sincere appreciation > 

The movement of chi energy going inwards and outwards connect to this simple and powerful seventh Fundamental Tai Chi exercise. It motivated me to put 20 years of my life into research and I founded the Thanking Process and Trilogue Process to help people heal more effectively. The Thanking Process is a cognitive education process whereby you learn to be more relaxed, confident and understanding of who you are and what you want from life. Your personal development and self healing accelerates through genuine self appreciation as well as thanking the “qualities” directly.

The Trilogue Process is an effective communication tool to link up the Yin/inner mother principle, Yang/inner father principle and the Tao/child principle.  A playful Tai Chi spirit brings these three aspects together in lightness, oneness and respect. Then, the outer expression of this inner joy becomes infectious and spreads through your relationship with your family, friends and the world around you.