How do you have 8 dimensions of romantic relationship with Love with yourself and share it with a partner?

By Aisling  


1st Dimension – I come to see how I am stuck in a rut or numbed off from how I really feel. So I let go and let go, slowing down to come back to the real me. This was especially the case when I was blindfolded in June. There were many hours where I just sat there and looked into myself to see how I have been stuck in my role plays at work and at home. Letting go opens me up to begin to appreciate the real me and what true love is.


2nd Dimension – This is the push and pull going on inside me as the opposites arise. For so long I have numbed myself to these opposites, pushing down that which is inconvenient or worthless and focussing on doing the right thing. In this dimension I open myself to seeing the opposites in me and appreciating them in my loved ones. I am trying not to judge these opposites as right or wrong but let them come up and acknowledge them. As I learn to do this in myself I can grow to appreciate the opposites between myself and Eamonn and just be with these.


3rd Dimension – Having acknowledged the opposites in myself I face the wu chi of who I really am,  the many selves that are within me, all deserving of acknowledgment and love.  I come to accept myself as I am, to empty my head, turn off my thinker and lovingly accept who I am. I empty myself to truly listen to Eamonn and truly accept him as he is.


4th Dimension – Among the many ingrained beliefs I have is that there is only value in my giving to others. I can see this in my Mother and sister too. It is much better to give than to take and be obliged to another. But to truly love myself and allow myself to be I must learn to receive as well as give. For it seems that it is only when I can truly receive that I can truly give!
For a loving relationship with myself as well as my loved ones, the giving and receiving has to be unconditional. Getting to this stage will be so important to my relationship with Eamonn as I open to receive from him and to truly learn who he is.


5th Dimension – leading on from the 4th dimension, my goal becomes clearer as I give and receive with love.  With the knowledge and openess that comes in moving through the dimensions, I begin to see more clearly what I want to achieve and what I am aiming for. This focus will deepen my relationship with Eamonn as we grow together and we come to a joint, loving goal for our lives together.


6th Dimension – at this stage love can free me to be as I really am as it helps me to lose the fear of facing the real me. I can release me to be as I really am. In releasing myself, I hope I will see more clearly the real Eamonn and allow him to be as he really is.


7th Dimension – At this stage, I am truly grateful for the power of love to transform and liberate. I feel a deep gratitude for the gift of love and in expressing this gratitude, the love I feel will spread and grow.


8th Dimension – I have a vision of the love growing and growing as I move through the different dimensions. As love spreads through every atom of my body it will cascade from me, up, up and all around showering me with a warm golden glow. This glow expands and expands to shower over my loved ones.